Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2767: Easily Obtained
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2767: Easily Obtained

“Hall master, we have indeed accumulated some high grade Godking grass, but high grade Godking grass must be placed within special spiritual jade for it to be preserved over long periods of time. Our world doesn’t have any spiritual jade. All of it comes from the outsiders, so the amount of high grade Godking grass we can store at a time is limited.”

“And, although we don’t have the ability to refine the high grade Godking grass into pills like the outsiders, they still originate from the residual laws of our ancestor, so they possess certain slivers of comprehension from our ancestor. As a result, we often study the high grade Godking grass, which obviously depletes some of them as well.”

“As a result, we might not have as much high grade Godking grass as you originally imagined, hall master,” said Dou Wujin.

With that, Jian Chen’s burning heart was immediately put out like a bucket of water had been thrown over him. He was utterly disappointed, “How many exactly do we have?”

Bing Yuan closed his eyes and sank into his thoughts, as if he was checking. Only afterwards did he report to Jian Chen, “Hall master, our fifth divine hall has roughly thirty thousand stalks of high grade Godking grass.”

“How much exactly?” Jian Chen quivered and immediately sat up straight.

Bing Yuan thought Jian Chen wanted an exact number, so he replied with greater precision this time, “Thirty one thousand, six hundred and twenty one in total!”

Jian Chen gasped. When Dou Wujin told him there was not a lot of high grade Godking grass, he thought there were only a few dozen or a few hundred of them, but he never thought ‘not a lot’ would be equivalent to thirty thousand!

If all the high grade Godking grass were refined into pills, that was equivalent to creating over thirty thousand regular Godkings. While that might have been nothing to the Darkstar race, it was quite the size in the Saints’ World.

“Did you just mention our fifth divine hall earlier? Are you saying that these thirty thousand stalks all belong to our fifth divine hall? And, why aren’t we able to refine the high grade Godking grass into pills like the outsiders?” Jian Chen asked.

“Hall master, the ten divine halls all hold a portion of the Darkstar race’s resources. The thirty thousand or so stalks of high grade Godking grass all belong to our fifth divine hall,” Dou Wujin answered his query. After a pause, he continued, “Aside from our fifth divine hall, the other nine divine halls have all accumulated some as well. However, the amount varies.”

“As for refining the pills,” Dou Wujin became utterly helpless when that was mentioned. “In order to refine them into pills, not only do we need large amounts of supplementary materials, we also need someone with great mastery in alchemy.”

“The outsiders have always maintained a monopoly over the supplementary materials, preventing anyone from taking them into our Darkstar World. Of course, that’s not the important part. Even if they try to maintain a monopoly, we still have our ways to get some of these materials from the outsiders. The true issue is that our race hasn’t produced a skilled alchemist, even after all these years.”

“Without the corresponding ability, we can’t refine them into actual pills even if we gather all the supplementary materials. As a result, the only value that the Godking grasses offer to us is the tiny sliver of laws they contain from our ancestor.”

“I see!” Jian Chen was enlightened, and he secretly rejoiced as well. Just the fifth divine hall alone possessed over thirty thousand stalks of high grade Godking grass. If the other nine halls were included, wouldn’t the number surpass a hundred thousand?

He was confident that it would not be too difficult to get his hands on all the high grade Godking grass from the other divine halls if he offered the divine halls a few items they required with his identity as the fifth hall master.

Even if he could not obtain all of it, just a portion of it would be enough.

Jian Chen had already begun fantasising about a certain moment in the future when the Tian Yuan clan would suddenly gain a hundred thousand Godkings. Just how glorious would that be?

“Go and bring me all of the high grade Godking grass,” Jian Chen waved his hands and passed an order. It was better for him to get his hands on the high grade Godking grass right now, because who knew what would happen in the future.

As for the Godking grass that the other divine halls possessed, he needed to come up with something that would interest them in exchanging with him.

