Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2569: Killing a Chaotic Prime One
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2569: Killing a Chaotic Prime One

Chapter 2569: Killing a Chaotic Prime (One)

“Senior Xu, let’s go,” Jian Chen called out. His eyes shone brightly. At that moment, he unleashed the limits of his Laws of Space.

Jian Chen had made up his mind about killing the Chaotic Prime, so he definitely could not create any pulse in space when he teleported over with the Laws of Space, nor could he allow the Chaotic Prime to notice them. As a result, he needed to devote even more effort towards using the Laws of Space.

In the next moment, Jian Chen and Xu Ran suddenly vanished. They vanished extremely suddenly, without any signs at all. There was not even a pulse in space.

The majestic wall of the fortress on the southern boundary of the Pingtian Empire had been completely destroyed. The various formations cast down on the walls had all been ruined as well.

There were no signs of battle on the fortress walls because the fortress had been destroyed in a single strike by a Chaotic Prime with his overwhelming strength.

The corpses of soldiers were strewn about the fortress. There were hundreds of thousands of them.

Many of them were missing limbs and covered with vicious wounds. Clearly, they had been slain in an open battle.

An army was stationed nearby. There were not a lot of them, only numbering several tens of thousands. They were all Godhood cultivators.

They were an army from the Four Symbols Alliance.

At this moment, the army had finished tidying up themselves. They slowly advanced towards the depths of the Pingtian Empire.

“Great elder, there’s something that I don’t understand. Since we’re attacking the Pingtian Empire, we can just attack their imperial capital. With the strength of our Four Symbols Alliance, destroying the Pingtian Empire would only take a flick of a finger. Why must we be so slow?”

Six figures stood in the ruins of the fortress. They varied in age, but their presences were extremely powerful. They had all reached the Primordial realm.

One of them stood at the front with the five others behind him. The leader was a Chaotic Prime great elder of the Four Symbols Alliance. His name was Jin Li.

The person who asked the question was an Infinite Prime behind Jin Li.

The young star lord’s presence had not been made public yet, so not a lot of people knew about him.

“You will understand this all in the future. Don’t ask about it now,” the great elder, Jin Li, said indifferently. He glanced past the corpses detachedly with his aged eyes.

Jin Li did not take the lives of these ordinary soldiers seriously. He only treated them as ants. Even the Tian Yuan clan was just a small clan in his eyes. What he truly feared was Ming Dong, who had the backing of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng.

“Let’s gnaw away at the Pingtian Empire for now. The Tian Yuan clan won’t be able to exist for much longer,” Jin Li said slowly. He already understood that the Four Symbols Alliance would not be able to avoid offending the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng if they wanted to ally themselves with the young star lord.

However, what put him at ease was that the young star lord’s background was much more powerful than the Tian Yuan clan’s as it seemed right now.

After all, the young star lord had a Grand Exalt on his side, while the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng completely relied on their first majesty.

“Hmph, your Four Symbols Alliance probably doesn’t have the ability to destroy my Tian Yuan clan.” At this moment, a cold snort rang out from behind Jin Li.

Basically the moment the voice sounded out, a great sense of danger overwhelmed Jin Li.

Jin Li’s expression changed drastically. With a single thought, a set of medium quality god artifact armor immediately covered him completely. It shone with dazzling light, erupting with powerful energy that formed an almost indestructible barrier around him.

At almost the same as Jin Li donned his armor, an old, skinny hand appeared. It possessed devastating power, and when it came in contact with the armor, the protective barrier immediately shattered.

The hand continued onwards without slowing down at all. It pierced through the various layers of defence conjured by the armor before landing on it gently. The destructive energy within the hand erupted completely at that moment.


Immediately, there was a thunderous rumble, and Jin Li, a Fourth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime, shot off like a broken kite. A deep handprint appeared on his medium quality god artifact.

“It’s you?” Jin Li immediately paled and coughed up blood. With a single glance, he saw Xu Ran, who had attacked him. He was shocked.

He knew the Tian Yuan clan had a Fifth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime, but he had never thought the old woman would possess such shocking strength. Despite the protection of a medium quality god artifact, she still managed to injure him in a single attack.

Xu Ran was completely calm. She said nothing at all. She immediately pursued him, unleashing her full strength to launch a barrage of fierce attacks.

She knew she only had fifteen seconds. Although she possessed an absolute advantage in terms of strength, killing a Fourth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime in just fifteen seconds was a great challenge for her.

After all, defeating and killing were two completely different concepts.

At the same time, three of the five great elders accompanied the young star lord at the eastern fortress. They followed him closely, protecting his safety.

The three of them were the most powerful great elders of the five. They were all of the Fifth Heavenly Layer, which was the same level as Xu Ran.

“The Chaotic Prime from the Tian Yuan clan has moved.” The three Chaotic Primes beside the young star lord sensed Xu Ran basically at the moment she struck out.

“The old woman’s a Fifth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime, while Jin Li’s at the Fourth Heavenly Layer. Although he has only reached the Fourth Heavenly Layer recently, he should be able to keep the old woman busy for a while…”

“Let’s still send someone over. After all, there’s still a Heavenly Layer’s worth of difference. Jin Li is still not the old woman’s opponent…”

The three Chaotic Primes smiled at ease. They did not take the matter too seriously.

After all, their opponent was only a Fifth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime, while there was the three of them here. They only needed to send a single one of them to reduce the old woman’s efforts to nothing, perhaps even repelling her and making her flee desperately.

However, in the next moment, their expressions changed. Their eyes narrowed, and they became shocked. They were filled with disbelief.

“How, how? H- her strength…”

“Oh no, how is that old woman so powerful? She heavily injured Jin Li with a single palm strike, even damaging the medium quality god artifact…”

“I’ll stay here to protect the young star lord. The two of you go immediately. The old woman’s far too powerful. Jin Li is in danger… Also get Bai Ye on the west side to go provide help as well…”
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    《Chaotic Sword God》