Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2684: The Two World Mountains
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2684: The Two World Mountains

Jian Chen became curious when he heard the surrounding discussion. He arrived before He Qianqian and asked, “Miss Qian, what are the Two World Mountains? Are they very frightening?”

“Do you see those mountains outside the barrier? Those are the Two World Mountains, no, strictly speaking, we’re standing in the Two World Mountains right now. Whether it be to the Darkstar race or us outsiders, the Two World Mountains is a forbidden region for us to set foot in, as many Life-devouring Beasts live here.”

“It’s rumoured that the Life-devouring Beasts originate from the power that the Grand Exalt of the Wood Spirits had left behind. Each Life-devouring Beast possesses tremendous vitality. Even if it receives the most fatal of attacks, it can recover immediately through its tremendous vitality, making them almost impossible to kill.”

“Not only do they have great vitality, but they can also devour life force. Once someone is injured by a Life-devouring Beast, the Life-devouring Beast will devour a portion of their life force; this will happen even if it were just a moment of contact. And that’s when there isn’t a great disparity in strength. If the difference in strength is far too great, Life-devouring Beasts can even suck away all the life force of a cultivator from afar,” He Qianqian said sternly. Fear appeared in her icy-cold eyes.

“If we can’t use the teleportation formations, are we forced to cross through the Two World Mountains?” Jian Chen continued to ask.

“That’s right, there are only two paths from here, or returning to the Spirits’ World. However, as all of our great organisations have sent such huge contingents, they will never accept us returning in failure.” He Qianqian’s voice clearly became grim. She understood the horror of the Two World Mountains very well. Without Primordial realm experts, the Two World Mountains were basically hell.

Moreover, even if a Primordial realm expert could set foot here, they would still likely be doomed within the Two World Mountains.

That was because most people who could reach the Primordial realm within a thousand years were early Infinite Primes. The Two World Mountains were a place that could threaten late Infinite Primes.

Afterwards, Jian Chen asked a little more regarding the mountains and gradually gained a clearer grasp of it.

He knew that there were at least several Infinite Prime Life-devouring Beasts in the Two World Mountains. The strongest would be the Life-devouring Beast King. It was so powerful that even the emperor of the Darkstar race could not slay it. As a matter of fact, it could even fend off the emperor of the Darkstar race.

The emperor of the Darkstar race was a supreme figure on par with Chaotic Primes in battle. Even someone like that could not kill the Life-devouring Beast King, which only made it evident just how terrifying it was.

“Life-devouring Beasts are actually so powerful, so wouldn’t we be in great danger by staying here? The barrier is powerful, but it can’t stop those stronger Life-devouring Beasts,” a cultivator asked with a pale face from the Heavenly Crane clan’s group.

“Don’t worry. As long as we stay within the barrier, we won’t be in any danger. Although our Saints’ World paid an astronomical price for an Infinite Prime of the Darkstar race to cast down this barrier, its purpose is not to fend off the Life-devouring Beasts, as they can’t approach this place. The power of the World of the Fallen Beast is extremely dense near the exit, and the Life-devouring Beasts fear the presence of this power very much,” said He Qianqian.

With that, everyone finally eased up a little. At least they knew that the Life-devouring Beasts would not be able to threaten them right now, even if they were terrifying.

No one had come close to expecting such developments. The malfunctioning teleportation formation had trapped everyone here. Although they could leave, they would be returning with failure. They would never be able to raise their heads in their clans again. They would become the jokes among their generation, and even their futures would be affected drastically.

However, if they tried to pass through the Two World Mountains, they could end up staying here forever.

The descendants and disciples of the several dozen peak organisations from the Saints’ World were stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Afterwards, Jin Hong gathered the leaders of all the organisations and discussed their plans together. In the end, they came up with a decision that was infuriating, but they were helpless about it; they decided to wait.

Including the sacrificial soldiers raised through Hundred Tribulations Godking Pills, several hundred thousand Godhood cultivators all waited quietly within the barrier, hoping that the teleportation formation would be repaired as soon as possible.

Jian Chen also sat on the floor, resting with his eyes closed. He did not try to stand out. However, he did understand that the waiting would lead to nothing. With the failure of several teleportation formations, this was clearly a planned event. There was almost no chance that the teleportation formations would be repaired.

The wait lasted for a month. A month later, many people lost their patience. Some of them had as much time as they wanted, so they did not care. However, the sacrificial soldiers did not. They could only live for a hundred years at most. Once the century elapsed, all of them would be dead.

The sacrificial soldiers were the greatest force under their control. Without them, they would be able to do nothing here.

Some people suggested returning to the Spirits’ World, while others boldly suggested travelling through the Two World Mountains. The several dozen leaders descended into an endless argument.

“Is your Hundred Battle clan really that fearful of death? It’s just the Two World Mountains. What is so scary about it that it has made your frightened like this?”

“Hmph, what is the point of saying all this? Why don’t your Greenfields clan stop hiding in the barrier then and step into the Two World Mountains? I would like to see if any of you return alive.”

After several consecutive days of bickering, Jian Chen became rather impatient as well. He said to He Qianqian, “We can’t just keep waiting like this. Miss Qian, may I ask if you have the courage to cross the Two World Mountains with me?”

“Cross the Two World Mountains with you? Heh, where did this kid come from, to be ignorant to the point of even wanting to cross the Two World Mountains? Do you really think you can do whatever you want in the World of the Fallen Beast just because you’re a Godking? Hmph, what a reckless kid.” He Qianqian said nothing. Instead, a young man in yellow walked over and mocked Jian Chen.

Jian Chen knew this young man. He was also the leader of a peak organisation, reaching Godking under the age of a thousand. He would always go looking for He Qianqian when he had nothing better to do. He was one of her courters.

The young man did not take Jian Chen seriously at all. Even though Jian Chen was also a Godking, he had no background. His talent was outstanding, but he was no different from a servant in the young man’s eyes. He directly made his way over to He Qianqian. “Qianqian, you’ve seen it all as well. None of us have anticipated the developments here. I’ve already agreed with over a dozen other organisations to wait here for three more years. If the teleportation formation doesn’t start up again during those three years, we’ll back out of here. You could stick with us.”

He Qianqian shook her head. “If we just back out like this, our Heavenly Crane clan’s status will plummet, and we’ll never be able to raise our heads again. I would rather die here than have that happen. At the very least, we would have died for our clans by falling in battle here. We won’t disgrace our clans.”

“To live is always better than dying. Qianqian, don’t think like that. You need to survive first. Only then is there any possibility for something to happen.” The young man did his best to convince her.

“Enough. Chu Jie, don’t say anything else. Although I, He Qianqian, fear the Life-devouring Beasts, I don’t fear death,” He Qianqian said firmly.

“Sigh. Then do whatever you want.” Chu Jie sighed gently and left in pity.

“Miss Qian, since you’ve already made up your mind, let’s set off now,” said Jian Chen.

He Qianqian glanced at Jian Chen coldly. “Yang Yutian, you must remember that you are crossing the Two World Mountains with me, not me with you. I hope you watch your mouth next time. You may be a Godking, but you still have to bear in mind who’s in charge.”

“Alright, miss Qian,” Jian Chen smiled slightly. He did not mind He Qianqian’s attitude at all.

He Qianqian’s gaze suddenly sharpened. She looked at the hazy mountains and suddenly became extremely determined. “Just our Heavenly Crane clan won’t be powerful enough to cross the Two World Mountains. We need to gather even more strength.”
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