Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2520: Taking Forcefully
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2520: Taking Forcefully

Protector Shan’s breathing was hurried. His eyes burned with desire as blood surged through his entire body. Since hell water even had wondrous effects on Grand Primes, the effects would be even greater for him, an Infinite Prime. It was a fatal temptation to him. He would throw his life on the line for even a single droplet, let alone three.

“How lucky did Jian Chen get to obtain eight droplets of hell water? Aside from senior Ming and senior Xu, I’m the strongest in the Tian Yuan clan. I’m not asking for too much if I only take three droplets.” Protector Shan struggled to remain calm. He had already stood up from his seat as he clenched his teeth while thinking to himself, “Even if I can’t get three droplets, two droplets work too. Two droplets, I must get at least two droplets. Of course, three droplets would obviously be even better.”

“It’s just a pity that this is the Tian Yuan clan, and there’s senior Ming and senior Xu, two Chaotic Primes. If this were somewhere else, all eight droplets would be mine,” thought protector Shan. He was very ambitious, but he still maintained a sliver of rationality. He dared not act recklessly.

“That’s right. I need three droplets of hell water. With three droplets, I’ll be able to reach the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime very soon. I might even reach Chaotic Prime. Patriarch, think this over carefully. You only need to exchange three droplets of hell water for a Chaotic Prime in the clan. I think you understand extremely well just what a Chaotic Prime means to the clan,” protector Shan said excitedly and eagerly.

“Protector Shan, do you know the value of hell water?” Jian Chen maintained his mocking attitude.

“Of course I know,” said protector Shan. His mind was filled with thoughts of hell water. All his attention had been drawn away by it, so he mostly lost the capacity to think normally. He failed to discover that something was off.

In reality, over half of the Primordial realm experts present had sensed that something was amiss. From Jian Chen’s expression, it seemed like he was toying with protector Shan.

Many people adopted an attitude of watching a show. Protector Shan was an Eighth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime. Aside from Ming Xie and Xu Ran, no one in the Tian Yuan clan could keep him at bay. They wondered how Jian Chen would deal with him.

At this moment, Jian Chen said, “Protector Shan, since you know the value of hell water, do you think that you, a mere Eighth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, is worth three droplets of hell water?” Jian Chen said relaxedly. It was like he did not care about an Eighth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime.

All of them felt like he really did not care about an Eighth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime.

The eyes of all the Primordial realm experts narrowed at that moment. They all paid attention to Jian Chen. Protector Shan was an Eighth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime after all. Many people believed that even if Jian Chen was displeased with protector Shan, it was rather inappropriate for him to scoff protector Shan so mercilessly. As a matter of fact, they felt he had gone a little overboard.

Protector Shan was stunned as well. He failed to react to what Jian Chen had just said. He was an Eighth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime after all, the strongest out of all the protectors of the Tian Yuan clan. He believed he possessed a great status and an important identity, so he never thought Jian Chen would actually treat him like that.

At that moment, the hall fell silent, where they could even hear a pin drop. Protector Shan remained stunned for several seconds before returning to his senses. He was immediately infuriated, and he glared at Jian Chen. A powerful presence erupted from his body fearlessly, and he called out, “Jian Chen, what are you trying to say? Do you really think you’re a big deal just because you’re the patriarch? That you can look down on people? Hmph, how dare you! You dare to treat us like this! Where’s young master Ming? I want to suggest to young master Ming to dismiss you as patriarch.”

“The true leader of the Tian Yuan clan is young master Ming, not you. Do you really think so many of us would join the Tian Yuan clan because of you?” Protector Shan said firmly. Since he had already been openly offended, there was no need for him to show mercy anymore. He spoke boldly, directly disregarding Jian Chen’s status as patriarch.

Many Primordial realm experts secretly agreed to what protector Shan said to the end. Ming Done was the exact reason that they joined the Tian Yuan clan. Even though none of them knew Ming Dong’s true identity, they knew his background was astonishing purely off the fact that he was protected by a peak Chaotic Prime and that the two great organizations of the Cloud Plane dared not offend him.

A clan so great that no one dared to provoke it naturally became a fantastic place where they could cultivate at ease. As a matter of fact, they treated it as something that they could take advantage of.

Once they joined a clan like this, not only was there no need for them to risk their lives constantly, but they would also receive large amounts of cultivation resources and remuneration. Why would they not join?

As a result, many of the Primordial realm experts only truly recognised Ming Dong. Only Ming Dong could order them around. They did not take the so-called patriarch seriously at all.

Jian Chen’s expression did not change. “Who the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan is has nothing to do with you. However, from now onwards, you are no longer a protector of our Tian Yuan clan. With my identity as patriarch, I expel you. Xi Yu, has this person taken more than what he is supposed to receive from the clan in the past?”

Xi Yu stood up. She looked at protector Shan, and the light in her eyes flickered. She said with some hesitation, “Protector Shan has remained in our Tian Yuan clan for a total of fifteen years, but he has actually taken up over fifty years’ worth of remuneration, along with three third grade God Tier heavenly resources, Flame Fruits.”

“The remuneration protector Shan claimed in advance was technically… borrowed,” Xi Yu added.

Jian Chen stared at protector Shan and coldly said, “Return what you borrowed right now. Return the three Flame Fruits immediately, and then leave by yourself.”

With that, an uproar broke out in the hall. At that moment, even the original members of the clan seated at the back were left stunned, let alone the Primordial realm protectors.

Jian Chen was actually chasing away a mighty Eighth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime? Moreover, he was demanding for him to return everything he owed without any room for negotiation?

At that moment, all of them could not help but wonder if their ears were deceiving them.

“Jian Chen, you are too presumptuous. It looks like I need to wake you up in the place of young master Ming and let you understand exactly what you are in the Tian Yuan clan.” Protector Shan’s face darkened from anger. He was absolutely infuriated. He bellowed out, and his presence surged as he shot towards Jian Chen with lightning speed. It seemed like he wanted to teach Jian Chen a lesson.

In reality, his eyes were fixated on the eight droplets of hell water that had not been stowed away. His eyes burned with desire.

“I must get the hell water. I didn’t want to take it forcefully originally, but since you’ve provoked me, I’ve got a reason to lay my hands on you. Even if young master Ming decides to look into the matter later on, I will have my reasons. However, I can’t take away all eight droplets of hell water just in case that displease young master Ming,” thought protector Shan. He seemed extremely furious, but he did not actually lose his rationality. He knew what to do to take the hell water away.

His eyes locked onto three droplets of hell water.
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