Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2594: The Lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak Heavily Injured
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2594: The Lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak Heavily Injured

In the blink of an eye, three Grand Primes from the Righteous Alliance, Luo Mantian, Gu Li, and He Yidao, began fighting with Wu Lu and Gong Ji in outer space. The terrifying energy was extremely devastating, sweeping through the sky and blotting out the sun. It made all the stars dim as space constantly shattered and subsequently repaired itself.

This had all happened too quickly. The lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak could not stop them even if he wanted to.

The Grand Primes of the two alliances had clashed many times when the Cloud Plane was in turmoil, where they attempted many times to destroy the Four Symbols Alliance. However, the Four Symbols Alliance was different now. With the support of the young star lord, even the Righteous Alliance had to be rather wary of them.

“Since they’ve done this already, we might as well follow through with it completely. Let’s destroy the Four Symbols Alliance in a single stroke, or our Righteous Alliance will be in trouble once they really obtain the support of the Star Brilliance Mountain,” Tong Wuming said secretly.

“That’s right. If we don’t destroy the Four Symbols Alliance now, we’ll probably lose the opportunity forever. After all, the young star lord is already standing with the Four Symbols Alliance, while whether we can obtain the protection of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng is still unknown,” Zhou Zhidao added.

The lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak stared at the battle in outer space before nodding slowly in the end. “Fair enough. But since we’ve decided to destroy the Four Symbols Alliance, I hope that everyone can unleash their full strength without holding back this time.”

“Don’t worry. It’s an extremely urgent time right now. If anyone still holds back like before at a time like this, they’ll be digging their own grave. Once the Four Symbols Alliance recovers and gains the support of the Star Brilliance Plane, our Righteous Alliance will be reduced to nothing with our measly strength,” said Zhou Zhidao.

The experts of the Righteous Alliance communicated secretly. The words that they exchanged and the decision that they reached were only known by the seven of them.

In the next moment, the other Grand Primes from the Righteous Alliance moved as well, engaging in a battle against the Gentle Breeze Ancestor, Changfeng Yun, and Zheng Hu.

Immediately, deafening booms rang out in outer space like thunder. The entire Cloud Plane shook violently in the distance.

This was a battle between twelve Grand Primes. It was truly devastating. The sky cracked region by region while the tremendous outer space collapsed part by part as well. Countless spatial cracks interwove with one another, forming a dense web. Violent storms of energy swept through outer space with a chaotic, brutal presence.

After so many years of peace, the peak experts of the two alliances began fighting again. However, the battle this time was far more intense than any other time.

Unlike the previous fights, the experts from the Righteous Alliance all unleashed their true strength, engaging in a battle to the death against the Four Symbols Alliance.

As a result, the Four Symbols Alliance completely lost the upper hand as soon as the battle began. They were basically completely forced into a reactive state by the Righteous Alliance and were only able to defend.

After all, not only did the Righteous Alliance possess the lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak, the greatest expert of the Cloud Plane, but they had seven people as well. On the other hand, not only did the Four Symbols Alliance possess no one who could match up to the peak lord, but Zheng Hu was also basically the weakest Grand Prime out of all of them.

After all, Zheng Hu had only broken through to Grand Prime recently, so he was basically the weakest a Grand Prime could be. He did not have any aspects that stood out, nor was he a prodigy who could challenge those stronger than him.

Everyone from the Tian Yuan clan stared at outer space. A battle between twelve Grand Primes was basically an outstanding event. It would not happen even across millions of years. Even though very few of them could see it clearly, they were still shocked when they saw the colourful sky filled with exploding energy.

“Don’t tell me the Four Symbols Alliance can’t even make it past the Righteous Alliance.” Xu Ran stood beside Jian Chen and gloated over their suffering. She could obviously tell that the Four Symbols Alliance was at an absolute disadvantage.

