Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2685: Setting Off
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2685: Setting Off

Jian Chen smiled gently. “The supreme prodigies here all experienced fear as soon as the Life-devouring Beasts were mentioned. They are frightened by them, yet miss Qian chooses to advance courageously, opting to face the Life-devouring Beasts by entering the Two World Mountains. Just that courage and boldness alone is enough to determine that miss Qian’s future will be exceptional.”

He Qianqian looked at Jian Chen. Her eyes, cold enough to form a layer of frost, were slightly surprised. “Yang Yutian, you’re rather bold as well. I don’t see any fear or dread in your eyes at all. I wonder why you are so fearless, or what kind of trump card you are hiding that makes you so unafraid of the Life-devouring Beasts.”

He Qianqian continued, “If you are ignorant of the strength and danger that the Life-devouring Beasts pose, then I must warn you. We may have several hundred thousand people here, including many Godkings and sacrificial soldiers, but in the eyes of the Life-devouring Beasts, we are only a slightly larger ant. If we unfortunately come across a Primordial realm Life-devouring Beast, we will probably be annihilated.”

“Of course, if you really are relying on a hidden trump card, I still must warn you that you better off take things seriously. Life-devouring Beasts are far more troublesome than you imagine them to be. Do you really think that whatever you’re hiding is stronger than us, the outstanding descendants and disciples of various peak organisation across the Saints’ World who have practised the greater cultivation methods and battle skills?”

There was a hint of disdain in He Qianqian’s voice. She was slightly haughty.

Her disdain was not directed towards Jian Chen’s strength. Since he could reach Godking within a thousand years, his talent was already no worse than her own. What really made He Qianqian take Jian Chen lightly was his background.

He Qianqian did not say much to Jian Chen. After a solemn warning, she directly went to discuss with the leaders of the other organisations.

As he watched He Qianqian travel into the distance, the corner of Jian Chen’s lips curled up slightly, turning into a gentle smile.

“What? Qianqian, you’re mad! You actually want to cross the Two World Mountains…”

“He Qianqian, calm down. You have no idea how terrifying the mountains are. You mustn’t act recklessly…”

“He Qianqian, the danger in the Two World Mountains exceeds anything that you can imagine. You must not set foot in there…”


Very soon, a series of cries rang out from nearby, followed by the mixed sound of argument. Many leaders did their best to try and convince He Qianqian. Even more people stood there with warped expressions, looking at He Qianqian with hostility.

These people were all reluctant to set foot in the Two World Mountains. They had always tried to convince everyone else and Jin Hong so that everyone would return with them. If they all left together, they would have plenty of excuses to avoid the blame even if they had failed the missions from their clans.

However, if a portion of them chose to cross the Two World Mountains while they chose to retreat like cowards, they would become disgraces.

As a result, He Qianqian’s suggestion of crossing the Two World Mountains led to hostility from some people.

“I’ve already made up my mind. Please set off with me if you are willing to cross the Two World Mountains with our Heavenly Crane clan. If you don’t want to, I won’t force you to do anything,” He Qianqian looked around at the people around her and said loudly. At that moment, she seemed like a female hero, completely fearless of death.

Many people’s faces warped. They looked at one another, stuck between a rock and a hard place.

“The Heavenly Crane clan sure has produced a person of talent. He Qianqian, I admire your courage. I, Sun Zhi, am willing to lead our Sun clan with you. Isn’t it just the Two World Mountains? If this was the Saints’ World, any single great elder from our Sun clan could flatten the entire place. What’s there to be afraid of?” said a middle-aged man boldly.

“There are so many men here, yet we can’t even match up to a woman like He Qianqian? If this makes it out, wouldn’t you all become laughingstocks? He Qianqian, our Man family will attempt to cross the Two World Mountains with you…”

“Don’t forget our Empirelotus Sword sect. The Two World Mountains can’t stop us…”

“The sword in my hand has always wanted to taste the blood of Life-devouring Beasts…”

There were the cowardly, and there were the courageous. Immediately, some people stepped forward while uttering bold and courageous words, standing together with He Qianqian. Powerful battle intent smouldered within their eyes; they were ready to face the Life-devouring Beasts of the Two World Mountains.

“Enough. Stop arguing.” At this moment, a voice rang out, cutting through all the ruckus like a bolt of thunder. The powerful sound wave crushed the vegetation in the surroundings to dust. A few of the weaker Godhood cultivators were deafened as the voice roared through their ears.

Even the souls of the Godkings shook before the powerful sound wave.

The divided groups immediately quietened down to the point where even a pin drop could be heard. Everyone looked in the same direction in shock and fear.

The person who had spoken was Jin Hong. He had maintained an extremely low profile. Even though he was the young master of the Dire Wolf clan and the successor of a Grand Exalt, he did not possess the haughtiness of the supreme prodigies there who were shrouded in light. As a result, even though he was technically the leader of the entire operation, he did not stand out among the crowd at all. He rarely spoke as well, making it very easy to ignore him.

“What a penetrative force…”

“Even with my cultivation, I was stunned by Jin Hong’s voice. Jin Hong is much more powerful than I imagined him to be. He really is the successor of a Grand Exalt after all…”


The various prodigies were silently shocked. Even though they knew Jin Hong was the successor of a Grand Exalt, none of them had witnessed him fight, so they obviously had no idea about his strength. They all knew they had only seen the tip of the iceberg after that bellow.

“Young master Jin Hong, our great elders have specially told us that we are to follow you this time. May I ask what young master Jin Hong is thinking?” said a supreme prodigy.

Jin Hong looked around. He was extremely calm and said, “All of us will cross the Two World Mountains. No one will stay here. Of course, if there is any person who wishes to return to the Spirits’ World, I won’t stop you. However, I will send people to announce how you have deserted us and let everyone know how incompetent you are.”

Jin Hong did not say much, but just those words alone made some of the fearful leaders change in expression. They were filled with resentment towards Jin Hong now.

“You bastard. Jin Hong, how vicious of you!” The expression of Chu Jie, who had mocked Jian Chen earlier, darkened. Jin Hong’s words at the end had cut off all of their paths of retreat.

“Let’s not waste time and set off right now. We have to reach Hundred Saint City as quickly as possible.” With his mind made up, Jin Hong acted swiftly. He immediately gathered everyone and set off towards the area beyond the barrier.
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