Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2726: The Power to Destroy a City I
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2726: The Power to Destroy a City I

Chapter 2726: The Power to Destroy a City (I)


With a crisp sound, the Sword Wielding King’s head exploded violently, as if Jian Chen had just crushed a watermelon to pieces.

The Sword Wielding King of the one hundred and eight kings of Darknight City had died!

Having broken through to late Godking with the Laws of Strength, Jian Chen seemed like he had stepped into a completely different realm. His battle prowess had increased by more than just several times over. It was on a completely different level compared to before.

Before breaking through, he even struggled against the Proud Ice King who was weaker than the Sword Wielding King. Now that he did broken through, he dealt with the Sword Wielding King effortlessly.

Of course, the Laws of Strength was not the complete reason why he was able to achieve this. The most important reason was because he could now use a little more power from the Chaotic Body by using his breakthrough as a cover.

He was able to challenge those at higher cultivation levels as a mid Godking, which had given the people of Darknight City a deep impression of his extraordinary strength. Now that he had reached late Godking, it did seem reasonable for his performance to be even more extraordinary than before.

Watching the Sword Wielding King’s corpse fall out of the sky, the Proud Ice King, Heavenly Fist King, Earth Quaking King, Swift Wind King and Dark Shadow King were all slightly stunned. All of them stared at the Sword Wielding King’s corpse in shock as disbelief flooded their eyes.

“The Sword Wielding King, the Sword Wielding King’s dead. T- that’s impossible… impossible…” The Proud Ice King was at a loss. The Sword Wielding King was definitely stronger than him, yet he had been slain right off the bat. This made his heart churn as he struggled to accept this reality.

“The outsider’s only broken through to late Godking, so how has his strength increased by so much?” The Proud Ice King was unable to understand how Jian Chen could be so much more powerful despite also being a late Godking.

After all, the Proud Ice King was among the best of the best among late Godkings, one of the one hundred and eight kings of Darkstar City.

Yet, against this outsider who had just broken through, he was actually so pitifully weak despite being one of the hundred and eight kings, a status he took pride in.

For that moment, the death of the Sword Wielding King made the Proud Ice King, Earth Quaking King, Heavenly Fist King, Dark Shadow King and Swift Wind King stop their attacks. All of them had witnessed how the Sword Wielding King had been easily struck down by Jian Chen, unable to put up a fight at all. Jian Chen’s strength had made them rather fearful.

They could not defeat this!

They had stopped their attacks, but Jian Chen had no plans to show them mercy. His gaze locked onto the weakest among them, the Proud Ice King. The Proud Ice King was the expert who had attacked him first!

The Proud Ice King’s heart tightened for some reason when Jian Chen looked over. When he saw Jian Chen’s icy-cold gaze, teeming with killing intent, the Proud Ice King’s expression immediately changed in fright.

In that moment, he lost all the pride and dignity that a king was supposed to possess. He lost his condescending aura from before as well. Instead, he became more like a stray dog, scurrying back to the city lord’s estate without any interest to keep fighting.

The Proud Ice King had witnessed exactly how the Sword Wielding King had died. Even someone as strong as the Sword Wielding King could not withstand three attacks, so where would he find the courage to clash with Jian Chen?

Jian Chen’s gaze was cold. He did not tend to his wounds, so he remained covered in blood. He seemed just like a god of death who had emerged from hell.

He took a step and immediately shot forward several hundred meters. At the same time, he punched out and surging Laws of Strength condensed from the air, smashing towards the Proud Ice King.

The punch seemed to break space, making the space there ripple, while the terrifying power in the punch seemed to pierce through space, directly landing on Proud Ice King’s back who had already fled to several hundred meters away.

With another thud, terrifying power shook up the space there. The Proud Ice King’s armor shattered as the Laws of Strength entered his body, tearing his organs to shred immediately. Even a part of his body had been crushed.

The punch was just too powerful, so powerful that it could no longer be endured with a body of flesh. Even though these Godkings no longer possessed bodies that were just flesh, they were still like paper before Jian Chen’s Laws of Strength after breaking through.

The Proud Ice King let out a grunt and his face immediately became sheet-white. He fell out of the sky powerlessly like a broken kite.

Jian Chen moved. His bloody, burly body shot off like a cannonball, producing booms as he tore through the air. He moved just too quickly.

He arrived before the Proud Ice King in a single moment. He did not use any tricks, just raising his fist and throwing a simple punch at the Proud Ice King’s head. It was a violent and brutal attack.

“No…” The Proud Ice King roared out in despair. His despair was also filled with refusal to accept the current situation. He had just comprehended a God Tier Battle Skill and consolidated his position as one of the one hundred and eight kings. What awaited him in the future was fame and prestige, respect and glory. He refused to just die like this.

However, there was no longer anything he could do against Jian Chen’s brutal punch.

Jian Chen’s punch fell and so did the Proud Ice King!

It had only been five seconds since Jian Chen broke through in those desperate straits, yet the Darknight City had lost the Sword Wielding King and Proud Ice King.

The two kings had been slain so quickly that many people in Darknight City had yet to return to their senses. Only when Jian Chen attacked the third king, the Heavenly Fist King, did the various spectators in the distance realise what had happened, immediately leading to an uproar.

The people of the Darkstar race all showed fear. The deaths of the two kings pained them. It was sorrowful. At the same time, it made them feel like the sky had collapsed.

As for the few outsiders, all of them roused with excitement, beaming with joy. All of them were forced to behave submissively in the Darkstar World, frequently harassed by the Darkstar race. Now that a companion of theirs from the same world had shown off his great powers, cleanly killing two great kings, all of them were overjoyed.

“One hundred and eight kings of the Darknight City, kill this person immediately.” At the same time, Bai Jin’s frigid voice boomed out from the city lord’s estate. His resolute voice demonstrated his determination for Jian Chen to be dead.

Against such a powerful outsider, their Darkstar race had to kill him off completely even if they needed to mobilize an entire city.

This had already crossed the Darkstar race’s absolute bottom line of tolerance for outsiders.

Even before Bai Jin had passed down his order, the kings hidden in various places within the Darknight City had already begun moving. They all emerged.

At the same time, all thirty-six lords of Darknight City appeared as well. All of them surged with power, brimming with killing intent, gathering in the city lord’s estate.

“This person is much stronger than we imagined him to be. If we send the hundred and eight kings to deal with him, it’ll come at a great cost even if we achieve victory in the end. City lord, the thirty-six of us should move as well,” a young man among the thirty-six lords said. He had never been as stern before, clearly having witnessed the battle earlier through the senses of his soul.

“The Sword Wielding King and Proud Ice King are already dead, so the Formation of the Hundred Kings can no longer be used. The thirty-six lords should cast down the Heaven’s Net Formation. That’s the only way to minimise our losses when killing him,” said a beautiful woman in black among the third-six lords.
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