Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2821: The Fifth Divine Hall’s Promise
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2821: The Fifth Divine Hall’s Promise

However, Jian Chen soon understood what had happened. He had told Jin Hong that something big would be happening in the Darkstar race soon, and he had told Jin Hong to tell He Qianqian to leave the Darkstar race back then.

However, what was his identity back then? He was merely a backgroundless independent cultivator, and it was the first time he had entered the Darkstar World too. He was clearly out of his mind if he thought he could make these prodigies from peak organisations leave with a simple word.

Jin Hong had left because he obtained the droplet of Grand Exalt’s essence blood from him. From his perspective, refining the Grand Exalt’s essence blood was clearly even more important than what he could gain from the Darkstar race.

As for He Qianqian, why would she leave this place because of an insignificant warning?

“Looks like I need to find a way to force her to leave. The Hao family too. An ancestor of theirs is the commander of the divine generals of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng. He has a close connection to Ming Dong. I need to get them to leave.” These thoughts flickered through Jian Chen’s head, but he showed nothing on the surface.

The mess in the Pantheon Divine Hall had been cleaned up very quickly, and a new table had been placed down. However, the new table was completely different from the one before. There was an order of seating this time, and Jian Chen and Bing Yuan were politely invited to take the seats of honour. The prodigies from the several dozen organisations all sat in seats of lower status.

“Esteemed hall master, may I ask if the God Tier heavenly resource offered up by our Heavenly Lightning clan, the Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood, is to your satisfaction or not?” Lei Yun from the Heavenly Lightning clan asked eagerly soon after Jian Chen had sat down. His eyes were filled with hope and anticipation.

They all understood the current protection from the fifth divine hall was only temporary, just to earn them some time to deliver what the fifth divine hall required. At the same time, this temporary protection could be lost at any time. Only when they received a promise from the mouth of the fifth hall master could they truly find peace.

As Lei Yun asked, many prodigies in the Pantheon Divine Hall became unsettled. The fifth divine hall had actually paid a personal visit to the Pantheon Divine Hall, which was something unprecedented. They all worried whether the fifth divine hall was giving them a final deadline.

As a matter of fact, some of the prodigies had even accepted the inevitable situation, ready to retreat from the World of the Fallen Beast and give up on everything they had built up here.

There were also a few organisations who had already prepared themselves to temporarily submit themselves to the Heavenly Lightning clan.

As for the condition of ten billion supreme grade divine crystals for a century of protection the seventh and sixth divine halls offered, they had not even considered it. Most of their clans could produce ten billion divine crystals. If it were in exchange for some precious materials from the Darkstar race, they would agree without hesitation.

However, if it were for only a century of peace, it was simply far too horrible of a deal.

Jian Chen sat in the seat of honour and said nothing, and none of the prodigies in the Pantheon Divine Hall spoke either. Their gazes all just gathered on Jian Chen, filled with unease and a reluctance to accept the situation.

Jian Chen’s silence also suddenly unsettled Lei Yun too. Despite being filled with confidence a moment earlier, he had suddenly become rather nervous now.

Don’t tell me the Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood from our clan isn’t to the fifth hall master’s satisfaction? But the Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood is a God Tier heavenly resource through and through, Lei Yun thought. His forehead even became covered in a thin layer of sweat. The cold attitude of the fifth hall master also left him uneasy.

At this moment, a few sacrificial Godkings arrived in the Pantheon Divine Hall while escorting an exquisite, white jade box, handing it personally to the prodigy from the Jade Pill sect.

The prodigy from the Jade Pill sect immediately beamed. He accepted the jade box as he began to tremble slightly from excitement. He said to Jian Chen in the seat of honour, “Esteemed hall master, fortunately, we’ve managed to deliver what you asked for. The ancestor of our Jade Pill sect personally emerged to create this. We’ve successfully refined the God Tier pill you require, hall master. Please take a look.”

As he said that, the prodigy of the Jade Pill sect opened the white jade box. Immediately, a colourful haze emerged, and the fragrance of pills assaulted their noses. Inside the jade box quietly sat seven pills of different colours.

Everyone could tell with a single glance that these pills had not reached the God Tier. They were still just shy of God Tier.

