Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2533: Close to Death
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2533: Close to Death

“Hmph, you old bastard, don’t you dare celebrate so soon. If you kill me, my brother will definitely avenge me. You will follow in my steps very soon. I’ll just be leaving before you,” Nubis said weakly from within the roaring flames.

His life force rapidly drained away, as most of his unique essence as a Golden-striped Silver Snake had been refined. He could not last much longer.

“Your brother? Hahaha, kid, you’re only a peak Godking, so how powerful can your brother be? Don’t tell me the Ninth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime in your clan is your brother?” The old man mocked him. He took a voracious sip of his alcohol and continued, “I would really be done for if it’s a Ninth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime, but do you think I’m as brainless as you? How is it possible for you to establish ties with an expert like that with your cultivation?”

“Moreover, this is the Delight Plane, not the Cloud Plane. Your whatever clan might have some status on the Cloud Plane, but if they want to act brazenly on the Delight Plane, they’ll definitely be destroyed in just a few days.”

“That’s because the Delight Plane is completely under the control of the Cloudsurge Empire. I am a subject of the Cloudsurge Empire, as well as the master of the imperial princes,” the black-robed old man said proudly.

It was as if he was proud of his own identity.

“Moreover, the current emperor of the Clousurge Empire has close ties with me. Even if that Ninth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime from your whatever clan arrives personally, he won’t be able to do anything to me. You’re joking if you want to talk about revenge.” The black-robed old man laughed aloud fearlessly.

Nubis no longer said anything else. Even his cries of pain gradually vanished. His life force had become extremely weak, so weak that he could no longer produce any sounds.

He was getting closer and closer to death now.

The black-robed old man did not speak anymore either. He lay there lazily, drinking his liquor as he waited for his delicious food to be cooked. His stomach seemed to rumble.

Half an hour layer, Nubis had already collapsed powerlessly on the ground in his original form. His life was in danger, and he was taking his last breaths.

He was only a step away from death, but even when he faced death, there was an intense sense of unwillingness in his eyes. He stubbornly kept his eyes open, staring right at the black-robed old man with his weak, hollow eyes. He refused to close his eyes.

He was unwilling to die like this. He still had a grand objective. He always wanted to stand at the apex of cultivation. He wanted to become a peak expert who could look down on all. How could he just die here?

At this moment, he guarded his last sliver of essence purely with his great will and desire to survive. He battled against death.

However, Nubis’ stubborn will gradually turned into a mysterious power under the pressure of death. It awakened the potential hidden within his bloodline.

Immediately, Nubis felt his body spring to life. A new power gushed out from his bloodline, filling every inch of his body.

At the same time, he suddenly began to shine brilliantly, illuminating the sky. He stood out from the red flames.

He had already shed his burnt scales, growing a new set of glistening, golden scales.

In particular, two sharp, meaty stubs appeared on his head.

“Hmm? The bloodline has changed? It has actually evolved!” The black-robed old man squinted as he became excited. He immediately stood up and studied the evolved Nubis as he clapped and praised, “Good, good, good! I never thought you would be able to evolve at a time like this, allowing your bloodline to progress to a higher level. The heavens really are smiling at me. The greater your bloodline is, the more useful it is to me as well.”

At this moment, Nubis bellowed out. He shone with dazzling light as he began to charge out with all the strength he possessed.


In the end, he crashed into a wall completely composed of flames.

The flames were actually from a formation. With Nubis’ strength, even after his bloodline evolved, he was unable to break free from the restraints of the formation.

“Hehe, you want to escape? Quit dreaming.” The black-robed old man sniggered as he seemed like he was about to drool.

Nubis’ evolution tempted him even more. He no longer wanted to wait anymore. Afterwards, he charged into the flames with a flash and grabbed Nubis with his skinny hand, directly devouring his essence.

The difference in strength was just too great. Even after evolving, Nubis was as puny as an ant in the old man’s hands. He could not resist at all. Nubis immediately became haggard when his essence was devoured.

The old man was a Chaotic Prime. He purposefully leaked the lie that he was a Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime to Nubis to draw him out.

At this moment, the space there trembled, and a powerful presence flooded out, enveloping the entire region.

Three figures appeared beside the roaring flames. They gave off the presences of Primordial realm experts.

They were Jian Chen, Hei Ya, and Xu Ran.

Jian Chen was worried about Nubis’ safety, so he broke away from the group and hurried off first with Hei Ya and Xu Ran.


As soon as Jian Chen arrived, he discovered Nubis and how his essence was being devoured. He immediately became furious as killing intent surged from his body.

Xu Ran remained indifferent and calm, but she had already raised her old, skinny hand gently. She extended a finger ahead.

That directly destroyed the space there. A devastating power shot out and pierced through the formation of flames.

Immediately, the terrifying flames suddenly vanished from the surroundings, revealing Nubis and the black-robed old man.

The destruction of the formation alarmed the black-robed old man. He immediately stopped absorbing Nubis’ essence and stared at Xu Ran with an ugly expression. He said coldly, “Who are you? Why are you getting in my way? Do you know who I am?”

“J- Jian Chen…” Nubis said weakly as he saw Jian Chen as well. His lips curled into a miserable smile as his eyes were dim. He was close to death.

Jian Chen’s face had already darkened from anger when he saw how miserable Nubis had become. Killing intent surged within him as he bellowed out furiously. Wielding the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways, he turned into a streak of resplendent light and stabbed at the old man.

The black-robed old man swung his hand, and the power of Primordial realm laws descended. The terrifying energy surged, striking Jian Chen as a streak of light.


Jian Chen shook after being struck, and the protective light around him dimmed.

“He’s a Second Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime and has rather impressive battle prowess. He can challenge those stronger than him, so leave him to me,” Xu Ran said indifferently and struck out decisively. The terrifying pressure of a Fifth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime erupted, immediately frightening the black-robed old man.

“The Fifth Heavenly Layer- no, even more powerful than the Fifth Heavenly Layer!” The black-robed old man produced a strange cry before retreating with lightning speed with Nubis in his hands. He did not want to fight.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》