Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2657: News about Sacredfeather
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2657: News about Sacredfeather

“It’s not hard to find an Immortal Exalt. I do have a very good person in mind. With that senior’s strength, he’ll be able to roam the Xuanhuang Microcosm uninhibited. However, the Xuanhuang Microcosm only opens once every ten thousand years. It has only been a few hundred years since it last opened, so I probably have to wait for over nine thousand years before I can get the Sovereign Fruit of the Dragon God?” Jian Chen said.

His conversation with the sword spirits completely happened in his mind. With a single thought, he could convey a lot of information. There was no need for him to speak or let anyone else know about their conversation.

“Master, are you speaking of Mo Tianyun?” Zi Ying asked. He and Qing Suo placed a great deal of importance on Mo Tianyun.

“Yeah, senior Mo Tianyun. He’s trustworthy,” said Jian Chen. He was not confident about gaining battle prowess on par with Grand Primes during this period of time. Out of all the experts at that level he knew, he only trusted Mo Tianyun.

Shangguan Mu’er, Qing Yixuan, and Xu Ran saw how Jian Chen remained quiet within the Watercloud Hall, so they all thought he was in sorrow about Nubis. Unfortunately, there really was nothing that they could do about Nubis’ bloodline, so the three of them remained silent as well.

At that moment, the atmosphere within the Watercloud Hall became rather heavy.

But suddenly, the Watercloud Hall began to tremble violently, and this was soon followed by a frantic warning from the artifact spirit, “Oh no, master, someone extremely powerful has intruded.”

Shangguan Mu’er, Qing Yixuan, Xu Ran, and Jian Chen were all surprised. However, before they could respond, a rather young voice rang out, “Hehe, don’t be nervous. I have no ill intentions for coming here. Jian Chen, have you dealt with the recent matters on the Cloud Plane?”

With that, the Heartless Child appeared silently before the four of them.

He was just too powerful. Although the Watercloud Hall was a medium quality god artifact with its artifact spirit intact, it was unable to stop him. As a result, the divine hall posed no obstruction to his forceful intrusion. The artifact spirit could only stare at him powerlessly.

Xu Ran, Qing Yixuan, and Shangguan Mu’er became cautious when they saw the Heartless Child. In particular, Xu Ran became stern.

She understood very well that no ordinary Grand Prime could intrude upon the Watercloud Hall so easily.

The child’s cultivation was truly unfathomable. “So it’s senior who has come to visit. Please forgive me for failing to welcome you.” Jian Chen immediately clasped his fist in greeting. Although he had no idea why the Heartless Child had come looking for him, the child did save his life a few days ago after all.

“Though, may I ask why senior is concerned about whether I’ve dealt with the matters on the Cloud Plane? Is senior in need of me?” Jian Chen continued to ask. He felt curious and puzzled. He believed that the Heartless Child held some ulterior motives in assisting him.

“I’ve come for two matters. The first matter is a piece of news I bring to you. As for the second matter, it’s based off the first. I want you to help me with something small,” the Heartless Child said relaxedly.

“May I ask what senior needs from me? However, my strength is nothing before senior, so I may not be capable of assisting senior.” Jian Chen clasped his fist.

The Heartless Child sniggered. “Jian Chen, don’t belittle yourself. Your strength is indeed nothing before me, but you are an extremely great choice under certain circumstances.”

“You speak too greatly of me, senior.” Jian Chen was extremely modest.

“Alright, let’s not waste any time. I’ll mention what I need help with later. I’ll tell you the news now. Though, due to some reasons, it’s best if other people don’t know about this, so let’s talk elsewhere,” the Heartless Child said indifferently before waving his hand. Immediately, a powerful energy wrapped around Jian Chen. The two of them vanished.

The Heartless Child did not take Jian Chen that far away. They simply arrived in the clouds above the Tian Yuan clan.

The Heartless Child extended a finger, and the sea of clouds before him immediately pulsed. Two snow-white seats and a small, round table extended from the sea of clouds.

Whether it be the seats or the table, they were all condensed from the sea of clouds.

The Heartless Child clearly possessed a great ability to transform things. His techniques were unfathomable, and even just the furniture he condensed from the clouds was far tougher than rock.

Moreover, Jian Chen could sense the complicated power of ways circulating within the furniture, resonating with the world and abiding by some truth of order.

“Please sit.” The Heartless Child gestured towards Jian Chen. He sat down on one of the seats, and with a wave of his hand, a few pieces of spiritual fruit immediately appeared. They gave off quite a fragrance.

He picked up one of them casually and bit into it. “You should be familiar with a kid called Sacredfeather.”

“What? Sacredfeather?” Jian Chen was not particularly attentive at the very start, but he was immediately surprised when he heard the mention of Sacredfeather’s name. His eyes shone brightly, and he asked immediately, “Senior, you have news about Sacredfeather?”

Ever since Sacredfeather left, Jian Chen had received no more news about him. He had no idea how Sacredfeather was doing right now.

The vast Saints’ World was filled with danger; it was a place where slaughter could be seen anywhere. Even Primordial realm experts died regularly, so Jian Chen really was rather worried when Sacredfeather left to roam the Saints’ World as an Overgod.

After all, he and Sacredfeather were closer than ordinary friends. Jian Chen had carried Sacredfather in his arms the moment the latter was born. He had fled for their lives, escaping the pursuit of enemies. They had gone through thick and thin together.

Even though he and Sacredfeather referred to each other as brothers, Jian Chen treated him more like a son.

He had basically raised Sacredfeather alone. That was more than enough to explain the depth of their relationship.

“I do indeed have news about him, but his current situation is not great. He’s in life-threatening danger,” the Heartless Child munched on his fruit as he said with a full mouth.

That seemed to trigger Jian Chen’s most sensitive nerve. He leapt to his feet and said, “Senior, what has happened to Sacredfeather? Where is he right now?”

The Heartless Child glanced at Jian Chen. He was not displeased by Jian Chen’s violent reaction. Instead, he secretly rejoiced. However, he showed none of it. “Calm down. Listen to me first.”

“There’s a miniature world called the World of the Fallen Beast in the remnants of the world where the Spiritsages came from. The Sacredfeather you care about entered the World of the Fallen Beast. Of course, there are plenty of people who go into the World of the Fallen Beast within the ruins of the world where the Spiritsages came from. It would not be a big deal if he entered that place at any other time, but he just happened to choose the wrong time. He ended up creating devastating trouble for himself.”

“The World of the Fallen Beast was created upon the death of an ancient beast that had reached the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Grand Prime, one so powerful that even among the Ninth Heavenly Layer, there would be very few people that could match up to it. After countless years of evolution, the World of the Fallen Beast turned into a miniature world teeming with life.”

“And the entire World of the Fallen Beast is ruled by a race called Darkstar. The Darkstar race are basically the rulers of that world. Sacredfeather has been captured by them.”

Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath and slowly calmed himself down. He frowned as he remained silent. He had never heard of the World of the Fallen Beast or the Darkstar race prior to this. Now that Sacredfeather had ended up in their hands, Jian Chen became extremely worried.
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