Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2644: The Fate of Traitors Two
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2644: The Fate of Traitors Two

Chapter 2644: The Fate of Traitors (Two)

Jian Chen’s expression did not change. He said coldly, “What happened recently makes me hate traitors even more. As long as you’re a traitor, only one fate awaits you, and that’s death!” As he said that, Jian Chen used his fingers as a sword. A sharp strand of sword Qi immediately shot out, stabbing towards the ancestor of the Heavenly Moon Empire’s forehead.

The sharp sword Qi stabbed into the ancestor of the Heavenly Moon Empire’s head mercilessly.

From the very start till the end, the ancestor of the Heavenly Moon Empire did not resist, as he knew that all resistance was pointless. Not only would he still die, but it was also likely for him to infuriate Jian Chen further and hence burden the Heavenly Moon Empire.

Before his death, he could only hope that his sincere feelings could move Jian Chen so that he would spare the Heavenly Moon Empire. Even just leaving behind some members of the imperial family would be enough.

Of course, he did not receive any promise from Jian Chen.

From that moment onwards, the Heavenly Moon Empire no longer possessed a single Primordial realm expert.

A rumble suddenly rang out from the sky. The formation that kept Xu Ran trapped had shattered, exposing her old body surrounded by violent streams of energy.

As soon as she broke free, she looked at the Tian Yuan clan in worry. When she saw how the clan was mostly fine, she immediately let out a sigh of relief.

“I can stop worrying now that you’re here,” Xu Ran said to Yun Ziting and Su Qi before looking into the distance. She could clearly see Qing Shan and Bai Rufeng hunting down the fleeing Primordial realm experts with her vision.

Since the Martial Soul lineage had appeared, it was impossible for her to not know that they had gained the upper hand in the battle in outer space.

“I’ll leave the matters here to you. We plan on providing reinforcements to the other battlefields,” Yun Ziting said to Xu Ran before waving his hand. The bronze shield over the Tian Yuan clan immediately landed in his hands as a streak of light.

It was Yun Ziting who had taken action in that crucial moment, blocking the disaster for the Tian Yuan clan.

“Hehe, aren’t you in need of corpses, eighth junior? Let us help you collect some.” Su Qi giggled before leaving after bidding farewell to him.

In terms of cultivation, Xu Ran was the strongest present. She was even slightly stronger than Yun Ziting, standing at the peak of the Fifth Heavenly Layer.

In terms of battle prowess, Xu Ran was extremely powerful as well. Rarely would she come across an opponent at the same level of cultivation. She could challenge those at higher cultivation levels than her.

However, in terms of killing people quickly, Xu Ran was nowhere close to the Martial Soul lineage.

Yun Ziting and Su Qi left the southern region of the Cloud Plane. They went to the eastern, northern, and central regions that experienced even more intense conflict.

Xu Ran watched over the Tian Yuan clan.

Jian Chen fed another pill to Nubis inside the Tian Yuan clan before taking a step and vanishing from there.

When he reappeared, he had arrived before the young star lord.

As he looked at the calm, fearless young star lord, Jian Chen’s face sank. His gaze became extremely piercing. His surging killing intent seemed like it wanted to invade the young star lord’s flesh, freeze up his blood, and annihilate his soul.

That was how terrifying Jian Chen seemed at this moment.

“What a terrifying gaze.” The young star lord’s heart could not help but shiver. He felt a chilling feeling fill his body as his skin felt like it was being stabbed by countless swords.

That did not mean he was afraid. Instead, it was just a regular reaction towards Jian Chen’s terrifying killing intent. People who were nowhere near as powerful as Jian Chen would feel like this.

This was how an expert could stifle those weaker than them.

In the thousand years that the young star lord had lived, he had seen countless experts before, but this was the first time he had experienced such intense killing intent.

All the experts he met in the past were polite to him, afraid of showing any neglect towards him. They were nothing like Jian Chen, who exposed his killing intent towards him.

“Hahahaha. Jian Chen, you seem to be extremely furious. Although I failed to destroy your Tian Yuan clan with my own bare hands, I feel that it was all worth it now that I see how your present state. At the very least, I know that all the effort I used on your Tian Yuan clan has led to some results.” The young star lord endured Jian Chen’s surging killing intent and scoffed.

“Do you really think I’m afraid of doing things to you just because you have a powerful father? It doesn’t matter who’s son you are today. I’ll still kill you. This is you seeking death!” Jian Chen said coldly. With that, sharp sword Qi immediately condensed on him. Clearly, he was truly ready to kill.

Xu Ran had also arrived beside Jian Chen. She stared at the young star lord for a while before looking at Jian Chen. She could tell with a single glance that Jian Chen was truly ready to kill the young star lord. He was not considering about the Nine Brilliance Star Lord at all.

This made Xu Ran hesitate. She was very furious as well, but she did not let her fury impact her judgment. She knew extremely well that Jian Chen would completely offend the Nine Brilliance Star Lord if he killed the young star lord.

The young star lord was the Nine Brilliance Star Lord’s only child. Even though he was just a foster son, he was still the person that the Nine Brilliance Star Lord was closest to.

However, after hesitating for a while, Xu Ran still decided to let Jian Chen do what he wanted in the end. She did not interfere.

This was because she was one of the few people who knew that the Anatta Grand Exalt was still alive.

“As long as grandmaster is alive, the Nine Brilliance Star Lord won’t be able to create much trouble,” thought Xu Ran.

The young star lord seemed to treat Jian Chen’s words as the most hilarious joke in the world. He could not help but burst out laughing. “You want to kill me? Jian Chen, you probably don’t have that capability, as the person who will be dying today is you, not me.”

With that, the young star lord immediately flipped his hand, and an azure feather silently appeared. He activated the power hidden within it as quickly as he could, without any hesitation at all.

Immediately, a power terrifying to both Jian Chen and Xu Ran erupted from the feather. The terrifying pressure crushed down on Jian Chen like an invisible mountain, making Jian Chen feel his body sink. He found breathing difficult as his actions became abnormally sluggish.

“Be careful!” Xu Ran’s expression changed drastically as she immediately cried out. She had no courage in fending off this attack at all as she faced this terrifying pulse of power. She wanted to escape with Jian Chen.

However, it was already too late. Even though Xu Ran was very fast, the azure feather was even faster. It shone with a dazzling azure light, seemingly bypassing space and shooting towards Jian Chen with terrifying speed that could surpass anything.

Immediately, a flash of azure light illuminated the world. The feather seemed to become the only existence in the world. Before it, space seized up and time froze. Everything fell silent. Only it could move through this quiet space.

This was a strange scene created from being too fast.

The heavy threat of death filled Jian Chen’s entire soul. His pupils immediately shrank to the size of pins, but there was nothing he could do against the azure light. He could only watch it shine with dazzling light as its reflection in his eyes rapidly expanded.

It was simply too fast, so fast that he could not even react in time. He could not use the Laws of Space, nor could he fuse the twin swords. He could only wait as the shade of death rapidly approached him.
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