Bing Yuan hesitated, “Hall master, are you planning to exchange the high grade Godking grass with the outsiders? The emperor has passed strict orders forbidding any exchanges involving high grade Godking grass with the outsiders. Otherwise, once the outsiders raise several tens of thousand or even over a hundred thousand Godkings, it’ll become a great threat to us.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t exchange the high grade Godking grass with the outsiders. Go and fetch them for me,” Jian Chen passed another order with absolute authority.

“Yes, hall master!”

Bing Yuan said nothing this time. He directly went to fetch the Godking grass. To them, the high grade Godking grass was nothing of particularly great value, mainly because they had never been able to use it properly, and because it just grew too quickly.

Before long, Bing Yuan delivered a Space Ring with over thirty thousand stalks of high grade Godking Grass to Jian Chen’s hands. As soon as Jian Chen received the Space Ring, he peered into it eagerly and discovered a great, neat stack of jade boxes. Every single jade box held a stalk of high grade Godking grass.

With over thirty thousand high grade Godking grass in his possession, Jian Chen’s emotions surged. He was in high spirits and completely excited. These were stalks of high grade Godking grass. The Godkings created from them were on a completely different level to the sacrificial Godkings of the Hundred Saint City.

Of course, this was just an internal reaction. He remained at ease on the surface, without showing any of his thoughts.

Afterwards, Jian Chen asked about the most precious supreme quality God Tier resources that the Darkstar race had to offer. He learned that all of these items were nothing special in the beginning. They had been either contaminated with some Grand Exalt blood, or they had fused with the residual power of the planetary beast. After evolving for countless years, they completely changed, turning them into peak God Tier resources.

In simpler words, the birth of these peak God Tier items all had to do with supreme experts.

The only pity was that all of these resources remained in the Darkstar Emperor’s possession. He had maintained a collection of them over countless years for purely symbolic reasons.

These peak God Tier resources were extremely tough, such that even regular Grand Primes could not refine them. With the strength that the Darkstar Emperor possessed, all he could do was treat them as a collector’s items.

Suddenly, Jian Chen looked outside the divine hall. He saw a tall, graceful figure appear at the entrance, making her way over slowly.

She was a middle-aged woman, both graceful and dignified. She gave off a bearing of authority. Even though she was already middle-aged, her charm still remained. He could still make out her beauty when she was younger from her delicate appearance.

She was the tenth hall master, Feng Xue.

Bing Yuan, Tarot and Dou Wujin who had just been talking with Jian Chen saw Feng Xue arrive and immediately shut up. They clasped their fists at Feng Xue before leaving by themselves.

In the blink of an eye, all that remained in the large hall was Jian Chen and Feng Xue.

“So you’ve come, hall master Feng Xue. I’ve failed to welcome you from afar, so I do hope you can forgive me.” Jian Chen stood up from the throne and walked over, clasping his fist and greeting Feng Xue warmly.

He had learned from the vice hall masters that Kun Tian was on very good terms with Feng Xue, so he obviously could not treat her coldly.

Feng Xue stood quietly in the centre of the hall, staring straight at Jian Chen with her beautiful eyes. Her emotions were extremely mixed. There was sorrow, pity, as well as dejection and disappointment.

“In the past, you always called my sister Feng. You’ve never called me hall master Feng Xue,” Feng Xue sighed gently.

Jian Chen shook his head with a bitter smile, “I can’t recall a single matter of the past anymore. Aside from the Land of Soul Destruction, I’ve forgotten about everything else. You know that, sister Feng.”

Feng Xue stared straight at Jian Chen and continued asking, “Aside from the Land of Soul Destruction, have you really forgotten about everything else?”

Noticing Feng Xue’s gaze, Jian Chen was left at a loss slightly, because Feng Xue just appeared to be slightly sad for some reason.

At this moment, he suddenly remembered how the relationship between Kun Tian and Feng Xue seemed to be a little more than just friends. He immediately became troubled. Don’t tell me there’s actually something going on between Kun Tian and Feng Xue.

However, before Jian Chen could answer her, Feng Xue suddenly grabbed Jian Chen by his hand. She said gently, “Come with me. I’ll take you somewhere.” Afterwards, she took off in the air, pulling Jian Chen along without giving any further explanations, directly flying out of the capital city.
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