Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2629: The Strength of the Rain Abbess Three
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2629: The Strength of the Rain Abbess Three

Chapter 2629: The Strength of the Rain Abbess (Three)

Having reached such a conclusion, Huangfu Guiyi and Xu Zhiping’s expressions became extremely ugly. At that moment, they realised that if the Rain Abbess did not let them leave, they would probably die right here.

The Rain Abbess had already fused with the formation. Within the formation, she was the absolute ruler. Unless the formation was destroyed, they could not leave. Even the powerful, ancient secret techniques that they knew for fleeing were useless in the Rain Abbess’ formation.

The Formation of Cloudsurge and Rainflood was no ordinary formation. As soon as it was completed, it was equivalent to its own, individual world, separate from outside.

Let alone Xu Zhiping and Huangfu Guiyi, even if they worked with Gongsun Zhi, they would still be nowhere close to destroying the formation given the strength and might that the Rain Abbess had just displayed.

“Y- you actually caught my Godslayer’s sword with your bare hands?” Gongsun Zhi’s shocked voice rang out from the light around him.

He understood the power of Godslayer’s sword. He even knew its origins, which was exactly why he was shocked when the Rain Abbess caught the sword with her bare hands.

After all, Godslayer’s sword was the weapon that the leader of the nine retainers who followed his ancestor in the past had transformed into. His flesh, his cultivation, and all of his vital energies had condensed into the weapon in his hand.

According to the fragments of information he received from the artifact spirit of the Tower of Radiance, he could already guess the leader of the nine retainer’s past cultivation. He was a Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime.

Even though he still could not unleash the full power of Godslayer’s sword with his current cultivation, he refused to believe that the weapon could just be caught bare-handed in such an easy fashion.

“Do you really think that no one can do anything to you just because have this sword? The sword is very powerful, but unfortunately, the person who wields it is far too weak,” said the Rain Abbess with heavy contempt.

With that, her other hand extended out from the power of rain and clouds. It gently pressed towards Gongsun Zhi.

Her palm strike seemed like a gentle breeze. There were no special effects, nor were there any pulses of energy. However, when she struck out, it felt like all the energy in space, or even the world, was contained in the hand.

It was as if the Rain Abbess had not struck out with her hand but with the entire world.

Nearby, Xu Zhiping and Huangfu Guiyi’s faces both hardened. Their eyes immediately narrowed to the size of pins as they stared straight at the Rain Abbess’ hand. As Fourth Heavenly Layer Grand Primes, their senses were extremely sharp. They could sense an invisible power of destruction from the Rain Abbess’ gentle strike. The power was so great that it shocked them.

When the Rain Abbess’ gentle hand landed on the protective light around Gongsun Zhi, the barrier of light with extremely astonishing defence behaved like it had just received a heavy blow. The entire barrier began to cave in.

It was also at this moment that the Rain Abbess’ seemingly harmless hand erupted with supreme power. Like a tidal flood, the power immediately condensed into a rain droplet under the Rain Abbess’ precise control. It took advantage of the concave protective light and suddenly shot out like a sword in an attempt to penetrate Gongsun Zhi’s defences.

If Gongsun Zhi did not have the protection of the protector sword, just the shockwave from the Rain Abbess’ astonishing strike would have been enough to claim his life given his mere cultivation as a Godking.

“Oh no, the Rain Abbess is trying to kill Gongsun Zhi!” Xu Zhiping and Huangfu Guiyi’s hearts immediately tightened at the sight of this. They became worried.

They did not care about Gongsun Zhi’s life. What they really cared about was the promise that Gongsun Zhi had made to them, which was bestowing the remaining protector swords to the juniors in their clans that had become Hallowed Saint Masters.

If Gongsun Zhi died here, everything that they did on the Cloud Plane would have been for naught.

The droplet of rain was like a sharp awl, pushing against the protective light and rapidly deepening.

The powerful defence that Gongsun Zhi took pride in had actually been shaken up by the Rain Abbess.

Gongsun Zhi stared right at the droplet of rain that gradually approached him through the protective light. Sensing the astonishing power within the rain droplet, his face finally changed. He became filled with fear and worry. There was uncontainable dread in his eyes now.

“The light has almost collapsed! It has almost given way! Where did this Rain Abbess come from? H- how is she so powerful? Endure it, endure it. Your have to endure it. Godslayer’s sword, you were the most powerful retainer under my ancestor in the past. You have to endure it. You can’t fail…” Gongsun Zhi began to panic when he finally faced danger. He prayed inside.

At that moment, he could truly feel the threat of death. It made his heart tremble. It made him feel fear.

Moreover, even his Godslayer’s sword had been firmly clamped down by the Rain Abbess. As a result, Gongsun Zhi could not even draw the sword back. He could only watch the protective light from the sword be compressed rapidly while being unable to do anything at all.

The Rain Abbess’ presence continued to rise. The energy within her erupted violently. All of it gathered on the droplet of rain, providing an endless supply of energy to the droplet. Even power from the Formation of Cloudsurge and Rainflood had been poured in such that the droplet of rain did not weaken at all as it became locked in a stalemate against Gongsun Zhi’s protective light. Instead, it grew more and more powerful.

The Rain Abbess had basically ignored Xu Zhiping and Huangfu Guiyi. Instead, Gongsun Zhi had become her greatest target.

The Rain Abbess was enveloped with the power of clouds and rain such that her face was shrouded. Otherwise, they would have discovered that her cold eyes were filled with killing intent.

However, when only a thin layer of the protective light remained, an extremely ancient will seemed to awaken from within the protector sword.

At that moment, Godslayer’s sword in Gongsun Zhi’s hands suddenly seemed to gain life. It had sprung to life.

As the ancient will awakened, Godslayer’s sword suddenly erupted with light. It became even more blinding than the sun in an instant. The protective light that had almost fallen to the Rain Abbess’ attack was replenished by a tremendous energy, rapidly stabilising and slowly pushing back the droplet of rain.

The protective light had returned to its previous state.

Moreover, its defences were now much more powerful than before.

The awakening of the will did not increase the strength of Godslayer’s sword. It only provided the sword with even greater defensive power.

The Rain Abbess snorted coldly. With a single thought, countless bolts of lightning shot over from the Formation of Cloudsurge and Rainflood. Every single bolt was like a dragon as they all moved together. It caused a huge disturbance and created quite a grand scene. All of it landed on the protective light around Gongsun Zhi.

The light endured it all. After being strengthened, it became even more difficult to destroy.
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