Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2521: Tidying up the Clan One
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2521: Tidying up the Clan One

Chapter 2521: Tidying up the Clan (One)

In an instant, protector Shan arrived beside Jian Chen. He extended his hand with lightning speed, directly reaching towards three droplets of hell water.

As he struck out, his presence as an Eighth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime reached the limit as well, enveloping Jian Chen completely to suppress him.

Even the three droplets of hell water he eyed were surrounded by a mysterious power, preventing Jian Chen from taking them back.

When protector Shan moved, all the Primordial realm experts in the hall focused their attention, concentrating on the matter.

This was the most critical moment. Hell water was so precious that if protector Shan really took the droplets away, Jian Chen would be humiliated.

“The entire time, Jian Chen seemed like he knew what he was doing. He hasn’t begun to panic at all. I wonder what he’s depending on. Is it senior Ming or senior Xu? It shouldn’t be. I’ve stayed in the Tian Yuan clan for so long, but I’ve never seen the two of them interfere with the internal matters of the clan,” thought protector Xue. As he looked at protector Shan, a sliver of hesitance appeared in his eyes. He wanted to stop protector Shan, but he controlled himself in the end.

Protector Xue still recognised this patriarch who had suddenly returned to a certain degree.

“They’re really putting on a good show. I wonder how Jian Chen will deal with this. Will he ask protector Xu to take action?” Mei Ji’s eyes lit up as well. She stared right ahead with great curiosity and eagerness.

Protector Xing and protector Bai were the same, bearing similar thoughts to Mei Ji.

Of course, not all the Primordial realm experts thought like that. A few of them sneered gently; they wanted to see Jian Chen embarrass himself.

It all happened in a split second. With a flash, protector Shan’s hand arrived above a droplet of a hell water. He moved so fast that he had surpassed the reaction speeds of Godkings. Only Primordial realm experts could see everything happening.

Protector Shui’s lips had already curled up into a gentle smile. He was extremely excited. He treated the hell water like it was his already.

However, at this moment, an extremely powerful sword intent suddenly appeared. Sword Qi permeated the entire hall in an instant.

A strand of finger-sized, white sword Qi hovered above Jian Chen’s head, shining resplendently.

The appearance of the sword Qi immediately shocked all the Primordial realm experts in the hall. They were taken aback.

They felt a bone-chilling power of slaughter from the sword Qi. They could not help but become frightened.

The sword Qi was small, only the size of a finger, but the power it possessed was earth-shaking.

Protector Shan was shocked as well. His eyes narrowed to the size of pin heads as he stared right at the tiny sword Qi above Jian Chen’s head. He felt fatal danger.

He did not hesitate at all, giving up on the hell water that he had almost reached decisively. He retreated with even faster speed, immediately pulling away from Jian Chen.

However, it was already too late. Jian Chen’s Profound Sword Qi had already shot off. It moved with unbelievable speed as if it had surpassed the limits of space and time. It arrived near protector Shan’s forehead in an instant and pierced his soul.

“Argh!” Protector Shan immediately cried out miserably. His soul had been heavily injured, almost severed into two by the Profound Sword Qi.

At the same time, Jian Chen stood up from the patriarch’s throne. His gaze was cold as he slammed his hand into protector Shan’s chest with tremendous might.

The power of his palm strike was extremely great. Protector Shan basically could not defend at all because his soul was injured, so the attack directly struck his frail body. His chest was almost punched through by Jian Chen’s hand, which reduced all his organs to pulp.

Protector Shan shot off like a cannonball, flying directly out of the discussion hall. Blood sprayed from his mouth wildly as he cried out painfully on the ground. He no longer had the power to stand up.

His soul was heavily injured, almost to the point of dispersion. He was at death’s door.

All the seated Primordial realm experts were stunned. Their eyes widened as they blankly stared at protector Shan as he wailed out on the cold, hard ground outside. As they felt shock, they also struggled to accept this all.

Protector Shan was an Eighth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, the undisputed strongest out of all the Primordial realm protectors of the Tian Yuan clan. Despite that being the case, he had been reduced to such a sorry shape in Jian Chen’s hands, heavily injured from a single clash.

None of them had expected this.

“Just what level of cultivation does Jian Chen possess?” At that moment, all the Primordial realm protectors thought the same question.

Their understanding of Jian Chen was based on when he fought against the Empyrean Demon Cult with the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian several decades ago.

Back then, Jian Chen was only an Overgod. He was not even a Godking.

Yet now, he had heavily injured protector Shan, an Eighth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, from a single clash. This stunned them all, making them gasp.

“Jian Chen is actually so powerful!” Mei Ji’s eyes lit up after she overcame her shock. She stared right at Jian Chen.

“The patriarch’s strength is actually so terrifying. T- this…” The original members of the Tian Yuan clan were left dumbfounded as well. They were filled with disbelief as they saw protector Shan in such sorry shape.

“Protector Shan, you committed treachery by attempting to steal hell water from my hands. You should deserve death, but since you are a protector of the Tian Yuan clan, I will spare your life. Come and take him away. Once he wakes up, have him return everything he owes. Dismiss him as a protector and chase him out of the clan,” Jian Chen sat back down slowly and ordered emotionlessly. He possessed a dignified bearing, where he could not be defied.

He had already shown protector Shan mercy. He had purposefully weakened the Profound Sword Qi, or protector Shan would have suffered far worse injuries than now. He might have even passed away from that strike alone.

A few Godkings immediately arrived outside the discussion hall and took protector Shan away.

“Xi Yu, regardless of their cultivation, dismiss the three protectors who haven’t come to the meeting and expel them from the clan. Our Tian Yuan clan does not need such people.” Jian Chen followed up with a second order with lightning speed. He did not treat Infinite Primes like they were a big deal at all.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》