Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2718: A Storm in Darknight City Two
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2718: A Storm in Darknight City Two

Chapter 2718: A Storm in Darknight City (Two)

A series of furious roars rang out from the Darknight City. Afterwards, powerful presences erupted from multiple locations in the city. The pulses of energies from several dozen or maybe even over a hundred Godkings shook up the surroundings, such that a storm immediately began brewing in the ancient city that had been enjoyed peace for so long.

In the next moment, over a hundred Godkings of the Darkstar race flew over. They moved with lightning speed as every single one of them was furious and teeming with killing intent, flying towards the city gates.

This place belonged to their Darkstar race, not to mention that it was a city. They were used to how submissively the outsiders behaved here. Now that someone had suddenly behaved in such an arrogant matter, it was beyond what they could allow.

When the spectating outsiders saw how the situation had developed near the city gates, they all became extremely stern.

“Oh no, it’s developed out of control. Let’s go, let’s go. Let’s leave here quickly, or the Godkings from the Darkstar race will turn to us to vent their anger…”

“Yeah, let’s go quickly, or we might get dragged into this…”

The nearby outsiders communicated with each other secretly. All of them were extremely nervous. No one dared to remain there any longer, all leaving as quickly as they could.

In the blink of an eye, all of the outsiders had vanished from the city gates, leaving only Jian Chen standing there fearlessly and alone. Facing an encirclement of over a hundred Godkings, he remained as composed as ever.

“Our reinforcements are here. You’re dead for sure. Let alone a mid Godking like you, even a peak Godking would be done for today…”

“Once you die, I’ll cut off your head and hang it on the city walls. You cannot be a greater fool for losing your life over a Life-devouring Beast. Though, it’s too late for you to do anything now…”

The two Godkings who watched over the city gates gnashed their teeth behind Jian Chen. They looked at Jian Chen venomously and furiously. Not only did the two of them fail to benefit from the situation at all, Jian Chen had even managed to shatter their high quality saint artifacts. The losses was enough for their hearts to bleed in agony.

“I’m supposed to be doomed just because of these people? That’ll be difficult to achieve. As for taking my head, probably even your supreme Darkstar Emperor can’t achieve that,” Jian Chen said easily and with composure. He did not let his voice spread, so only the two Godkings heard that.

The two Godkings both sneered in response to Jian Chen. They had seen many arrogant people, but they had never seen an outsider as arrogant as him. Let alone seeing one, they had not even heard of one like him before. He was just a measly mid Godking. Even if his battle prowess could rival late Godkings, did he really think he was so great that even the Darkstar Emperor could not kill him?

Just when the two of them wanted to retort him, a huge axe appeared in Jian Chen’s hand.

Jian Chen was unable to bring any god artifacts with him on his trip to the World of the Fallen beast this time, but he did bring a few saint artifacts. Coupled with the many Space Rings he had collected from the corpses of sacrificial soldiers, he carried quite a few supreme quality saint artifacts and high quality saint artifacts on him currently.

Jian Chen wielded the axe with both hands. The huge axe was the size of a shield, matching his disguise as a burly man. As the Laws of Strength revolved around him, he suddenly swung the huge axe and even left a white mark on the space there.

This time, he directly attacked to kill. With his cultivation and comprehension at mid Godking, combined with a sliver of physical strength from his Chaotic Body, his swing of the axe had reached the limits of Godking, only just below the Primordial realm.

If he only used cultivation and comprehension at mid Godking, he would not have been as terrifying, but if it was combined with the physical strength from the Chaotic Body, even if it was just a tiny sliver, his attacks would become extremely terrifying among Godkings.



The tremendous pressure firmly immobilised the two Godkings. Before Jian Chen’s axe, they could not dodge at all, let alone fight back. There was a splash of red and their heads had been chopped off by the axe. The explosive power in the axe crushed their souls like dry leaves.

“My comprehension of the Laws of Strength has actually increased slightly.” After killing the two of them, Jian Chen’s eyes lit up.

His legacy of the Laws of Strength came from one of the eight experts sealed underground on the Desolate Plane. The golden core of laws purely condensed from the Laws of Strength still resided in his soul. Once he completely absorbed the golden core of laws, it was extremely likely that his comprehension of the Laws of Strength would reach the Primordial realm.

However, just earlier when he used his Laws of Strength that had only been comprehended up to mid Godking, he could clearly feel that he had absorbed a tiny sliver of the golden core of laws.

“Does fighting with my full strength using the Laws of Strength increase my comprehension of it?” Jian Chen thought. He instinctively glanced at the axe in his hands and his transformed figure. He seemed to understand something.

“Is that so? The saint artifact I’m using right now and my stature is most suitable for unleashing the Laws of Strength. They are highly compatible with the Laws of Strength, which allows me to comprehend the Laws of Strength with much greater ease. Although I also used the Laws of Strength to fight in the past, that was in a different state, which was why I didn’t sense something like this,” Jian Chen thought.

“You’re looking to die!”

A furious bellow rang out in the sky. Several dozen Godkings of the Darkstar race had already arrived above the walls. Every single one of them surged with power and killing intent as their pressure flooded the surroundings. Clad in armour, they launched attacks from afar using the high quality or supreme quality saint artifacts in their hands.

The sky lit up. Sword Qi, blade Qi, spears of light and various other energy attacks rained down like a storm, all targeting Jian Chen.

At the same time, the sky gave off a pressure that originated from the world as a powerful energy charged up. A Godking of the Darkstar race was using a battle skill.

Jian Chen kicked the ground and a great force made it shake violently. Afterwards, a huge piece of earth around three hundred meters across flew up from the ground. All of the powerful attacks landed on this flying piece of earth, shattering it to pieces and filling the air with dust.

Jian Chen took advantage of this to fly forwards and dodge all the attacks with great agility, appearing below all the Godkings. Afterwards, he shot off into the air like a cannonball with the huge axe in hand, immediately appearing beside a mid Godking. Wielding the axe with both hands, he erupted with the Laws of Strength and swung down.


Jian Chen attacked with lightning speed. The power in the axe was utterly terrifying. With a swing, he chopped through the mid Godking’s high quality saint artifact armor, through the various obstacles until he was bisected. After the axe had passed through his body, a sliver of the Laws of Strength remained behind, not only turning his body to mush, but also shaking his soul to pieces.

In just a single stroke, a mid Godking had died!

The death of a mid Godking posed as a heavy psychological blow to the members of the Darkstar race. It was much more shocking than the deaths of the three early Godkings, which had stunned many of the Godkings. They hesitated as a result as they instinctively took a step back.

After all, killing an early Godking with a single strike was completely different from killing a mid Godking with a single strike.

“What’re you afraid of? He’s alone. Are we supposed to be afraid of him with so many of us? Everyone get him together. He’s so powerful, so we can’t let him live. Once we kill him, the seventh hall master will definitely rewards us,” a mid Godking from the Darkstar race called out from the crowd.
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