“The difference is far too great. They’re on completely different levels. It really isn’t difficult for the Righteous Alliance to destroy the Four Symbols Alliance if they use their full strength. However, if the people from the Four Symbols Alliance put up a desperate struggle or maybe even sacrifice themselves, they might be able to injure or kill one or two people from the Righteous Alliance.” Even though Xu Ran was not a Grand Prime, she was someone who came from the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng after all. Her insight was extraordinary.

Jian Chen remained silent the entire time. He would observe the battle in outer space at times and would look at the young star lord at other times. A frown gradually appeared on his face.

From the very start, the young star lord remained calm as if victory was within his grasp. Jian Chen felt that something was off from how composed he was. It was like the Four Symbols Alliance had a card that they had yet to play.

At this moment, the tremendous might of the world appeared. Gong Ji fought against Luo Mantian and He Yidao alone, so she had already begun to struggle against their attacks. She was forced to use a God Tier Battle Skill.

This was a high grade God Tier Battle Skill, one that only Grand Primes could grasp under normal circumstances. When she used it, there was a slight sense that it had fused with the ways of the world.

In the end, the God Tier Battle Skill turned into a streak of blinding light, striking Luo Mantian with great force.

Spurt! Blood sprayed from Luo Mantian’s mouth, and he paled. He shot back quickly like a cannonball.

“Luo Mantian!” He Yidao’s face changed as he fought alongside him. He immediately gave up on Gong Ji and flew towards Luo Mantian.

The lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak just happened to be close to Luo Mantian as he fought the Gentle Breeze Ancestor. When he saw Luo Mantian fly over with his wounds, he immediately knocked the Gentle Breeze Ancestor away with a single strike. Afterwards, he extended his hand and caught Luo Mantian with a great but gentle power. He asked out of concern, “Luo Mantian, are you fine?”

“I…” Luo Mantian coughed up blood. As soon as he said that, something happened.

A dagger that flickered with dark green light silently appeared in his hand. It struck out with lightning speed like a venomous snake.

Everything had happened far too quickly. Coupled with how the lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak was completely unprepared, Luo Mantian’s sneak attack was successful. The dagger stabbed right into his waist.

The lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak produced a grunt. His eyes were filled with disbelief and shock. Afterwards, he used his hand to directly strike out mercilessly towards Luo Mantian’s head with great power and laws.

In that instant, Luo Mantian’s presence surged. He seemed nowhere close to being injured. He struck out with both hands, colliding with the lord of Heaven’s Link Peak attack. With a rumble, he was sent flying as blood sprayed from his mouth.

This time, he was spraying blood for real.

“Luo Mantian, w- what are you doing? Peak lord, peak lord…” He Yidao’s expression changed drastically, and he cried out in shock. He arrived before the lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak in a flash.

“Luo Mantian, have you gone crazy? Peak lord, are you fine?” Gu Li, who had been fighting against Wu Lu, bellowed out and immediately abandoned his opponent, approaching the lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak.

The sudden change in the situation had disrupted the entire battlefield. At the same time, Lieyan Wuji, Zhou Zhidao, and Tong Wuming all stopped fighting. They all called out and hurried towards the peak lord.

“Luo Mantian, w- why did you do this?” The lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak clutched his wound. The blood dyed his white robes red as his face and all of his skin gradually turned a faint green. His old eyes were filled with pain as he stared right at Luo Mantian.

“Peak lord, heal up first.” He Yidao and Gu Li arrived beside the lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak first. As they fought the closest to the peak lord, they were faster than the other three.

But at this moment, something else happened. He Yidao and Gu Li suddenly launched attacks. A sword and a fist struck out at the same time, coming in from the left and the right, striking the peak lord’s body viciously.

He Yidao’s sword stabbed through the peak lord’s left waist, emerging from the right as it shone brightly.

Gu Li’s punch, imbued with the Laws of Strength, struck the peak lord’s back, causing his back to collapse into his chest. The fist became covered in blood.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》