Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2750: Emergency in Hundred Saint City
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2750: Emergency in Hundred Saint City

“The entire medicinal garden is divided into eleven regions. The regions are separated from one another with formations. The formations for the regions of the ten divine hall are powerful enough to stop attacks from Infinite Primes of the Sixth or even Seventh layer, while the formation in the centre is the strongest. It would take quite the effort even for Ninth Heavenly layer Infinite Primes to get through it.”

“The formations might be powerful, but in order to lock in the energy of the medicinal garden, these formations have been cast down using the methods of the Saints’ World. The energy that the formations absorb completely originates from divine crystals. Once these divine crystals run out, or the rate of depletion exceeds the replenishing rate, even the most powerful formations will collapse on themselves.” Jian Chen carefully inspected the formation in front of him outside the medicinal garden as his lips gradually curled into a smile.

He had already seen it through. Although the formation in the centre of the medicinal garden could stop attacks from Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes, it clearly did not have enough energy to last too long against attacks like that. As a matter of fact, from how the formation was set up, the rate at which the formation replenished energy was far lower than the rate at which a stronger Infinite Prime could deplete it.

As a result, the formation would only be able to withstand a few heavy attacks before collapsing due to running out of energy.

After all, this was the Darkstar World and not the Saints’ World. If this was the Saints’ World, powerful formations like this would be able to absorb energy endlessly from the sea of stars, so that it would constantly operate. They would be extremely difficult to destroy without absolute strength.

“The energy that the Fruit of Nurturing Ways requires to evolve is so tremendous that it’s several hundred times or even thousands of times greater than usual. This time, it’ll really be painful for us.” Dou Wujin seemed to be in pain as he sensed the depletion rate of energy in the medicinal garden from behind Jian Chen.

“Normally, we basically only replenish the divine crystals every decade, but at this rate, we probably have to replenish them every ten days now. And, who knows just how long it’ll take before the Fruit of Nurturing Ways finishes evolving.”

“Let’s not talk about that for now. There’s only enough energy in the medicinal garden for a few hours. Let’s replenish the divine crystals quickly,” said Tarot. Afterwards, with a wave of his hand, a large pile of divine crystals immediately appeared out of nowhere, forming quite a pile on the ground in front of him.

Most of the divine crystals were at the supreme grade, with a few coloured divine crystals. They were basically all one or two-coloured. If all of them were converted to supreme grade divine crystals, there would be at least a hundred million of them there.

Afterwards, Dou Wujin and Bing Yuan took out all of the divine crystals in their Space Rings as well.

The vice hall masters of the divine halls would personally come and replenish the divine crystals every ten years, so the three of them possessed quite a lot of divine crystals on them. It was enough to fully replenish the medicinal garden once at the very least.

With that, Jian Chen also looked through Kun Tian’s Space Ring. When he had first obtained the Space Ring, he discovered a large number of divine crystals in there, stacked together as a messy pile in an inconspicuous corner like garbage.

Jian Chen was perplexed by this in the very beginning. He had no idea why a Primordial realm expert like Kun Tian would carry around such a large pile of divine crystals that were utterly useless to him. He could not use them for cultivation, and even if they were for exchange with the outsiders, there was no need for him to stoop to such a low level of hoarding divine crystals with his esteemed status as a hall master.

However, Jian Chen understood now. As it turned out, Kun Tian’s divine crystals were for the medicinal garden as well.

Moreover, when he extended the senses of his soul, he discovered that the ninth other hall masters all carried a large quantity of divine crystals on them too.

Afterwards, Bing Yuan replenished the crystals. He opened a crucial point of the formation and poured all the divine crystals in there.

Replenished, the formation in the crucial point immediately began to operate swiftly. It sucked out the energy from the divine crystals rapidly, keeping a small part of it for itself so it could continue operating and channeling the rest into the medicinal garden.

The Fruit of Nurturing Ways seemed to possess a certain level of intelligence. Upon sensing the increase in energy, its absorption rate immediately reached a new level.

This directly led to a fierce storm of energy in the medicinal garden. The Fruit of Nurturing Ways plundered the energy across the entire medicinal garden. It was like a bottomless hole, not only sucking energy from its own region, but even from the ten other regions as well.

The rate at which the Fruit of Nurturing Ways absorbed energy increased once more. Now, the divine crystals that originally could last ten days could only last five.

Sensing this, the three vice hall masters behind Jian Chen and the ninth hall masters in the other regions all became extremely stern.

“Oh no, the Fruit of Nurturing Ways is absorbing energy much faster than we originally anticipated. The divine crystals we’ve accumulated over these years probably won’t be able to sustain it for too long.”

The senses of the souls of many Primordial realm experts intertwined in the air as they communicated.

“Who knows how long the Fruit of Nurturing Ways will take as well. At this rate, all of the divine crystals from our ten divine halls can probably only last for a month. After that, we can only just watch as the Fruit of Nurturing Ways fails its evolution.”

“If the evolution fails, the entire tree will be destroyed. As a result, it has to succeed this time. I’ll return to my divine hall immediately and order my people to collect as many divine crystals as possible.” This came from the seventh hall master, Getti.

“Yeah, let’s go back. We need to exchange for some divine crystals as well, or our medicinal garden will probably shrivel up.”

The hall masters all began to make their return with their vice hall masters.

At the same time, a Godking of the Darkstar race stood before the teleportation formation anxiously in the square before the seventh divine hall in the capital city, waiting for his hall master’s return.

The Godking was a general that the seventh hall master had sent to the Hundred Saint City.

Beside the general were a few other Godkings who served in the seventh divine hall as officials.

“General Guan, what’s happened with the Hundred Saint City, seeing how you’ve personally come to report to the hall master?” One of the Godking officials smiled gently.

However, the Godking who had been referred to as general Guan was in no mood to make idle talk. He only stared at the teleportation formation anxiously as he said, “Just when is the hall master returning?”

“General Guan, don’t worry. The hall master normally never leaves for too long. He should be back very soon.”

As soon as he finished talking, there was a blinding flash of light from the teleportation formation and the seventh hall master emerged with his two vice hall masters.

The hall masters of the nine other divine halls returned as well in the mean time.

“Hall master, you’ve finally returned.” Getti’s return immediately made general Guan’s face light up. He rushed over to Getti and said, “Hall master, there’s bad news. Large numbers of outsiders have suddenly appeared near the Hundred Saint City. They’re leading a large number of Godkings to attack the city. The city is in desperate need of reinforcements.”
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    《Chaotic Sword God》