Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2725: Finally Breaking Through
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2725: Finally Breaking Through

Everyone deeply agreed with what Xue Sha had said. The entire upper echelon of the Darknight City had witnessed the battle prowess of this outsider, which made them all fearful. There were even some of them who had become slightly disturbed. They obviously wanted to kill him quickly and relieve themselves of this future problem.

He was just a mid Godking, yet the one hundred nad eight kings were required to deal with him. If he broke through to late Godking, probably even the powerhouse recognised publically as the strongest in the Darknight City, Bai Jin, would not be his opponent.

His strength had already struck fear into the hearts of some of the important figures of the city.

To the other side, in the sky above Darknight City ravaged by energy, Jian Chen’s wounds became more and more numerous. He had even been pierced all the way through a few times, from his chest to his back. Under the combined efforts of the six kings, his resistance became more and more powerless, while his vitality became weaker and weaker as well. He was like a candle in the wind, about to be extinguished at any moment.

Now, all of the cultivators within Darknight City, whether it were the small portion of the outsiders or the clansmen of the Darkstar race, paid close attention to the intense battle in the air from afar.

“Look, the outsider’s going to lose. Hmph, there’ll only be death if you oppose our Darkstar race.”

“The outsider really must be sick of living to come to our Darkstar City and make a mess. He well and truly deserves to die.”

Similar remarks were made in various places across the Darknight City. They did not even try to keep their voices down. They were all mocking the outsiders.

Within a large courtyard in the city, a middle-aged man who seemed like a caretaker said to the dozen or so outsiders in front of him with his arms crossed, “As long as you outsiders play your roles as servants obediently among our Darkstar race, you obviously won’t be mistreated. But if you even think of being impudent, that will be your fate.” The middle-aged man pointed at the sky arrogantly.

“Yes, yes, yes. You don’t have to worry at all, sir caretaker. We won’t forget our statuses. We will do what we are supposed to do obediently. We won’t cause you any issues, sir caretaker.”

The dozen or so outsiders were not exactly powerful. The strongest was only an early Overgod. Lectured by the middle-aged man, all of them were servile. They would not even think about opposing him.

Only once the middle-aged man had left would they be brave enough to gaze into the distance. They showed sympathy and regret, even some sorrow.

The sorrow was similar to the feeling when an acquaintance died.

A while later, the strongest among them, the Overgod, said, “Let’s go and work. With our strength, we won’t be able to interfere with a battle on that level.”

These cultivators from the outside world seemed rather quiet. In this foreign land, especially where they would be harassed by the Darkstar race, they would feel a sense of familiarity and concern for every outsider they came across. Now that they saw that another member of their race was about to die in this battle against the experts of the Darkstar race, they all felt rather depressed.

“Once I become a Godking, I’ll leave this damned place. I don’t want to stay here any longer,” among them, a plump woman with a face covered in scars said.

She was originally a woman of quite some beauty, but in order to protect herself better among the Darkstar race, she was forced to become like this.

At the same time, in a corner within the Darknight City, an old man sat in an unremarkable inn and sipped on some alcohol. He was also an outsider, an early Godking.

“Sigh. If the Hundred Saint City still remained, our lives would be better, but now that it’s been destroyed, we who come from the Saints’ World have nothing to rely on anymore,” the old man sighed and shook his head. He seemed rather worried as he murmured, “This time, the city lord’s estate has actually tasked me with hunting down a Godking Life-devouring Beast, or I’ll be in for trouble. But you can’t just order me to kill a Godking Life-devouring Beast and expect it to be done.”

“It’s just that the way out has already been sealed off by the Darkstar race. I can’t even leave here when I want to. I just wonder how much longer this old life of mine can last here.”

The old man suddenly gazed in the direction of the battle and also showed pity, “If the Hundred Saint City still remained, it would be impossible for him to die. At least he won’t die in Darknight City. But now, sigh.”

A heavy thud suddenly rang out from the sky. The Heavenly Fist King punched down, landing the attack on Jian Chen’s chest and punching him out of the air. He struck the ground heavily.

“The Sword Splits Yin and Yang!” The Sword Wielding King also launched an attack, using a battle skill. The sword in his hand became several dozen meters long, falling with a mighty pressure. He planned on killing off Jian Chen with this one last attack.

However, when the sword had only travelled half way, the ground of the Darknight City suddenly shook and a powerful presence that belonged to a late Godking erupted out.

“Hahaha, so that’s all the one hundred and eight kings of the Darknight City offer? You’ve mobilised six kings and you’ve failed to kill me, instead assisting me in breaking through!” Jian Chen’s voice rang out from the ground. Laws of Strength that were several times greater than before condensed in the air.

“Oh no!” The Sword Wielding King, the Heavenly Fist King, the Dark Shadow King, the Swift Wind King, the Proud Ice King and the Earth Quaking King all changed in expression. All of them became rather stern in that moment.

He had actually broken through. Who would have thought that in this moment before death, the outsider had actually broken through?

He was already so difficult to deal with as a mid Godking, so now that he had become a late Godking, it would be unthinkable.

At the same time, Bai Jin’s expression suddenly changed within the city lord’s estate. He became extremely solemn. Beside him, the expressions of the vice city lords and everyone else turned ugly as well.


Suddenly, an ear-piercing sound rang out. A huge axe, wrapped in the Laws of Strength, flew out from the ground with lightning speed, colliding with the Sword Wielding King’s falling sword.


The Sword Wield King’s sword produced a crisped sound as it was launched away like a rock. There was a tiny crack on its surface.

Sensing the existence of the crack, the Sword Wielding King was taken aback drastically. He was in disbelief.

Due to the extraordinary quality of his sword, it was greater than most supreme quality saint artifacts despite also being a supreme quality saint artifact. It could be regarded as a half-god artifact. Even the city lord, Bai Jin, would struggle to leave a mark on the sword.

But now, the sword had actually cracked from a single axe swing, which made him terrified.

Jian Chen shot into the air like an arrow. He arrived before the Sword Wielding King immediately and the Laws of Strength surged around his fist. His punch pierced through the air, flying towards the Sword Wielding King’s chest.

Compared to before, both the speed and strength of his punch had become far, far greater. It tore through everything like a hot knife through batter, collapsing the protective light around the Sword Wielding King, crushing his armor and caving in his chest.

Spurt! Blood sprayed into the air from the Sword Wielding King’s mouth and his face immediately paled. He was launched away.

Jian Chen showed no mercy now that he had the upper hand. He strode through the air, catching up to the Sword Wielding King in just two steps. He spread out his hand out into a palm, slamming it towards the Sword Wielding King’s head.

The Sword Wielding King used both hands to block in a hurry, but as soon as they made contact with Jian Chen’s hand, they were crushed. Jian Chen’s hand continued onwards without the slightest hindrance, landing on the Sword Wielding King’s head mercilessly.

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    《Chaotic Sword God》