However, with the example of the Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood, the prodigies in the Pantheon Divine Hall dared not estimate these pills. All of them held their breaths and waited quietly, eager to see what kind of strange transformation these seven pills would go through.

After all, this was a pill the ancestor of the Jade Pill sect personally refined. All of them believed it was nowhere near as simple as it seemed on the surface.

At this moment, the seven pills lying in the jade box began to levitate by themselves. Each pills radiated with a different, blinding light as the smell of pills filled the entire Pantheon Divine Hall.

Afterwards, under everyone’s gazes, the seven pills actually merged together in the middle of the air, and formations appeared on the jade box for holding the pills. It gathered the energy in the surroundings and transformed it into flames, carrying out the final refinement process of merging the pills.

All of this was the handiwork of the Grand Prime ancestor from the Jade Pill sect. When the jade box was opened, the pills underwent a final transformation according to the arrangements the ancestor of the Jade Pill sect had set up in the outside world.

This step seemed easy, but actually achieving it was almost impossible. It required a miraculous degree of proficiency with the Way of Alchemy near the peak of perfection.

Around ten minutes later, the pill finally completed its final evolution. The seven pills had truly merged together. Its size did not change, but the quality of the pill had truly reached the God Tier.

“Hall master, the ancestor of our Jade Pill sect personally created this pill. It’s a wondrous pill that even the Saints’ World does not possess. Now, I represent our Jade Pill sect to offer this pill to the hall master. I hope it can leave the hall master satisfied.” The prodigy of the Jade Pill sect was in high spirits as he smiled confidently, personally offering the pill to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen accepted the pill and immediately sensed how extraordinary it was. Its effects were several times stronger than the Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood at the very least.

That was because just by touching the pill, his soul had been riled up. This allowed him to conclude the pill did not only heal injuries to the soul, but it could also strengthen the soul by a very great degree.

“There’s a slight presence of puresouls.” Jian Chen noticed something and slowly stowed the pill away. He smiled in satisfaction and said, “You’re not wrong. I’m extremely satisfied with the pill from your Jade Pill sect. From now onwards, the Jade Pill sect will be under my protection. As long as I am still around, the Jade Pill sect will be around.”

Hearing that, the prodigy from the Jade Pill sect was overjoyed. He was so emotionally touched that he almost knelt down on his knees, while the other prodigies in the Pantheon Divine Hall were shaken up. They all became envious of him.

They all understood exactly how precious the fifth hall master’s promise just then was. As long as the fifth divine hall continued to stand, the Jade Pill sect would remain. This was basically equivalent to providing a permanent umbrella to the Jade Pill sect, shielding them from anything and everything. The Jade Pill sect had no need to fear any threats in the territory of the Darkstar race for an extremely lengthy period into the future.

This was because the person standing behind the jade pill sect was a master of a divine hall, one that was extremely forceful and domineering.

“I never thought the Jade Pill sect would actually receive the eternal protection of the fifth divine hall. Unless the fifth hall master dies, the status of the Jade Pill sect will not waver in the Darkstar race. Sigh.” Many prodigies shook their heads and sighed in the Pantheon Divine Hall. As they felt jealous of the Jade Pill sect, they also felt dejected for the future awaiting them.

“Esteemed hall master, what about our Heavenly Lightning clan? Our Heavenly Lightning clan has presented the hall master with a Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood. It’s also at the God Tier.” Seeing the tremendous benefit that the Jade Pill sect had obtained, Lei Yun lost his patience and began to ask urgently.

Jian Chen took out the Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood and tossed it to Lei Yun. “Although the Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood has reached the God Tier, it doesn’t fulfil my conditions, so it doesn’t qualify.”

Lei Yun was dumbfounded. He held the Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood with two hands as he descended into a daze. His face even became sheet-white.

“However, I am very interested in the pieces of jade your Heavenly Lightning clan used to nurture the Glazed Fruit of Scarlet Blood. If you can obtain some for me, I can also give your Heavenly Lightning clan the same promise that as long as I am around, your Heavenly Lightning clan will be around too. You will enjoy the same treatment as the Jade Pill sect,” Jian Chen continued.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》