Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2628: The Strength of the Rain Abbess Two
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2628: The Strength of the Rain Abbess Two

Chapter 2628: The Strength of the Rain Abbess (Two)

“You want to try acting up before me even with your strength? You overestimate yourselves.” The Rain Abbess was surrounded by dense power, blurring her figure and appearance. Only a cold voice rang out.

Faceing Xu Zhiping, Huangfu Guiyi, and Gongsun Zhi’s combined attacks, the Rain Abbess was extremely composed. Her cool, frigid voice was filled with a sliver of disdain towards the three of them.

As a matter of fact, even Sha Yun’s attempt to kill off the Martial Soul lineage seemed like a foolish and hilarious act in the Rain Abbess’ eyes.


Suddenly, thunder exploded loudly in the surging sea of clouds. A huge bolt of lightning shone with illuminating light. It tore through space like a twisting, furious dragon and pierced through the clouds as it travelled directly towards Sha Yun.

The lightning flickered with sparks as if it were covered with a layer of thin hair. Each spark was extremely terrifying. As they danced about, space would become riddled with cracks.

The moment the lightning fell, Sha Yun’s expression changed drastically. He became extremely grim.

Regular lightning could not even touch a hair of his with his cultivation as a peak Third Heavenly Layer Grand Prime. However, this bolt of lightning possessed devastating power that made him shiver. The level of the Laws of Lightning within it had completely exceeded his comprehension of the Way of the Blade.

As a matter of fact, he felt that it was possible that the bolt of lightning was no longer as simple as something condensed from the energy of the world. Instead, it was an attack completely condensed from the Laws of Lightning, making it extremely powerful.

The lightning moved far too quickly, arriving with a single flash. Sha Yun was unable to dodge it despite his great cultivation.

At that critical moment, Sha Yun gave up on attacking the Martial Soul lineage without a second thought. He swung the blade in his hand at the aggressive bolt of lightning using his full strength.

The attack condensed the powerful and ruthless intent from Sha Yun’s Way of the Blade. It had also fused with Sha Yun’s vital energies, so the blade intent that erupted from the attack surged out like a flood, obliterating all the rain nearby.

Sha Yun’s attack was powerful, but the bolt of lightning was even mightier. When Sha Yun’s blade came in contact with the lightning, there was no impact at all. The blade and Sha Yun was completely swallowed up by the lightning.

His attack only managed to make the lightning dim slightly. That was it.


Sha Yun’s cry, perhaps out of fury or perhaps out of agony, rang out from the blinding lightning. In the next moment, he flew backwards out of the lightning. His face had become completely charred, and it was like he had been burnt black.

It was not just his face. All of his exposed skin had become pitch-black as well. Even the god artifact on him had completely dimmed. He gave off a heavy smell of being burnt.

Having endured the bolt of lightning, Sha Yun seemed to run out of energy. He clutched his blade as he laid in the air powerlessly. Sparks constantly flickered on his charged body, and every time that happened, he could not help but jolt a little.

The Rain Abbess had not laid a single finger on him from the beginning till the end, but Sha Yun had already gotten heavily injured.

At the same time, the Rain Abbess did nothing about Huangfu Guiyi and Xu Zhiping’s attacks either. Two swords condensed purely out of rain on her left and right shot towards the two with lightning speed.


A great rumble rang out. The sun that Xu Zhiping had transformed into blazed with solar flames and gave off incinerating heat. However, it was as thin as paper before the rain sword from the Rain Abbess. His sun had been cleaved into two by the sword. When the solar flames condensed from the Laws of the Sun came in contact with the sword of rain, they failed to evaporate the rain. Instead, they were put out.


Blood sprayed from Xu Zhiping’s mouth as his expression changed from the pain. He had been heavily injured after taking a single strike.

At the same time, the other sword of rain collided with Huangfu Guiyi. The river of slaughter he had conjured through his strongest secret technique clearly could not withstand a single blow from the sword of rain. It was slashed into two and gradually vanished from the space there.


The Rain Abbess’ sword did not slow down. It shot right through him, passing by Huangfu Guiyi’s neck as a hazy streak of light under his shocked gaze.

Hot blood spurted out from Huangfu Guiyi’s neck as his head was thrown high up.

Huangfu Guiyi had been beheaded in a single stroke!

Huangfu Guiyi’s eyes were filled with shock. Although he knew the Rain Abbess was very powerful, he had never expected her to be so powerful. Even with his great strength that could basically dominate the Desolate Plane, he was so feeble before the Rain Abbess.

Even though he had been injured already and was nowhere close to his peak condition, he was still a Fourth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime after all. It should never have been bad to the point where his head got cut off in a single strike.

Xu Zhiping paled in fright when he saw Huangfu Guiyi’s head fly off. He ignored his wounds and arrived before Huangfu Guiyi with a flash. He grabbed the body and the flying head, bringing them together again.

“I heard a few protector swords had appeared in the Radiant Saint Hall recently. The protector swords are indeed very powerful, but in your hands, you’re disgracing their names instead.” The Rain Abbess did not even glance at Xu Zhiping and Huangfu Guiyi. She stared right at Godslayer’s sword that Gongsun Zhi swung towards her through the mist and gently shook her head. She raised her hand slowly and caught the sword.

As the protector sword cleaved down with devastating power, the Rain Abbess’ slender hand wrapped around its sharp edge. As if her five slender fingers contained unbelievably great power, they formed a claw and locked down on the two faces of the sword tightly.

Godslayer’s sword suddenly erupted with terrifying power. It was like a tempest, but it failed to harm the Rain Abbess at all.

The Rain Abbess’ hand had erupted with a power no weaker than Godslayer’s sword. They wore down each other.

This was a clash between two supreme powers. Although it was silent and caused no disturbance at all, the pressure was alarming. Xu Zhiping and Huangfu Guiyi were both shocked by it.

“The Rain Abbess actually caught Godslayer’s sword with her bare hands. This…” Huangfu Guiyi’s eyes immediately narrowed when he saw this after his head was reconnected.

Xu Zhiping glanced around and said grimly, “It is the formation. The formation is very powerful. The Rain Abbess seems to have fused perfectly with the formation, allowing her to use its power as she wishes. She was already extremely powerful. Now that she has assistance of the formation, she has become completely unbelievable.”
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    《Chaotic Sword God》