Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2558: Chaotic Space Opens
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2558: Chaotic Space Opens

“You don’t need to thank me. The reason why I saved you is all for his sake, or you definitely would not be alive for intruding upon where I cultivate alone,” the Rain Abbess said coldly. She did not care about Jian Chen’s gratitude at all.

Jian Chen smiled resplendently and said nothing else. He could already tell from the Rain Abbess’s behaviour that the only reason why he was still alive was because of that mysterious figure. Otherwise, the Rain Abbess would never have spared him even if she learnt that his soul was special and had fused with a strand of true Chaotic Force.

However, Jian Chen could not figure out who that mysterious figure was. As a result, he did not try to think about ‘his’ identity anymore.

“As for the Empyrean Demon Cult, hmph, they’ve stolen my Innate Orchid of Five Elements, along with a large quantity of Innate Spiritual Mud and Innate Spiritual Liquid. All of these come from the Xuanhuang Microcosm and possess Xuanhuang Qi. They’re invaluable. If they don’t give me a satisfactory explanation for this, I’ll never drop the matter.” The Rain Abbess’ voice was chilling cold as soon as she mentioned the Empyrean Demon Cult. She was extremely furious.

Afterwards, Jian Chen was asked to leave.

Jian Chen emerged from where the Rain Abbess cultivated. When she arrived before the protective formations around the forbidden grounds, the formations ripped open by themselves, revealing a three-metre-wide tunnel that led right to the outside world.

Jian Chen passed through the formations smoothly and appeared in the depths of the imperial palace.

A middle-aged man with a striking appearance seemed to have been waiting there for him for a long time now. The man stood there in his dragon robes.

He was the emperor of the Cloudsurge Empire, Ye Yizhan.

As if Ye Yizhan had especially waited there for Jian Chen, his eyes lit up, and he studied Jian Chen as he said, “The abbess has orders for me to take you off the Delight Plane safely. Come with me.”

However, as soon as Jian Chen emerged from the forbidden grounds behind Ye Yizhan, figures flickered in the surroundings. Over a dozen experts of various ages basically appeared at the same time, surrounding Jian Chen.

They all gave off powerful presences. Without any exception, they were all Primordial realm experts. They consisted of Infinite Primes and Chaotic Primes.

“Why would it be him? He’s actually still alive?”

“Emperor, this person stands with the Empyrean Demon Cult. Now that the Empyrean Demon Cult has become our empire’s mortal enemy, we cannot leave him be. We need to execute him immediately.”

“Emperor, please execute this person immediately.”

The Primordial realm experts looked at Jian Chen coldly, showing heavy killing intent.

Ye Yizhan’s face sank. He gave off the bearing of a ruler, and he glanced around in a dignified manner. He said sternly, “I am under the abbess’ orders to escort this person off the Delight Plane safely. Why don’t you all back off?”

“What? The abbess?”

The expressions of all the experts changed when they heard that word. That single word seemed to be magical, stunning them all.

“He clearly intruded on the forbidden grounds, yet the abbess hasn’t kill him? T- this doesn’t make sense…”

“This person is with the Empyrean Demon Cult. The Empyrean Demon Cult has caused our Cloudsurge Empire heavy losses…”

A few Primordial realm experts murmured. However, their killing intent did not decrease. Instead, they were unwilling to accept this.

“If you want to kill me, come find me on the Cloud Plane. However, you Infinite Primes really might not be able to kill me,” Jian Chen said calmly and fearlessly. Now that his Laws of Space had reached the Primordial realm, his confidence had swelled. With his Laws of Space and Laws of the Sword combined, along with his various techniques, he was confident about dealing with any Infinite Prime.

Afterwards, he vanished from before the Primordial realm experts, without leaving a single trace behind.

“The Laws of Space!” The eyes of the Primordial realm experts around Jian Chen narrowed.

“No. Why do his Laws of Space seem rather different from the Laws of Space I’ve seen in the past? He hasn’t created any pulses at all,” a Chaotic Prime said sternly as he expressed his surprise.

“He has already arrived in a city ten million kilometres away. Strange, why does he leave no trace behind when he uses the Laws of Space? There isn’t even a pulse of the Laws of Space…”

Even Ye Yizhan was surprised. He looked at where Jian Chen had vanished from as he felt emotional turmoil. “T- this seems like the ability of Spatial Insect Emperors. Only Spatial Insect Emperors, which are born with a grasp over space, can move about silently such that no one can sense them…”

Afterwards, Jian Chen found an interplanar teleportation formation and left the Delight Plane.

With Hei Ya beside him, he had already confirmed that there was no one else he was familiar with left on the Delight Plane. Whether it be Xu Ran or the protectors from the Tian Yuan clan, they had all left the Delight Plane with the Empyrean Demon Cult. There was obviously no need for him to stay.

The experts of the Cloudsurge Empire did not stop Jian Chen, allowing him to return to the Cloud Plane smoothly.

Before long, Jian Chen returned to the Tian Yuan clan.

As soon as he returned, Xu Ran, Nubis, Ming Dong, Xi Yu, and the others all crowded over, hurrying over as quickly as they could.

Xu Ran, Nubis, and the protectors had returned three days ago.

“Jian Chen, you’ve finally returned. I heard that you were trapped in the Cloudsurge Empire on the Delight Plane. If you still didn’t return, I planned on going back and calling for reinforcements so that we could kill our way into the Cloudsurge Empire,” Ming Dong said. He was also relieved by Jian Chen’s safe return.

If it were not for the fact that he had learnt that Jian Chen was in no danger from Xu Ran, Ming Dong would have never waited until now. He would have returned to the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng for reinforcements a long time ago.

“Brother, you’ve made me sick with worry. Fortunately, the grand elder didn’t trick us. The Rain Abbess of the Cloudsurge Empire really didn’t make things difficult for you.” Nubis exhaled deeply before making his way over to Jian Chen’s side. He whispered mysteriously, “Oh right. Brother, what’s your relationship with the Rain Abbess? Why hasn’t someone as powerful as the Rain Abbess made things difficult for you?”

Jian Chen did not go into detail about what he experienced in the Cloudsurge Empire. He had a simple conversation with everyone before immediately entering seclusion.

He had made great advancements in his Laws of Space, but he had not completely absorbed the soul of the Spatial Insect Emperor. Most of it still lingered in his sea of consciousness. He needed to check on the situation immediately to see whether the lingering power would result in any consequences.

On the distant Prosper Plane, the grand Heavenly Palace of Bisheng stood at its centre. A hazy figure obscured by the light of ways sat on the highest floor.

This figure was one of the seven past Grand Exalts of the Saints’ World, the Anatta Grand Exalt.

Suddenly, the Anatta Grand Exalt opened her eyes. She looked at the sky with her cold, emotionless eyes. Her gaze seemed to able to pierce through everything, allowing her to see the origins of the world.

“The chaotic space has finally opened,” the Anatta Grand Exalt said gently. Her voice seemed to possess all the sounds of the world, making it impossible to detect its basic nature.

A pulse appeared in her cold, emotionless pupils that could look down on everything at that moment as well.

“Bai Rong, immediately go to the Cloud Plane and fetch your junior brother.”

“Yes, master!”
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