Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2570: Killing a Chaotic Prime Two
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2570: Killing a Chaotic Prime Two

Chapter 2570: Killing a Chaotic Prime (Two)

Two of the three Chaotic Primes at the eastern fortress immediately hurried off to the southern fortress.

Chaotic Primes moved extremely quickly, and they were fast enough to cover a tremendous distance with each step. Even if they wanted to cross an entire plane, it would not take them long.

However, the Pingtian Empire was no longer the tiny divine kingdom of the past. After expanding their territory, even them, Fifth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Primes, needed a few seconds to go from the eastern fortress to the southern one.

“Jin Li, stay alive!” The Chaotic Prime from the western called out as he hurried over to the southern fortress as well.

Two Fifth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Primes and a Fourth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime rushed over as quickly as they could to provide support.

At the southern fortress, Xu Ran’s battle against Jin Li had become completely one-sided. Even though their cultivation only differed by a single heavenly layer, Jin Li was unable to fight back at all.

Five seconds had passed since their battle began. Even though this was an extremely short amount of time, every single strike from Chaotic Primes was devastating. Terrifying storms of energy wreaked havoc in the surroundings, ripping open space and revealing pitch-black cracks. The ground below either sank from the battle, were reduced to bottomless holes, or became riddled with chasms from the blades of energy.

Jin Li constantly coughed up blood. His face was sheet-white, and he had become haggard. The medium quality god artifact armor on him was riddled with deep handprints. The powerful god artifact had warped in shape and cracks had even appeared.

The god artifact was damaged. Its defences were no longer as great as when it was in perfect condition.

By the ninth second, an even more vicious energy suddenly erupted, filled with killing intent. Xu Ran had brought her hands together, separating them before pressing them together again. She created a dazzling strand of sword Qi. As soon as the sword Qi appeared, space distorted, and the surroundings shook. Countless tiny spatial cracks filled the surroundings of the sword Qi.

This was clearly a powerful secret technique, something extremely terrifying. The tremendous pressure struck fear deep into Jin Li’s heart, causing him to start trembling from the bottom of his heart. He wanted to dodge, but he could no longer do that.


The sword Qi shot through the air with devastating power, striking Jin Lin mercilessly. It emitted a thunderous boom.

Crack! Immediately, the god artifact armor on Jin Li finally gave in to the damage and shattered. It was reduced to a sky full of fragments, shooting out in all directions.

Xu Ran’s sword Qi did not run out of power after destroying Jin Li’s armor. It became extremely dim, continuing onwards and passing through Jin Li’s abdomen. It left behind a fist-sized hole.

Jin Li was knocked away like a broken kite. He struggled to stabilise himself.

However, he was decisive. He directly punched the space behind him, collapsing it in attempt to flee into a spatial crack.

Xu Ran had already been prepared for his flight. With a flash, she arrived at the entrance to the spatial crack even faster than Jin Li, sending him flying with a palm strike.

Jin Li glanced at Xu Ran in complete fear. She was just too powerful, possessing battle prowess far beyond her current level of cultivation. He knew that he had to leave, or he would probably suffer. He could not last very long before a prodigy like her.

With a flip of his hand, Jin Li took out a talisman from his Space Ring as quickly as he could.

It was a Cosmic Movement Talisman, an extremely precious treasure. Even with his strength and status, he had only obtained it through luck. It was something that could save his life when he faced a critical moment.

However, just when Jin Li wanted to activate the Cosmis Movement Talisman, an extremely powerful strand of sword Qi suddenly appeared. It was only the size of a finger, but it shone with light that could make the world pale. It shot into Jin Li’s head with lightning speed.

Jin Li immediately grunted as his bloody body suddenly stiffened. The strand of sword Qi directly attacked his soul such that he was unable to defend against it. It made him dizzy, so he failed to activate the Cosmic Movement Talisman in his hand immediately.

That moment determined his fate. Xu Ran arrived silently and struck him with a palm strike. The terrifying energy within it directly reduced Jin Li to dust. Jin Li’s soul dispersed immediately.

“Jin Li!” At the same time, a sorrowful and furious roar rang out from the horizon. The Two Fifth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Primes had already arrived, faster than what they had estimated. They had used just twelve seconds to hurry over from the eastern fortress.

Unfortunately, they were still late. They could only watch as Jin Li died before them.

“Ahh!” The two Fifth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Primes bellowed out. Without saying anything else, they both struck out, attacking Xu Ran furiously.

“With just the two of you, it’s futile.” Xu Ran was cold. She did not take the two of them seriously at all. She erupted with a terrifying pressure and engaged in a great battle against them.

She fought against two experts of the same level of cultivation as her simultaneously, but she managed to overwhelm them from the very first clash.

They were not Xu Ran’s opponent even when they worked together.

“Avenge brother Jin!” Very soon, Bai Ye hurried over from the western fortress as well. His eyes were bloodshot, and he entered the battle as well.

However, the entry of a Fourth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime was still not enough to change the situation. Xu Ran completely overwhelmed the three of them.

At the same time, she brought her hands together and used a secret technique again. She sent out a powerful strand of sword Qi, heavily injuring the Fourth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime, Bai Ye, with a single strike.

The expressions of the three great elders all changed when they witnessed that. They all shivered. Xu Ran was far more powerful than they had imagined her to be. Even when the three of them worked together, they did not gain any advantage.

“Young star lord, the situation at the southern fortress is urgent. I need to reinforce them immediately, so please enter my divine hall. Apologies.” The last Chaotic Prime at the eastern fortress stowed the young star lord into his divine hall before rushing off to the south as well.

Very soon, the four of them gathered together. They now had three Fifth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Primes and a Fourth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime. They faced Xu Ran together, fighting a devastating battle in the southern fortress of the Pingtian Empire.

However, even when the four of them worked together, they were still only able to protect themselves. Xu Ran overwhelmed them even though she was one against the four of them.

“God dammit, where did this old woman come from? How is she so powerful…”

“What kind of impressive legacy did this old woman obtain? She’s so terrifying. Even when the four of us work together, we can’t match her…”

The four great elders of the Four Symbols Alliance communicated with one another secretly. They were all shocked, and the shock they felt increased as they fought. In the end, they were shivering in fear.

The white-robed, sage-like lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak stood atop the Heaven’s Link Peak in the central region of the Cloud Plane. He stared deeply in the direction of the southern region.

“What is happening in the southern region? Why are there such powerful pulses of energy? Even the formation that can block senses of the soul has been activated. What’s the Four Syumbols Alliance doing?” The lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak murmured softly as he peered into the heavenly secrets.

A while later, he suddenly frowned. He immediately became extremely stern. “What’s happening in the southern region actually relates to the fate of our Righteous Alliance. Immediately send people to infiltrate the southern region…” Afterwards, the peak lord suddenly vanished. He also sent messages to the other people in charge of the Righteous Alliance, calling for an emergency meeting.
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