Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2751: Jian Chen Makes Trouble
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2751: Jian Chen Makes Trouble

When he heard that, Getti who had just left the teleportation formation and was now making his way to the seventh divine hall could not help but stop. He squinted his eyes as his lips gradually curled into a playful smile, “They really do keep trying even after being defeated. This hall master has already ordered for the teleportation formations to be sealed off, which has cut off the possibility for them to receive reinforcements from the outside world. I never thought the remaining people of the Hundred Saint City would still be able to gather a force under such horrible circumstances, and to think that it’s enough to threaten the army I’ve stationed in the Hundred Saint City, they must be quite powerful.”

Getti was relaxed and he spoke with disdain. He did not take these outsiders seriously at all.

“But that’s good too. We can use this opportunity to annihilate the organisations from the Hundred Saint City in one fell swoop. Although our Darkstar race requires some outsiders to maintain a connection between the two worlds, we only need some independent cultivators, or people who don’t have too powerful of a background, because cultivators like that are easier to manage. They’re easier to subdue. They won’t be like the people from the Hundred Saint City who are all so arrogant because they have Grand Primes behind them. They’ve even tried to band together to stand on equal ground against our race. Hmph, these people are the greatest source of instability within our race. They’re the greatest cancer, so we have to eliminate them.” As he said that, a seal suddenly appeared in Getti’s hand, “General Guan, take my army seal to the barracks and send the Death Blow Army as reinforcements. The mission for you this time is to smash the remaining people of the Hundred Saints City.”

“This time, you must carry this out nice and cleanly. I don’t want to hear anything about escaped people, or you generals better be ready to be punished,” Getti said solemnly. When he reached the end, his tone became rather stern.

There were a total of ten armies within the Darkstar race. Every single one of them was composed of around ten thousand cultivators. The weakest were Overgods. Every army was split into ten-man groups, hundred-man squads and thousand-man divisions.

Early Godkings could only serve as the leaders of ten-man groups. Mid Godkings served as the captains of hundred-man squads, while late Godkings served as commanders of thousand-man divisions.

As for the highest commander of an army, they were only peak Godkings, but they were no weaker than the lord of a city.

Just a single army of the Darkstar race had a thousand Godkings, who were so powerful that even some elites raised by peak clans in the Saints’ World would struggle to match them.

This was because there were only a handful of peak organisations that had over a thousand Godkings in the Saints’ World. They might possess more Primordial realm experts than the Darkstar race, but there was not a single super organisation that could outnumber the Darkstar race in terms of Godkings.

This was because the Saints’ World was about survival of the fittest. There were battles and deaths everywhere. Even Primordial realm experts would regularly die, let alone Godkings.

On the other hand, while the Darkstar race did experience some scuffles among the upper echelon, it was just limited to that. There would not be any deaths that would arise from internal conflict.

As a result, as time went on, the Darkstar race obviously accumulated a tremendous number of Godkings.

The seventh hall master Getti believed sending the Death Blow Army to reinforce the Hundred Saint City was already more than enough. However, when general Guan heard that, he became anguished.

General Guan gathered his courage. He lowered his head and clasped his fist at Getti, “Hall master, the remaining force of the Hundred Saint City is unimaginably strong. They’ve already gathered several tens of thousand Godkings to launch a furious attack against the Hundred Saint City. If vice hall master Duff had not come to reinforce us in time, the Hundred Saint City probably would have fallen into the hands of the outsiders already.”

As soon as he heard that the outsiders had gathered several tens of thousand Godkings, Getti’s eyes widened to a point where they were almost circular. He was filled with surprise, “What did you say? The remaining force of the Hundred Saint City’s gathered several tens of thousand Godkings? You do know that the total number of outsider Godkings in our world doesn’t even come close to that sum, right? General Guan, are you sure you’re not trying to decieve me?”

“Hall master, this cannot be wrong. However, these Godkings all seem to have been created with Hundred Tribulations Godking Pills, because our subordinates discovered that all they had was energy. They lacked the corresponding laws,” said general Guan.

Getti frowned, “In other words, the Godkings are all sacrificial soldiers from the outside world? However, what perplexes me is that the teleportation formation at the entrance has clearly been sealed up already, so how did they get there? Did they cross through the Two World Mountains?” Uncertainty flashed through his eyes, before turning around with a sweep of his hands and making his way back towards the teleportation formation. He said at the same time, “The Godking sacrificial soldiers of the outside world have all grasped combination formations. When they work together, they can even unleash the strength of a First Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime. Since so many sacrificial soldiers have appeared near Hundred Saint City, Duff will probably struggle to keep them at bay with his strength at the Second Heavenly Layer. Kasol, An Lie, accompany me to the Hundred Saint City.”

The two vice hall masters nodded and followed behind Getti towards the teleportation formation.

However, just when Getti was about to enter the teleportation formation, he saw a flash and Jian Chen suddenly appeared, blocking Getti’s path.

Getti stopped. He looked at this old rival of his and his gaze immediately became hostile. He barked, “Kun Tian, what are you doing? Move out of the way.”

Normally, Getti would never forget to belittle him as well with how Getti was as a person. However, now that there was an emergency in Hundred Saint City, he did not have the time to mess around with Kun Tian.

“Getti, don’t be in such a hurry to leave. There’s something I want to settle with you,” Jian Chen forced out a smile.

Getti frowned and said rather impatiently, “What?”

“I’ve managed to vaguely recall some matters of the past. Getti, you seemed to have borrowed a large quantity of divine crystals and various heavenly resources from me in the past. Do you still remember this?” Jian Chen asked.

Getti became furious with that. He barked, “What are you on about? Kun Tian, has your mind really degraded that much? Since when did I ever borrow anything from you? Get out of the way. Stop wasting my time. You won’t be able to bear the consequences if you keep this up.”

At this moment, Bing Yuan, Tarot and Dou Wujin of the fifth divine hall all flew over. They stood behind Jian Chen and they were in complete doubt.

“Hmph. I clearly remember I lent you many resources in the past. Getti, do you plan on going back on your word?” Jian Chen did not waver at all. He stared straight at Getti, as if he would do anything to get his resources back.

The three vice hall masters of the fifth divine hall looked out one another. They were all in absolute confusion, because in their memory, Getti had never borrowed anything from Kun Tian at all. Moreover, with the relationship between the two divine halls, even if the seventh divine hall really did lack anything, they would have never borrowed from the fifth divine hall.

“Hall master, have you mistaken? We only remember that you lost a lot of things to hall master Getti through gambles, but we don’t remember anything along the lines of hall master Getti borrowing from you,” Dou Wujin said.

“My memory can’t be wrong. Getti, just get to the point. Are you going to return the resources you borrowed from me or not? If you aren’t going to, then don’t even think about leaving here today.” Jian Chen’s attitude became firm as strands of a Sixth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime’s presence radiated outwards, crushing towards Getti.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》