Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2534: Rescue
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2534: Rescue

However, how could Xu Ran allow him to do that? With a single movement, Xu Ran crossed the distance and appeared before the black-robed old man instantly. She extended her hand with the mysteries of the world. It was like the hand resonated with the world as it stretched directly towards the black-robed old man.

The black-robed old man’s face changed drastically. His pupils immediately shrunk to the size of pin tips. There was some fright and shock.

He felt like his soul was trapped as he faced Xu Ran’s palm strike. The palm strike contained some kind of charm from the ways, imprisoning his soul there.

The palm strike seemed to be imbued with some sort of sealing power as well, causing the circulation of energy within him to become sluggish as if it had become thick mud.


The black-robed old man immediately assumed his original form. He was a Golden-striped Silver Snake that was only ten metres long and three fingers thick. From afar, he seemed like a piece of rope.

However, although he and Nubis were both Golden-striped Silver Snakes, they took completely different paths of evolution. Nubis’ body gradually became pure gold, while the black-robed old man evolved towards an inky-green.

This was a development of venom.

Clearly, the black-robed old man’s evolution was skewed towards venom.

The venom of Golden-striped Silver Snakes was extremely potent and vicious. It was enough to be ranked among the top three back on the Tian Yuan Continent.

However, such a ranking was only restricted to a lower world like where the Tian Yuan Continent resided. In a higher world, the poison of Golden-striped Silver Snakes was nothing special.

As a result, if they wanted to maintain their advantage of deadly venom, they needed to strengthen it.

Clearly, the black-robed old man had chosen that path.

A dazzling green light suddenly appeared on the Golden-striped Silver Snake’s body. An invisible type of venom that could not be sensed with even the soul rapidly spread towards Xu Ran.

When he released the venom, the black-robed old man squirmed, and the space around him distorted violently, forming ripples upon ripples. He temporarily broke free from Xu Ran’s restraint before shooting off into the distance with Nubis in a flash. He covered ten thousand kilometers in an instant, fleeing off into the distance without any hesitation at all.

He knew Xu Ran’s strength. Although he could challenge those at higher cultivation levels, he definitely could not challenge a Fifth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime whilst at the Second Heavenly Layer. Moreover, his current opponent was no regular Fifth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime.

“Hmph, so what if you’re a Fifth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime? Once I return to the Cloudsurge Empire and get reinforcements, I’ll make you pay a huge price,” the black-robed old man thought as he fled towards the Cloudsurge Empire as quickly as he could.

“Back up, there’s venom!” Xu Ran called out. She gave off a strange presence, where she seemed to fuse with the world. She took a step and broke free from the restraints of space, appearing before the black-robed old man in an instant. She directly blocked his path and extended her skinny hand towards him.

Xu Ran seemed to use the power of ways with that, sealing up the surroundings and creating a prison where the black-robed old man stood. Space shrank up violently.

The black-robed old man immediately felt his body sink. A power that he could not fight off pressed in from all directions, directly immobilising him there.

The black-robed old man was shocked. He was trapped and immobilised, and even the circulation of his energy became extremely sluggish. He felt life-threatening danger from his current situation.

“So powerful! Where did this old woman come from? Why is she such a deviant?” The black-robed old man cursed inside. The battle prowess that Xu Ran displayed astounded him, almost frightening him to death.

He could no longer care about Nubis’ essence. He immediately used a secret technique, and a large, green cloud of mist suddenly erupted from his body. He vanished within the mist.

However, before he vanished, a strand of sword Qi condensed from powerful energy ripped through the space there, cutting through his body. It severed his long body into two.

“Argh!” The black-robed old man called out as he fled.

“His ability to flee really is impressive,” Xu Ran murmured as she stared in the direction that the black-robed old man had fled in. She wanted to pursue, but she had completely lost contact with his presence already.

Very soon, a streak of light flew over, and Jian Chen appeared before Xu Ran. He stared at the empty space and asked, “Senior Xu, where’s the person?”

“He managed to escape. This person’s ability to flee is very great. I failed to keep him here,” Xu Ran said.

“I’ve troubled you, senior Xu.” Jian Chen clasped his hands and thanked Xu Ran before immediately tending to Nubis. He immediately took out a few God Tier pills and fed them to him.

Most of Nubis’ essence had been absorbed, and he had almost been cooked under the flames. However, he managed to endure it all in the end and did not die.

Nubis’ wounds stabilised with the pills. However, he was just too heavily injured, so he could not make a complete recovery without a long period of time.

“Brother, fortunately, you made it in time, or I, the great Nubis, would really be dead. I won’t be able to achieve my great dream either.” Nubis assumed a human form again and lay on the ground powerlessly. He looked at Jin Chen with his dim, dull eyes as he spoke feebly.

Jian Chen took out a few more God Tier pills and fed them to Nubis. He said sternly, “Nubis, I will avenge you.”

“I was careless. I never thought the old snake would be so sly, purposefully leaking false information to draw me over. Jian Chen, hurry up and take me back to that place earlier. There’s still a portion of essence that the old snake didn’t absorb there. This essence is the lifeblood of my species.”

Afterwards, Jian Chen brought Nubis back to the place where he had been cooked in the flames. As soon as he arrived, Nubis lay down on the ground and began absorbing the essence that wafted through the air.

“I only managed to get a tenth back. The rest has all been absorbed by the old snake. God dammit, I’ve lost seventy percent of my essence,” Nubis said through gritted teeth. He was extremely pained.

The essence was simply far too important to his species because it affected the evolution of their bloodline and their future accomplishments.

Suddenly, Nubis seemed to think of something. His face suddenly changed, and he said in a hurry, “Jian Chen, quick, go save protector Xue. He was injured by the old snake and poisoned. The old snake’s venom is extremely potent. He can even poison experts of the same level to death, so protector Xue won’t be able to last very long with his strength.”
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    《Chaotic Sword God》