Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2535: Meeting Yaxi Lian Again
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2535: Meeting Yaxi Lian Again

Jian Chen nodded and hurried off in protector Xue’s direction with Nubis.

Protector Xue was ten million kilometres away, but with Hei Ya by his side, Jian Chen found him effortlessly.

Currently, protector Xue sat within a cave enveloped by formations as he did his best to suppress the venom.

His situation was very pessimistic. The venom had basically spread across his entire body, turning his skin an inky-green. His life force constantly drained away.

Even his soul had become contaminated with some of the venom, causing it to dim. Even if he abandoned his body and fled with his soul now, it would be useless.

“Fortunately, he has the Hundred Spirits Jade. He’s slowing down the spread of the venom with it, or he would have been reduced to a puddle of blood by now.” Xu Ran easily dealt with the formation and appeared before protector Xue.

Jian Chen looked over, and indeed, he discovered a piece of milky-white jade in protector Xue’s mouth.

“Feed him a Hundred Nullification Pill to suppress the poison first,” Xu Ran said to Jian Chen before placing her hand on protector Xue’s head. Great, pure power surged out constantly, beginning to suppress the venom in protector Xue’s body.

Jian Chen rummaged through his Space Ring and finally found a bottle of Hundred Nullification Pills, feeding it to protector Xue.

“The venom within him is extremely potent. I don’t have the ability to nullify it. I can only keep it suppressed temporarily and prevent it from spreading. We need to find that snake to purge it,” said Xu Ran sternly a while later as she removed her hand from protector Xue’s head.

“Nubis, do you know the origins of that Golden-striked Silver Snake?” Jian Chen asked.

Nubis was extremely feeble. He only managed to stand on his feet with Hei Ya’s support. He carefully thought back and said, “I don’t know about his exact origins, but I do remember him mentioning that he serves some Cloudsurge Empire.”

“The Cloudsurge Empire?” Jian Chen murmured. He had no impression of this empire at all.

In reality, this was the first time he had come to the Delight Plane. He knew nothing about the situation here.

“Patriarch, don’t save me. My life isn’t worth it. Just let me die here.” Protector Xue opened his eyes at this moment. Resolution flooded his eyes as if he had already accepted death.

“Patriarch, the only thing I cannot let go before I die is my clan’s young master. I hope the patriarch can take care of the young master for the sake of whatever contribution I’ve made to the clan. Don’t let the young master die,” pleaded protector Xue as he passed a divine hall to Jian Chen.

Staring at the divine hall, Jian Chen’s eyes lit up. Protector Xue’s origins surprised him a little.

For a Seventh Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime to call him young master, this young master’s origins really could not be taken lightly.

After a moment of thought, Jian Chen said, “Protector Xue, don’t worry. You won’t die. Last a few more days, and I’ll purge the venom for you.”

Afterwards, the protectors of the Tian Yuan clan arrived, and all of them gathered in the cave with Jian Chen.

Very soon, they understood the entire matter. However, protector Qi’s expression immediately changed when he learnt about everything. “What? The Chaotic Prime who injured protector Xue serves the Cloudsurge Empire?”

“Protector Qi, how much do you know about the Cloudsurge Empire?” Jian Chen immediately asked. He could tell with a single glance that protector Qi knew about the Cloudsurge Empire.

He had come in a hurry, so he knew nothing about the Delight Plane. He just happened to be in need of someone to explain things to him.

After all, only when he knew his enemies could he guarantee success.

“Patriarch, the Cloudsurge Empire is not to be trifled with, as they’re the most powerful organisation on the Delight Plane, the undisputed ruler of the Delight Plane. They’re so powerful that it’s said that they can conquer the entire plane.” Protector Qi became extremely stern when he mentioned the Cloudsurge Empire. Deep fear and dread appeared in his eyes.

Jian Chen frowned. “How does the overall strength of the Delight Plane compare to our Cloud Plane?”

“The Delight Plane is definitely more powerful than the Cloud Plane! The strongest expert of the Cloud Plane right now is the Lord of Heaven’s Link Peak. It’s said that he’s only a peak Third Heavenly Layer Grand Prime, but there are probably at least five people who can match him on the Delight Plane.”

“The Cloudsurge Empire is actually this powerful.” Jian Chen was secretly surprised from that. The Delight Plane was far more powerful than he had imagined.

“Patriarch, there are actually not a lot of peak experts in the Cloudsurge Empire. There are over a dozen peak organisations on the Delight Plane, and the Cloudsurge Empire can only match three or four of them in number at most. The reason why they’re so powerful is because the Cloudsurge Empire possesses an extremely great expert, the Rain Abbess!”

Protector Qi now showed admiration as he continued, “The Cloudsurge Empire’s status as the supreme ruler was basically consolidated by the Rain Abbess. It's said that she alone can deal with the combined power of all the peak experts on the Delight Plane.”

“I’ve heard about the Rain Abbess as well. She is indeed very powerful and has quite some fame in the Saints’ World. I just never thought she would be from the Delight Plane.” Xu Ran said and also became stern, “The snake is a Chaotic Prime, and his battle prowess is extraordinary. To any peak organisation, Chaotic Primes are greatly valued, so we will definitely alarm the peak experts of the Cloudsurge Empire if we want to kill the snake. Even if the Rain Abbess isn’t on the Delight Plane, that’s not something we can handle. It looks like we need to call Ming Xie over.”

Suddenly, Xu Ran looked outside the cave and said, “Someone is approaching here, and based on their presence, it seems like they’re from the Empyrean Demon Cult.”

Jian Chen immediately became interested when he heard Xu Ran mention the Empyrean Demon Cult. He immediately spread out the senses of his soul.

However, Jian Chen’s expression became strange soon afterwards. He thought to himself, “Why would it be her?”

The senses of his soul locked onto a graceful, alluring woman of enchanting beauty.

Jian Chen was extremely familiar with this woman. He had grievances with her in the past. She was the commander of the seventh army from the Empyrean Demon Cult’s branch on the Cloud Plane, Yaxi Lian.

Yaxi Lian was now a peak Godking. Her enchanting face was filled with unwillingness and a sense of being wronged. She directly made her way towards where Jian Chen’s group stood with some anger and humiliation.

She was not alone. A white-haired, simply-dressed old woman accompanished her.

The old woman did not hide herself, but she did conceal her presence very well such that she seemed like an ordinary person.

However, her travelling speed shocked Jian Chen.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》