Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2626: A Turnaround
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2626: A Turnaround

Gongsun Zhi became slightly lost. As he looked at the pouring rain that fell down from outer space, he became both surprised and doubtful. He actually temporarily forgot about Hun Zang who was beside him.

Xu Zhiping and Sha Yun were both extremely stern. They realised that their worries had finally come true. In the end, something that they did not wish to see still happened when they tried to destroy the Martial Soul lineage.

With their cultivation, it was impossible for them to not understand that the sudden rain had come from a mysterious expert, a supreme expert that they had failed to sense the arrival of.

Soon afterwards, the powerful senses of Sha Yun and Xu Zhiping’s souls erupted from their bodies. Like a great blood, they surged out in all directions in an attempt to find the hidden, mysterious expert.

However, their expressions changed again very soon. They immediately became extremely stern.

The two of them had actually discovered a mysterious and great power that blocked the senses of their souls, preventing their senses from passing through.

“Oh no, we’ve been trapped,” Xu Zhiping called out. His face became extremely ugly as he looked at the surroundings with a sunken face. However, the stars had already vanished from where he looked. A thick layer of grey clouds surrounded them as a great prison.

The thing that blocked the senses of their souls was the grey cloud.

However, Xu Zhiping and Sha Yun would never believe that this was just a ‘grey cloud’, as the clouds hid energy terrifying enough to make them shiver.

“This is a formation. We’ve been trapped in a formation.” Sha Yun’s face was sunken. He was the ancestor of a peak sect from the Desolate Plane, a famed expert on the Desolate Plane. Now that he had been trapped in a formation unknowingly, he felt extremely furious.

“Let’s not worry about that for now. Destroy the Martial Soul lineage first,” Xu Zhiping called out. He had already fallen out with the Martial Soul lineage completely. If the lineage continued to exist, he would be left forever restless in the future.

Although he was not afraid of the Martial Soul lineage’s retaliation, his Xu family was a big deal. The clan could not endure the Martial Soul lineage’s revenge.

Sha Yun had also realised the severity of the matter. Although he had no idea why this mysterious expert had suddenly cast down a formation to trap them, their priority was clearly to eliminate the Martial Soul lineage completely.

With that, Sha Yun no longer hesitated. His blade jolted, and he immediately shot out a strand of blade Qi.

He had only swung out casually, but the brutal blade Qi split into eight and shoot towards the eight successors of the Martial Soul lineage.

Even though Sha Yun’s attack was nowhere near as powerful as Gongsun Zhi’s Godslayer’s sword, the eight strands of blade Qi seemed to possess their own intelligence. They all locked onto their target’s presence, preventing them from escaping. It was unlike Gongsun Zhi attacks, which could not even hit the shadow of his target.

Xu Zhiping paid close attention to Sha Yun’s eight strands of sword Qi as well. He had to devote all his power onto keeping the mountain soul trapped just in case they wanted to flee. As such, there was nothing that he could do. Wiping out the Martial Soul lineage would all depend on this.

“I hope the mysterious expert who cast down this formation has nothing to do with the Martial Soul lineage, or…” Xu Zhiping thought. As he watched the blade Qi rapidly draw nearer, he became utterly nervous.


Suddenly, a shocking bolt of lightning exploded in the space there and lit up the surroundings.

Huge chains of lightning danced around like dragons of light in the thick clouds, leading to a resplendent flash. They immediately struck Sha Yun’s eight strands of blade Qi with indescribable speed, producing heavy booms.

Sha Yun’s powerful blade Qi immediately shattered under the lightning, dispersing into the surroundings. At the same time, the surging energy from the blade Qi was completely absorbed by the formation.

Having personally witnessed this, Xu Zhiping’s heart immediately skipped a beat. His expression became extremely ugly.

His greatest worry had ended up becoming a reality. The mysterious expert seemed to have come because of the Martial Soul lineage.

At the same time, the members of the Martial Soul lineage, who were about to use their final move to flee, all raised their heads. All of them were stern and slightly puzzled.

“I- isn’t this…” At the same time, Jian Chen forcefully stopped the fusion of the twin swords. He stared at the torrential rain and rolling clouds with interest as he felt extremely surprised.

He had already recognised the formation, and he knew who had cast it down.

“May I ask who you are? Please show yourself!” Xu Zhiping called out.

A blurry figure suddenly appeared in the rain. The power of clouds and rain surrounded the figure, completely obscuring their appearance. All that was visible was an extremely blurry silhouette. It was even impossible to distinguish their gender.

The person just hovered in the heavy rain like this. It was as if they had fused with the rain, and it was also as if they had fused with space. Their presence could not be sensed at all.

Xu Zhiping and Sha Yun’s eyes narrowed. They both stared at the blurry figure as they became solemn.

As Grand Primes, they were able to sense and perceive everything with greater clarity. The two of them gained the false impression that the blurry figure was the ruler of the world, someone who could influence the law and order of the surroundings.

Suddenly, Xu Zhiping’s heart leapt. He growled and said, “I know who you are. You are the Rain Abbess of the Cloudsurge Empire from the Delight Plane.”

“What? She’s actually the Rain Abbess of the Delight Plane?” Sha Yun was surprised by that.

He had heard quite a lot of rumours regarding the Rain Abbess. The Rain Abbess’ status on the Delight Plane was equivalent to the Celestial Sword Saint’s status on the Desolate Plane. They were both supreme experts that no one could defeat, making them extremely aloof. They alone could pressure all the peak experts of an entire plane to the point of suffocation.

As a matter of fact, there were even people who treated the Rain Abbess of the Delight Plane as someone on the same level as the Celestial Sword Saint from their Desolate Plane.

After learning that the figure was the Rain Abbess, both Sha Yun and Xu Zhiping could not help but gasp. They became extremely cautious.

“I don’t want to harass you. You can go!” the Rain Abbess said. She gave off a bearing of authority as she spoke to them without leaving any room for refutation. It was as if she did not take Xu Zhiping and the others seniors at all.

“Rain Abbess, are you protecting the Martial Soul lineage?” Xu Zhiping asked with some reluctance to accept the whole situation. If he let the Martial Soul lineage go, all that awaited his Xu family was endless trouble.

“I give you ten seconds. You can leave safely during that time. After those ten seconds, you can no longer blame me for harassing the weak,” the Rain Abbess said coldly, directly stating an ultimatum. She left no room for negotiation.
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