Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2567: Flames of War
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2567: Flames of War

Very soon, the five Chaotic Primes assigned to the young star lord appeared before him. The five of them were all ruddy old men in pure-white clothes. They seemed rather sagely.

They were figures who possess authority in the Four Symbols Alliance, all holding the position of great elder. They basically stood above most people, where only the five ancestor-like figures across the entire alliance could order them around.

However, when they faced the young star lord, they dared not put on any airs at all. They concealed their presences and did their best to appear ordinary, clasping their fists at the young star lord politely.

He was the child of the Nine Brilliance Star Lord. His status was simply too great. Who knows how many years it had been since someone with a status like him had appeared on the Cloud Plane. As a result, the five of them appeared to be overcautious before the young star lord.

They understood that let alone them, Chaotic Primes, but even the peak experts of the Cloud Plane were nothing in the eyes of supreme experts renowned across the Saints’ World like the Nine Brilliance Star Lord.

“The five of you immediately gather everyone and go destroy the Tian Yuan clan. I don’t want the patriarch, Jian Chen, to live for a day longer,” the young star lord said coldly. What he went through in the Tian Yuan clan was the greatest humiliation in his life. He could only wipe this humiliation from the slate with the blood of the entire Tian Yuan clan.

However, when the five great elders heard his demand, their faces changed slightly and became ugly. They glanced at one another and communicated secretly.

“Although we’re the young star lord’s guards, and we need to listen to him for everything, we’ll probably be doomed after the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng decides to look into the matter if we really listen to him and destroy the Tian Yuan clan…”

“That’s right. The young star lord is the Nine Brilliance Star Lord’s son. The Heavenly Palace of Bisheng naturally won’t make things difficult for the young star lord for the sake of the Nine Brilliance Star Lord, but we’ll face a different situation. With the young star lord’s ability, he probably won’t be able to protect us from the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng unless the Nine Brilliance Star Lord steps forward…”

“Do you think the Nine Brilliance Star Lord will personally stand up for us?”

“Is that even a question? Why would the Nine Brilliance Star Lord fall out with the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng just for us, a few puny Chaotic Primes…”

The five elders were all monsters who had lived for who knows how long. Naturally, they were not dim-witted, so they thought of a lot in that moment. They communicated secretly such that both the young star lord and his bodyguard, Mu Lin, failed to sense it.

“The Tian Yuan clan cannot be destroyed,” the five great elders thought as they reached the same conclusion. They wanted to ally themselves with the young star lord, yet they dared not offend the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng either.

Seeing how the five great elders still did nothing, the young star lord’s face immediately sank. He said with displeasure, “Why aren’t you doing it? Haven’t you heard my words?”

One of the great elders smiled resplendently and said, “Young master, please listen to something I have to say.”

“Speak!” The young star lord seemed impatient.

“Since the Tian Yuan clan has offended young master, we naturally have to make them pay a heavy price. However, if we destroy them in one stroke, it’ll be far too easy on Jian Chen. As a result, we should gnaw away at the Tian Yuan clan step by step and gobble them up bit by bit. We need to make them slowly approach hell whilst being filled with helplessness and despair. Wouldn’t that be more interesting than directly destroying them?” said a great elder.

The young star lord thought about it carefully. Gnawing away at the Tian Yuan clan such that Jian Chen could only watch on powerlessly was indeed more interesting than directly destroying them, so he directly agreed to the great elder’s suggestion.


Three days later, as the current emperor of the Pingtian Empire, Mo Xingfeng, managed the affairs of the empire from his study, one of his personal guards hurried in from outside. He dropped to one knee and said, “Your majesty, we’ve just received urgent news that the eastern boundary has suddenly been invaded. The walls of the fortress have fallen, and the generals have fallen in battle as well. Our armies have lost several hundred thousand people, and they’re in a state of disarray right now.”

“What?” The emperor of the Pingtian Empire’s face changed. The report in his hands fell onto the table as he leapt to his feet. He said sternly, “Who is it that has attacked our Pingtian Empire?”

“Your majesty, according to the reports, it’s an organisation that has never appeared on our Cloud Plane. Their banners bear nine brilliant stars.”

“Nine brilliant stars?” Mo Xingfeng frowned. He thought through all the organisations on the Cloud Plane, but none of them used stars on their banners.

“Report!” At this moment, another guard hurried in. He dropped to one knee and said, “Your majesty, the western fortress has brought urgent news. An unknown army has attacked our western boundary. The boundary has given way, and the army stationed there has fallen in battle…”

“Report! Your majesty, the southern fortress has suddenly been attacked. The fortress has fallen, and we’ve lost a million troops…”

In a short span of time, the eastern, western, and southern boundaries of the Pingtian Empire were all attacked. All the fortresses fell. The Pingtian Empire that basically no one dared to offend in the past due to the Tian Yuan clan’s connection with the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng suddenly faced an unprecedented threat.

Mo Xingfeng became extremely stern. The fortresses of the Pingtian Empire were extremely sturdy. They were reinforced with various formations and defensive equipment. Even against the strongest army on the Cloud Plane, they would be able to stave them off for ten days.

Yet now, the three fortresses had fallen to attacks in such a short amount of time. This could only be achieved if powerful Primordial realm experts personally took action.

The matter was so severe that it had already gone beyond what the Pingtian Empire could handle alone.

“Activate the short range teleportation formation. I need to pay a visit to the Tian Yuan clan immediately.” Mo Ling hurried out of the study sternly. He made his way to the Dong’an province as quickly as he could.

The large discussion hall of the Tian Yuan clan was currently full. All the members of the upper echelon and a few protectors were gathered there. The dragon-robed Mo Xingfeng had already taken a seat there calmly.

All of them were extremely stern. None of them uttered a word, making the atmosphere rather heavy.

They were all waiting for someone, the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan, Jian Chen.

“I already know about it.” At this moment, a calm voice suddenly rang out in the quiet discussion hall.

The space on the empty patriarch’s throne suddenly twisted slightly, and Jian Chen appeared out of nowhere.

He glanced past everyone below. He was extremely calm.

“I originally thought they would directly attack our Tian Yuan clan, but I never thought they would target the Pingtian Empire.” Jian Chen was calm and unflustered. The powerful senses of his soul had already enveloped the entire empire. He already knew about the situation in the east, south, and west completely.

Only the northern boundary remained fine, as it bordered the Heavenly Moon Empire.
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