Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2656: Sovereign Fruit of the Dragon God
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2656: Sovereign Fruit of the Dragon God

The two empires were still members of the Righteous Alliance, so they represented the Righteous Alliance to a certain extent.

In particular, the Xi Empire had a very close relationship with the Tian Yuan clan, so their backing was extremely powerful

This was why the Jinjian Empire had come to the Tian Yuan clan in such a hurry, doing all that they could to ally themselves with the Tian Yuan clan.

They knew extremely well that after they were kicked out of the Righteous Alliance, the only thing that could save their Jinjian Empire was the Tian Yuan clan.

Jian Chen did not want to worry about these ulterior motives at all, so he left it all to Xi Yu to handle. However, just when Xi Yu received the envoys from the Jinjian Empire, the Xi Empire sent over envoys as well. They ended up speaking with Xi Yu individually first.

Of all the times that the envoys from the Xi Empire could pick, they just happened to pick a time like this. As a result, the envoys from the Jinjian Empire were left unsettled and uneasy.

Jian Chen did not pay attention to the conflict between the organisations on the Cloud Plane. Instead, he remained in the forbidden grounds as he carefully inspected Nubis’ wounds.

Nubis had awakened a long time ago. However, his injuries were still extremely severe. It would be very difficult for him to make a complete recovery.

Nubis sat on the ground in his human form. His face was extremely pale and haggard. He seemed sickly.

Jian Chen, Shangguan Mu’er, Qing Yixuan, and Xu Ran were all gathered there. They all frowned as the atmosphere weighed heavily.

Nubis said weakly, “Even though it would be difficult for me to recover, I would still be able to recover if I suffered these injuries under ordinary circumstances. However, I never thought that my bloodline would just happen to evolve at that time. I was heavily injured before I finished evolving, forcefully disrupting the evolution. Not only did it harm my vitality, but even my bloodline was damaged.” Nubis sighed before continuing, “The evolution that I, the great Nubis, have been dreaming of will probably come to a stop here. No matter how much essence I absorb from my clansmen, I won’t be able to make up for the damage to my bloodline.

“Senior Xu, you are a Chaotic Prime, someone in possession of insight and knowledge far greater than what we can ever match up to. May I ask if you know how to heal Nubis’ bloodline?” Qing Yixuan asked. She and Nubis both came from the Tian Yuan continent after all, so they naturally developed a sense of closeness in this foreign land. Now that she saw that Nubis’ bloodline had been damaged, and his evolution had come to a halt, she felt sympathy for him.

Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu’er both looked at Xu Ran eagerly.

Damage to the bloodline was completely different from damage to the body. There were plenty of pills that could heal bodily damage. Even for damage to the soul, they could produce heavenly resources on par with the pills. However, there was nothing they could do about damage to the bloodline.

They did not even know what kind of heavenly resource or what kind of method was required to heal damage to the bloodline.

There were far, far too few examples of damaging someone’s bloodline like what Nubis suffered. It was extremely rare.

And for that reason, the method for healing damage to the bloodline was rare as well.

Xu Ran pondered seriously for a while before shaking her head gently.

Jian Chen could not help but secretly sigh after seeing that even Xu Ran was powerless. Xu Ran’s origins were anything but ordinary. She was technically the Anatta Grand Exalt’s grand disciple. Although she had never been recognised by the Anatta Grand Exalt, what she received was still extremely impressive. She knew many things. Since even Xu Ran did not know the method, Jian Chen’s heart sank with disappointment.

“Nubis, don’t worry. I’ll definitely find a way to heal the damage to your bloodline so that you can keep evolving,” Jian Chen swore. If Nubis’ bloodline could not recover, it meant that a majority of his future accomplishments had been forcefully removed. Such a matter was difficult for any cultivator to accept.

“Master, we know something that can heal Nubis’ bloodline.” At this moment, the voice of one of the sword spirits rang out in Jian Chen’s head again after all this time.

It came from Zi Ying. The moment the voice rang out, Jian Chen shifted his attention to the two of them.

After all this time, Jian Chen discovered that Zi Ying and Qing Suo’s bodies had consolidated further. Moreover, they had become quite a lot more powerful than before.

As their strength recovered, their ability to hide became greater and greater as well. Coupled with Jian Chen’s cooperation, even high level Grand Primes would struggle to discover the existence of the sword spirits if Jian Chen stood before.

“Yeah, master. Not only will this item be able to repair Nubis’ damaged bloodline, but it will even allow his bloodline to change drastically, allowing him to metamorphose,” said Qing Suo.

Jian Chen gathered his attention with that. He immediately asked, “Zi Ying, Qing Suo, tell me what it is called. Where can you get it?”

“It’s called the Sovereign Fruit of the Dragon God. It’s the sacred fruit of the Dragon clan. All members of the Dragon clan can make a complete recovery with it. It’s basically equivalent to a second life. Of course, only members of the Dragon clan can use the Sovereign Fruit of the Dragon God. It will only be detrimental if people not from the Dragon clan ingest it.”

Jian Chen was rather puzzled with that. Since only members of the Dragon clan could use the Sovereign Fruit of the Dragon God, why would it be able to heal the damage to Nubis and allow him to benefit greatly?

However, before Jian Chen could ask, the sword spirits explained, “The path of evolution that Nubis currently walks is towards ancestral dragons. Although he’s nowhere close to being a part of the Dragon clan, his bloodline has parted from the bloodline of the Golden-striped Silver Snakes after several evolutions. He’s gradually approaching the bloodline of the Dragon clan. Of course, if that was it, the Sovereign Fruit of the Dragon God would still be detrimental to him. However, a fruit with Xuanhuang Qi would be a completely different case.”

“Xuanhuang Qi possesses the power of creation. As a result, if the Sovereign Fruit of the Dragon God possesses Xuanhuan Qi, not only will it be able to deal with all of Nubis’ problems, but he’ll even be able to benefit greatly. It will urge on the evolution of his bloodline.”

“I’ve never heard of this fruit before, so where would we find it? Moreover, one that possesses Xuanhuang Qi,” Jian Chen frowned. He was rather troubled.

“Master, you don’t need to worry about this. Remember how there was an entrance to a Xuanhuang Microcosm in the sea realm within the lower world you were in before? As long as you can reach its depths, you’ll definitely find a Sovereign Fruit of the Dragon God,” said Qing Suo.

Jian Chen’s eyes immediately lit up from that. The lower world that the sword spirits mentioned was naturally the one where the Tian Yuan Continent resided in. There was indeed an entrance to a Xuanhuang Microcosm there.

“However, that Xuanhuang Microcosm is of a very high level. There will definitely be extremely powerful Xuanhuang beasts in there. You basically won’t be able to set foot in there without the strength of an Immortal Exalt,” Qing Suo continued. The so-called Immortal Exalt she spoke of was equivalent to Grand Prime of the Saints’ World.
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