Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2719: A Storm in Darknight City Three
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2719: A Storm in Darknight City Three

Chapter 2719: A Storm in Darknight City (Three)

As soon as they heard about a reward from the seventh hall master, the eyes of many Darkstar race Godkings lit up.

They knew the seventh hall master disliked the outside cultivators. He was the one who hated the outsiders the most among the ten hall masters of the entire Darkstar race. If it were not for the fact that the Darkstar Emperor and some other hall masters allowed the existence of these outsiders and that their Darkstar World still needed to trade with these outsiders to obtain some resources from the Saints’ World, the seventh hall master probably would have massacred all the outsiders in the Darkstar World already.

Although the upper echelon of the Darkstar race allowed the outsiders here, that was under one condition, that the outsiders could not be too powerful. If they were just early Godkings, the Darkstar race would not care.

However, once mid Godkings began appearing among the outsiders, the Darkstar race would begin taking them seriously.

Late Godkings would become targets that the Darkstar race had to kill. Regardless of being independent cultivators or coming from a large organisation, the Darkstar race could not allow the existence of any late Godkings.

This was because the suppression from the laws in the Darkstar World was nowhere as great on the outsiders compared to the Darkstar race. As a result, it was much easier for outsiders to break through to the Primordial realm than members of the Darkstar race.

Who knew when an outsider late Godking would reach the Primordial realm. Once Primordial realm experts began appearing among the outsiders, they would pose a great threat to the Darkstar race.

The Darkstar race could not allow even the slightest chance for this to happen. The upper echelon of the Darkstar race all agreed to kill all outsider late Godkings they came across without mercy, regardless of the consequences.

Although the cultivation that Jian Chen displayed was not at late Godking, he was far more terrifying than any late Godking in the eyes of the Godkings of the Darkstar race.

He possessed battle prowess no weaker than late Godkings despite being a mid Godking. Once he did break through to late Godking, wouldn’t that mean that basically no one below the Primordial realm could deal with him?

Someone like that was just too terrifying!

Eight Godkings around Jian Chen took action. They were all mid Godkings and had already agreed on the method to deal with Jian Chen secretly. As soon as they moved, they fell into a killing formation.

The power of their souls surged out violently, interlinking and creating a formation composed purely of the power of their souls.

They created the formation extremely quickly, completing it in a split second. They were so fast that even late Godkings would not be able to react in time.

The power of their souls wove together and formed a mental cage in the air which suddenly fell down, trapping Jian Chen’s soul.

Jian Chen only felt the landscape around him change. In the next moment, the Darknight City and all the Godkings around him vanished.

Jian Chen only felt like he had arrived in a world of darkness. It was utterly pitch-black. In that moment, his soul seemed to be trapped there, not only minimising his senses of the outside world, but also gradually weakening his control over his body.

“This formation can actually trap the soul. Once the soul’s completely trapped, it can be separated from the body. If I don’t put up any resistance, I’ll be utterly helpless. I never thought the Darkstar race would possess such a strange formation,” Jian Chen frowned as he raised his guard a little.

He obviously was not afraid of a formation powered by Godkings. It was impossible to trap his soul which had reached the Primordial realm. However, if it involved multiple Infinite Primes, Jian Chen had no confidence in being able to oppose it.

“Seems like I need to be a little careful with the Infinite Primes of the Darkstar race I face in the future. At the very least, I need to guard myself against this formation,” Jian Chen thought. He was in no hurry to burst out of the formation. Instead, he closely inspected the wonders of the formation, to avoid suffering too heavily at the hands of Infinite Primes in the future.

Jian Chen’s eyes shone brightly, emitting streaks of visible right. He had pushed the power of his soul to the limit, allowing him to fuse with the world and merge with the laws, peering into the formation to the best of his ability.

Having reached the Primordial realm, his comprehension of the laws of the world had attained a certain level. Although it was nowhere close to Grand Primes, or Grand Exalts who could peer into the deepest secrets of the world, he could still derive some rough information by doing this.

“This is the Meteor Soul-destroying Formation. They’ve actually grasped this supreme secret technique, the Meteor Soul-destroying Formation…”

“This is a supreme secret technique that the ancestors have passed down through the ages. There’s less than one percent of our entire race that can grasp the Meteor Soul-destroying Formation…”

“He’s been trapped by the Meteor Soul-destroying Formation. His soul’s been separated from his body, so he can’t sense anything right now. Quick, everyone get him together and kill him…”

The Godkings of the Darkstar race yelled out at the entrance of the Darknight City.

At the same time, the gazes of the eight Godkings in the formation suddenly sharpened. They yelled out together, “Die!”

As they yelled out, a huge sword condensed purely from the power of souls suddenly appeared, tearing through Jian Chen’s external defences and directly landing on his soul.

The attack was so great that even late Godkings would have been heavily injured, much less mid Godkings.

“Is this called the Meteor Soul-destroying Formation? It’s more like a powerful secret technique than a formation. However, this secret technique is wondrous. Once it’s been successfully used, it’s basically impossible to defend against. The only method to deal with this is to use a similar attack. I only have two attacks, the secret techniques of the Martial Soul lineage and the Profound Sword Qi, that can deal with this secret technique.”

When the huge sword slashed down, Jian Chen stopped peering. With a thought, the formation created by the eight mid Godkigns shattered. Even the huge sword condensed from the power of souls collapsed.

With the destruction of the formation, the eight Godkings suffered a tremendous backlash. They all shuddered and their faces immediately paled, as they began to totter in the air. They almost fell out of the sky.

The Meteor Soul-destroying Formation was powerful. It could directly attack the soul regardless of any defences. However, the formation also had a fatal weakness, which was a tremendous backlash if they underestimated their opponent and used it on someone with a soul much more powerful than their own. It could even lead to harming their own souls.

“Y- you…” The eight Godkings were all frightened. They looked at Jian Chen surprise and fear as their faces were filled with disbelief.

Others might not have known what happened earlier, but the eight of them knew exactly what had happened. They discovered that Jian Chen’s soul was unbelievably powerful despite only exhibiting the cultivation of a Godking. It had even reached the level that could cause them dread.

This was not a soul that a Godking should have possessed!

Suddenly, the same thought that sent chills down their spine filled all of their heads.

However, Jian Chen did not give them the time to think about it. He swung his huge axe eight times consecutively and killed off all eight Godkings.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》