Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2519: The Temptation of the Hell Water
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2519: The Temptation of the Hell Water

All the Primordial realm experts were extremely surprised by protector Shan’s unexpected actions. Since when did protector Shan become such an amiable person?

After all, the person he faced right now was not young master Ming, nor was it senior Ming or senior Xu who were Chaotic Primes.

In the Tian Yuan clan, protector Shan would only swallow his dignity and lower himself before those three. He had never done that to anyone else.

“It looks like Jian Chen is not a small deal either. He has actually wielded his authority against protector Shan right from the start. It looks like he wants to create some trouble…”

“Protector Shan is the strongest out of all of us. He’s already an Eighth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime. Even some everlasting empires or peak clans that rule over a plane would take such an expert seriously. Jian Chen began targeting him as soon as he came back. That’s far too reckless…”

Two old men among the Primordial realm experts present secretly conversed with each other. They were the two old men who had stopped Jian Chen before and wanted to capture him. They were called protector Xing and protector Bai, and they were both Second Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes.

“Reckless? I don’t think so. I can vaguely sense that Jian Chen is holding back anger, and this anger is very great. If I’ve guessed correctly, there’s going to be some people in trouble out of all these protectors, and there’s not even a shred of doubt that protector Shan will be among them,” the beautiful, charming woman joined in their conversation as well, stating her opinion.

Her name was Mei Ji. People called her protector Mei.

“Protector Shan is an Eighth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime. Jian Chen’s cultivation doesn’t seem to be particularly powerful. I heard he was only an Overgod a few decades ago. Can he really suppress protector Shan?” Protector Xing asked in doubt.

“Don’t forget that Jian Chen is the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan now. There aren’t any great elders or ancestors in the clan right now who surpass the position of patriarch, so Jian Chen basically possesses supreme authority. Moreover, I have a strong feeling that our patriarch isn’t as simple as we think him to be. Don’t you remember that as soon as he returned, senior Xu actually appeared personally? People received by senior Xu will never be ordinary…” Protector Mei said sternly. She maintained a solemn expression as she stared at Jian Chen on the throne. Her fiery-red lip slowly drew out into a smile as she thought to herself, “The patriarch really is masculine right now.”

“Patriarch, can I ask you something first?” At this moment, protector Shan, who had just sat down, could no longer contain himself and clasped his fist towards Jian Chen.

“Feel free to ask.” Jian Chen glanced past protector Shan very casually. He did not seem to take protector Shan too seriously.

When protector Shan saw how he was being taken lightly, he immediately became infuriated. No one in the Tian Yuan clan had taken him lightly yet.

However, as soon as he thought of the hell water, protector Shan eventually managed to hold it in.

“I heard that the patriarch possesses hell water. Is that true?” Protector Shan asked. He desired hell water very much. He had run out of patience a long time ago.

As soon as they heard the mention of hell water, the eyes of all the Primordial realm experts gathered in the discussion hall lit up. They all stared at Jian Chen with burning interest.

Even protector Xing, protector Bai, and protector Mei, who had witnessed Jian Chen gift a droplet of hell water to Xu Ran, behaved the same.

A gleam of light shone through Jian Chen’s eyes, and he reached a level of understanding. With a flip of his hand, a jade bottle immediately appeared. The lid opened itself, and a translucent droplet of deep, blue liquid slowly hovered out. It shone with a blinding, blue light.

Immediately, it dyed the entire discussion hall blue. It was quite a dazzling sight.

“Hell water. It really is hell water…”

“This presence, this color, it’s definitely hell water. It can’t be wrong…”

It was quiet in the hall at first, but a loud uproar soon erupted. It was quite the ruckus. The eyes of all the Infinite Primes lit up with desire.

None of them had seen hell water before, but they knew about its features and effects extremely well.

This was a wondrous item that had significant effects on even Grand Primes. If they used it on themselves, the effects would even be greater. It was an ultimate treasure for nourishing the soul.

“I have quite a lot of hell water on me,” said Jian Chen. Bottle after bottle of hell water hovered out. A total of eight appeared before him, and they all opened up. A droplet of hell water hovered out from each one.

The eight droplets of hell water shone with resplendent light. It was dazzling, hovering before Jian Chen quietly.

Immediately, the discussion hall fell silent again. Everyone held their breaths as they faced the eight droplets of hell water.

“Heavens, Jian Chen actually has so much hell water on him…” Protector Shan was shocked. He was left tongue-tied as he stared at the eight droplets of hell water. His heart beat faster and faster, and his blood surged.

At that moment, he felt an urge to steal all the hell water then flee.

However, as soon as he thought of the powerful formation around the clan, he could only give up on that thought.

“Patriarch, I’m at a critical point in my cultivation, and I’m in desperate need of hell water to break through. If I have hell water, my cultivation will definitely increase drastically. It might even reach a whole new level. I need one- no, three droplets. I need three droplets of hell water,” protector Shan said hurriedly as his breathing became ragged. He directly asked Jian Chen for hell water.

The white-robed protector Xue and the skinny protector Qi both stared at the hell water as well. Protector Xue remained composed and did not waver, but protector Qi struggled to contain himself.

Protector Qi opened his mouth to ask for hell water as well, but when he saw how protector Xue was not tempted at all, he was immediately surprised. He could not help but ask secretly, “Protector Xue, aren’t you interested in the hell water at all?”

“I won’t be blinded by my greed and lose my ability to process thoughts normally. Do you think we can take the hell water from Jian Chen? Even senior Xu only obtained a single droplet of it,” protector Xue replied.

With that, a gleam of light shone through protector Qi’s eyes. He could not help but properly study Jian Chen as he fell silent.

“Protector Shan, are you certain you want three droplets?” Jian Chen sat on the throne as he looked at protector Shan mockingly. He seemed like he was toying around with him.
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