Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2838: Various Arrangements
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2838: Various Arrangements

“Yes, your majesty!” Getti replied politely before immediately carrying out the Darkstar Emperor’s order.

Even though the Darkstar Emperor’s attitude towards the outsiders left Getti doubtful, the Darkstar Emperor possessed paramount authority within the Darkstar race. As long as the Darkstar Emperor issued an order, no one dared to refute or question it. Even if they believed the Darkstar Emperor’s order was a mistake, they would still carry it out.

However, when the Darkstar Emperor’s order that seemed more like a promise reached the outsiders locked up in the thirty-six major cities through the seventh divine hall, the nervous and uneasy outsiders immediately settled down. Even their momentum for a desperate attempt at resistance collapsed temporarily.

There really had not been a lot of outsiders who questioned the Darkstar Emperor’s promise. Although no one had personally seen the Darkstar Emperor so far, many of them still found the Darkstar Emperor relatively trustworthy due to his reputation.

“So it’s all just a false alarm. It’s like what I said. The Darkstar Emperor won’t do anything to us, nor are they bold enough to actually harm us. After all, we basically represent half of all the organisations in the entire Saints’ World. If the Darkstar race really slaughters us all, the great sovereigns of our Saints’ World will definitely take action and annihilate the Darkstar race…”

“That’s right. If the great sovereigns of our Saints’ World take action, the Darkstar race won’t have the slightest hope of surviving. The Darkstar race offending the Hundred Saint City is already the limit. After all, the Hundred Saint City is only composed of several dozen large organisations from the Saints’ World, but behind us are countless sects and organisations…”

Similar discussions occurred throughout the Darkstar race. In particular, whenever some outsiders mentioned the “great sovereign”, their faces became filled with undisguisable pride. When they glanced past the members of the Darkstar race, their eyes would be filled with faint disdain.

Among these outsiders, quite a large portion were people with backgrounds in the Saints’ World. Even though the organisations behind them were not as great as those in Hundred Saint City, there were still quite a lot of organisations with weaker Grand Primes.

And, there were an extremely small number of existences with backgrounds in the Saints’ World that completely rivalled the organisations in the Hundred Saint City, or even surpassed most of them.

However, these organisations had not participated in the construction of the Hundred Saint City, so they obviously did not forge an alliance with the organisations behind the city. They were independent existences in the Darkstar World.

As a result, while supreme existences like Grand Exalts were not commonly known by most cultivators in the Saints’ World, they had ceased to be some sort of secret a long time ago among some of these people.

“They won’t touch our lives, and they guarantee all of us will leave here alive? That’s a little vague. The Darkstar Emperor is playing word games with us.” At the same time, the remaining fifty-two organisations in the Hundred Saint City assembled in the Pantheon Divine Hall to discuss the current situation of the Darkstar race.

“Hehe, exactly right? For example, beating us up until we’re half dead and tossing us out, or letting us leave with missing limbs. After all, we’ll all be leaving here alive without our lives being touched. The Darkstar Emperor only said he wouldn’t harm our lives, but nothing about not harming a single hair on us…”

“That’s right. Not harming our lives and not touching a single hair on us are two concepts that are worlds apart. Coupled with how the Darkstar race has imprisoned so many outsiders from the Saints’ World in the thirty-six cities and they’ve sealed off the teleportation formations to prevent these people from leaving, they must be hiding some ulterior motive…”

The many organisations analysed in the Pantheon Divine Hall, but the speakers were not leading prodigies, but old servants who followed the prodigies.

Right now, these old servants served as the wits of the various organisations to come up with plans for their young masters and mistresses.

And they truly were suited for this. They were not powerful, but their brilliance was something else. They served as the wise intellectuals who managed all business with the Darkstar race for their clans.

“Young master, for the sake of safety, it’s best if you leave the Darkstar World as soon as possible,” an old servant said.

“One of the other major reasons that the clan sent me into the Darkstar World was so that I can temper myself through the trials I’ll face. If I choose to shrink back just because of some rumors and your wild guesses, what face do I have to contend for the position of young patriarch…” a prodigy said stubbornly, dignified and fearless.

“We have to take precautions about this. How about this? We can send people to fill the teleportation formation with energy for now so that it is available whenever. Once something we can’t handle really occurs, we’ll retreat as soon as possible,” Lei Yun of the Heavenly Lightning clan said.

His suggestion immediately received unanimous agreement. Afterwards, they immediately sent someone to undertake a full inspection of the teleportation formation before charging its energy until it was full so that it was available for use at any time.

However, unbeknownst to them all, an illusionary figure hovered high in the sky outside the barrier the defensive formations of the Hundred Saint City created as they charged up the teleportation formation. He seemed to be fused with the surroundings, not only giving off absolutely no presence, but also impossible to detect with the naked eye.

Even if someone glanced past this figure with their eyes absent-mindedly, they would only find thin air. They would not detect anything at all.

At this moment, the figure looked down on the Hundred Saint City from above and spoke with a murmur only he could hear, “When I saved you in the Hundred Saint City back then, I was counting on you to be of some use during crucial moments of the great ceremony. If I simply let you all leave safely, wouldn’t my efforts all be a waste?” As he said that, the illusionary figure clicked his finger at the Hundred Saint City below. An extremely weak and obscure energy shot out in that moment, right into the Hundred Saint City.

The powerful formations that the Hundred Saint City took pride in seemed like they did not exist at all before the weak and obscure energy. They were unable to obstruct it at all, allowing the strand of energy to pass through the formations and enter the Hundred Saint City in complete secrecy. In the end, it vanished into the only teleportation formation within the Hundred Saint City.

Nothing happened to the teleportation formation. It continued to function as normal, except there was a strand of energy that no one could detect within it.

“Only success is permitted for the operation this time. Even with my pawn embedded among the upper echelon of the Darkstar race, Jian Chen, I still need to prepare multiple backup plans. The trump card of the Hundred Saint City has never been used in the Darkstar World. It’s about time for it to demonstrate its power. It combines everyone’s power in the Hundred Saint City before the countless formations in the Hundred Saint City amplify it and the tremendous energy reserve hidden deep beneath the city to form an ultimate attack on par with Chaotic Primes.”

“When this strike is launched at the location of the great ceremony from so far away, its power will decrease slightly, but it’ll still be able to impact the great ceremony to a certain degree. The strike might not be able to completely ruin the ceremony with the Darkstar Emperor’s presence, but it can cover Jian Chen a little when it matters.”

“Jian Chen, you better not let down my expectations of you. If you fail as well, then all I can do is use my final move…”

“It’s just that I really don’t want to use this final move, or not only will my second soul disintegrate under the power of the blood oath, but even my original body in the Saints’ World will be heavily injured.”

“Although I’ve already prepared countless different methods to obstruct and weaken the power of the blood oath, that’s still the power that belongs to the Grand Exalt of the Darstar race after all. Even though the Grand Exalt is already dead, no one in the current day and age can withstand the backlash from the power of the blood oath apart from the Wind Venerable…”
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    《Chaotic Sword God》