Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2686: At a Complete Advantage
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2686: At a Complete Advantage

None of the leaders dared to object to Jin Hong’s orders. That was not only because of his status as the successor of a Grand Exalt. More importantly, it was because they had received orders from their seniors to follow all of Jin Hong’s arrangements during this expedition to the World of the Fallen Beast.

The several hundred thousand people began to move. They determined the direction and slowly approached the barrier a hundred kilometres away.

The power of the World of the Fallen Beast was the strongest within the barrier. As a result, the Life-devouring Beasts would never dare to come close. However, the power of the world would become thin outside the barrier. That would be the territory of the Life-devouring Beasts, which would throw the group into constant danger.

Even though everyone was a Godhood cultivator and could cross a hundred kilometres in the blink of an eye, the distance seemed extremely long right now. Especially when they grew closer and closer to the barrier, some of the prodigies from peak organisations could not help but tremble.

Their fear towards the Life-devouring Beasts had already flooded their minds, causing them to move more and more slowly the closer they were to the barrier.

“Oi, you clans, keep up with the pace. If you fall behind, you might get annihilated when you face the Life-devouring Beasts with your strength alone,” A Godking at the front looked back at the few large groups that had almost fallen behind the majority completely and immediately laughed aloud. Derision appeared in his eyes when he saw the pale faces of the leaders of the groups.

Out of the several dozen leaders, some of them had emerged through blood and death, having undergone devastating trials. They had forged a steel-like willpower, so entering the Two World Mountains obviously did not frighten them.

However, there were also those who were like snowflakes. Through the abundant resources of their clans, they had reached Godking in an extremely short amount of time, but they rarely came close to death through trials and tribulations. Now that they were here, facing the threat of the Life-devouring Beasts, they were obviously scared witless.

“What the hell was the great elder thinking, making me follow all of Jin Hong’s orders? Our Lance Empire is an everlasting empire that has existed since the times of antiquity after all. I’m a mighty prince of the Lance Empire with brilliant talent. I reached Godking in just eight hundred years, and my future accomplishments will be immeasurable, so why must I lay down by life with Jin Hong of the Dire Wolf clan now…”

“Jin Hong, you actually forced me into this. I’ll never spare you…”

“Hmph, does Jin Hong really think he’s invincible after obtaining a Grand Exalt’s legacy, that he can cross the Two World Mountains? He probably hasn’t witnessed the horror of Life-devouring Beasts before. I would like to see how he dies…”

“We should be careful. Once we leave the barrier and come across Life-devouring Beasts, leave Jin Hong to stop them. He thinks he’s so great with his legacy from a Grand Exalt. He’ll get what he has been asking for soon…”

“Remember, do not face the Life-devouring Beasts head-on when you come across them. Let Jin Hong stop them. Once Jin Hong dies, we’ll retreat back into the barrier immediately and return to the Spirits’ World…”

Many of the leaders came up with plans. The light in their eyes all flickered as they stared at Jin Hong at the very front. They gritted their teeth in resentment, but they dared not show it.

“Once we leave the barrier, we’ll be in the territory of the Life-devouring Beasts. We’ll face the danger of attacks at all times. Yang Yutian, you must stick close to me later on. Don’t lose your life here,” He Qianqian communicated with Jian Chen sternly in the Heavenly Crane clan’s group.

Excluding the sacrificial soldiers, Jian Chen was the only Godking aside from He Qianqian within the Heavenly Crane clan’s group. As a result, He Qianqian clearly attached great importance to Jian Chen.

Everyone arrived before the barrier very quickly. Hovering before it, Jin Hong glanced past the mountains outside. He showed no fear, directly stepping through it.

After him were the people from the Dire Wolf clan, ranging close to ten thousand in number.

Following them were the Sun family, Man family, Empirelotus Sword sect, and around another dozen leaders. They crossed through the barrier fearlessly with the people under them as well. They all gave off vigorous battle intent, clearly ready to enter a bloodbath with the Life-devouring Beasts.

“Let’s go!” He Qianqian called out and crossed through the barrier with her group as well.

Close to half of the entire group remained within the barrier. They gazed at the mountains shrouded by grey mist fearfully. They hesitated about stepping through the barrier.

“Haha, just the Life-devouring Beasts have frightened you so much. Cowards like you lot should stay in your respective families obediently and live out the rest of your lives easily. You have no right to set foot in the World of the Fallen Beast…” A prodigy outside the barrier looked at the frightened people inside and snickered fearlessly.

“Hmm? Isn’t that the prodigy of the Chu family, Chu Jie? You’re not injured, are you? Why have you become so pale? And your legs, why are they trembling? You’re a Godking for god’s sake. Can’t you even stand properly?” added another prodigy. He stared at Chu Jie and ridiculed him.

He was the prodigy of the Hai family, Hai Guiyi. The Hai family and Chu family had past grievances, so now that the opportunity to ridicule Chu Jie had presented itself, he obviously could not let it slip.

“Hmph. Hai Guiyi, I’ll let your arrogance slide for now. I would like to see how you die when the Life-devouring Beasts come,” Chu Jie said in resentment. Faced with Hai Guiyi’s mockery, he could only cross through the barrier reluctantly.

Soon, the other prodigies inside the barrier could not endure the insults either after hesitating for a while. Faced with various pressures, they all crossed through the barrier.

All the prodigies who had come to the World of the Fallen Beast had left the barrier now. They stood within the Two World Mountains dominated by Life-devouring Beasts.

“Oh no. The senses of my soul are suppressed. What is this power? My senses are less than a hundredth of their usual capacity.” A cry rang out.

“The senses of my soul are suppressed as well. God dammit, I can only expand my senses to a range of ten kilometres…”

“The senses of my soul are completely useless. It has been firmly locked within me…”


Jian Chen frowned in response to all these cries. He immediately expanded the senses of his soul as well and discovered that even though they were affected, he could still reach a range of a million kilometres.

A range of a million kilometres was more than enough in the Two World Mountains. He could investigate the surrounding situations beforehand and discover any dangers.

“It’s because of the grey mist. Who knows where the mist comes from. You can’t actually disperse it. It looks like the mist is anything but ordinary.” Jian Chen discovered the reason for his suppressed senses of the soul very soon. He did not devote too much attention to the mist. Instead, he began to observe the Life-devouring Beasts.

The senses of his soul had already reached a million kilometres away. However, he had no idea how vast the mountains were, as he still could not find the boundary.

However, many Life-devouring Beasts appeared in the senses of his soul. The Life-devouring Beasts varied in size and shape, appearing in all sorts of forms. Some looked like tigers or leopards, while others seemed like ancient beasts. There were even some that existed as vegetation, fusing with the surroundings perfectly. As a result, it was difficult to discover them.

However, no matter what form they took, the presence they gave off and the pulsing of energy was identical.

“There’s a Life-devouring Beasts rapidly approaching this place twenty kilometres away. Twenty-five kilometres away, there’s a Life-devouring Beast in the shape of a huge tree, several hundred metres in height…” Jian Chen found everything with the senses of his soul.
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