Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2820: The Sixth Divine Hall
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2820: The Sixth Divine Hall

At this moment, under the gazes of all the prodigies, An Lie could no longer bother with the issue of humiliation. He smiled apologetically and amicably, speaking in a very passive tone. He explained to Jian Chen meekly to clear up the misunderstanding.

Afterwards, he did not stick around for another second longer. He left the Pantheon Divine Hall with his tail between his legs, flying away from the Hundred Saint City like he was fleeing.

Even though An Lie felt his behaviour at the end in front of the prodigies was very humiliating, damaging his dignity as a vice hall master, he shivered at the thought of the fate that Si Wuqing suffered.

“Whatever, whatever. Even though it’s a little humiliating, it’s nothing compared to what Si Wuqing went through.” An Lie comforted himself inside. At the same time, he became extremely fearful of the fifth hall master’s fearlessness and unruliness.

“I need to report everything that happened in the Hundred Saint City as it had occurred to the hall master as soon as possible. The fifth hall master’s way of handling matters is becoming more and more overbearing. He doesn’t consider the consequences at all. If he continues like this without holding himself back, an unprecedented conflict will probably erupt between the ten divine halls.”

A mighty vice hall master with revered status had actually been slapped in front of a group of outsiders. The entire matter was horrible, and the consequences would be far too severe.

With a heavy heart, An Lie flew quickly at a high altitude, reaching the Darknight City as quickly as he could before returning to the seventh divine hall through the teleportation formation there.

In the seventh divine hall, Getti sat on his throne in a rather anxious manner, worrying over the matters regarding the divine crystals.

Below him, vice hall master Duff stood with his arms by his side and said, “Hall master, the rate at which the Fruit of Nurturing Ways absorbs divine crystals has multiplied yet again, and it’s still increasing. The time our divine crystals can provide is only decreasing.”

“Around how much longer can they last?” Getti sat on his throne and asked with a slight headache. Their Darkstar race had never suffered a shortage of divine crystals like today. In only a few months, the Fruit of Nurturing Ways had consumed enough divine crystals to maintain the medicinal garden for a millennium.

This was actually because the energy required for the Fruit of Nurturing Ways to become a high grade heavenly resource was far too startling. Moreover, the origin energy their Darkstar race used was different from the Saints’ World, so it could not nourish the Fruit of Nurturing Ways. They could only rely on divine crystals to provide it with the energy it required.

Naturally, divine crystals were depleted at an extremely startling rate.

“Less than ten days!” Duff paused before adding, “And, the ten days are calculated based on the current rate the Fruit of Nurturing Ways is absorbing energy at. This will definitely become much faster tomorrow, and it might even increase the day after tomorrow. As a result, we don’t even have enough divine crystals to last ten days.”

“How many divine crystals have the outsiders under our control provided us with?” Getti asked again. Every single divine hall cooperated with a few outside organisations that were weaker than the ones in the Hundred Saint City, undertaking various transactions for their benefit.

“They’ve provided us with quite a lot, but they’ll last for a few days at most,” said Duff.

Getti leaned against the throne and rubbed his temples rather painfully. “We’ve all miscalculated. Who would have thought the Fruit of Nurturing Ways would require several dozen times, or even a hundred times, more energy than when it evolved to mid grade last time? The other heavenly resources require nowhere near that much. We can only rely on An Lie now. Let’s hope he achieves some success in the Hundred Saint City.”

At this moment, the teleportation formation outside the seventh divine hall flashed. An Lie had returned from the Hundred Saint City.

Getti’s face immediately lit up. He began to eagerly ask An Lie about the results of his trip to the Hundred Saint City before he could even step into the hall.

Very soon, Getti learnt about everything that had happened in the Hundred Saint City. His face immediately changed, becoming extremely solemn with a hint of fury. He growled sternly, “How dare Kun Tian take it so far! He’s crossed the line. He’s toeing our bottom line with this. How can a vice hall master for heaven’s sake go through so much humiliation?”

Vice hall master Si Wuqing dragged his heavily-injured body back to the sixth divine hall. He currently stood in the hall with his face covered in blood. His eyes were completely bloodshot as chilling killing intent radiated from his body. He was currently telling everyone how domineering and haughty the fifth hall master Kun Tian had been in the Pantheon Divine Hall.

“Kun Tian has truly gone too far. He actually humiliated a vice hall master of our sixth divine hall to such a degree. He didn’t just slap Si Wuqing’s face—he slapped the face of our sixth divine hall too. Will our sixth divine hall still have any dignity if we don’t get revenge?” the second vice hall master of the sixth divine hall was exasperated as he said angrily.

He resembled Si Wuqing slightly in appearance. He was Si Wuqing’s elder brother by blood, Si Wuming, also a Fourth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime.

Apart from the brothers Si Wuqing and Si Wuming, there was the third vice hall master, O’gooding. He was a Second Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime and was also fuming.

Out of the three vice hall masters of the sixth divine hall, two were Fourth Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes and one was a Second Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime. Their strength completely surpassed the fifth and seventh divine halls.

As for the sixth hall master Irvin, he was a Sixth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, and he had even broken through to this realm before the seventh hall master Getti.

The sixth hall master Irvin sat on his throne emotionlessly. His face was icy-cold as he said frigidly, “Send invitations to the hall masters of the third, fourth, seventh, and ninth divine halls. We need to avenge Si Wuqing for the humiliation he’s suffered. Kun Tian must pay for his actions. The dignity of our sixth divine hall cannot be provoked.”

Back in the Hundred Saint City, Jian Chen had no idea that the sixth hall master was already gathering his forces, wanting to make him pay for his actions. However, even if he knew, he would not care at all, as apart from the Darkstar Emperor, he feared nobody of the Darkstar race.

Moreover, he only hoped to set off some internal strife among the Darkstar race sooner. If he could use this opportunity to kill a few more hall masters, that would obviously be for the best.

In the Pantheon Divine Hall, the prodigies gathered there all thanked Jian Chen from the bottom of their hearts. Their faces were filled with gratitude. The force that Jian Chen had displayed made them place even greater trust in this fifth hall master.

Jian Chen remained calm. He slowly glanced past everyone. When he discovered that Jin Hong was no longer among them, he immediately let out a sigh of relief.

He knew that the Hundred Saint City would probably experience an unprecedented disaster soon. It was even possible for the entire city to be massacred, where blood would flow as rivers. Making Jin Hong leave before this was obviously for the best.

However, he spotted He Qianqian in the crowd very soon, and he immediately frowned by an undetectable amount.
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