Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2839: The Virtuous Sages of Heaven and Earth
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2839: The Virtuous Sages of Heaven and Earth

Within the quiet murmurs, the figure that hovered outside the protective formations of the Hungry Saint City gradually vanished. He had already left the place with unfathomable speed.

In the moment before, he was still near the Hundred Saint City, but in the next moment, he had already appeared in the capital city of the Darkstar race that was extremely distant from the Hundred Saint City.

He did not use the Laws of Space, but he surpassed the Laws of Space. He had basically covered billions of kilometers in a single breath.

Even Jian Chen who comprehended the Laws of Space and had reached the Primordial realm with them was nowhere close to such speed.

At the same time, the Darkstar Emperor hovered above his throne with his eyes closed in the Darkstar Divine Hall above the capital city. He was currently using the senses of his soul to observe the situation of the Darkstar race.

At this moment, the illusionary figure appeared silently in the Darkstar Divine Hall. Without touching the ground, he hovered in the divine hall at an altitude that was a head lower than the Darkstar Emperor.

The Darkstar Emperor seemed to sense something. He opened his eyes and gazed at this illusionary figure that had arrived so elusively and showed a hint of respect for once. He said, “Virtuous Sage of Heaven, now that the day of the great ceremony grows closer, may I ask how much confidence you have in success?”

The Virtuous Sage of Heaven sank into his thoughts momentarily and said slowly, “Originally, the chances of success were fifty percent at most, with an equal possibility of succeeding and failing, which would completely be up to chance in the end. However, now that we have the divine beast’s blood, the chances of success have increased drastically. My estimation is that the chances of success have reached as high as eighty or ninety percent.”

“Eighty or ninety percent. In other words, success is basically guaranteed for the ceremony this time.” The Darkstar Emperor let out a long sigh. He was filled with indescribable joy. A success rate as high as eighty or ninety percent left a very slim chance of failure.

“That should be the case, but please bear in mind that nothing is absolute, your majesty. Even if it seems like we have a success rate of a hundred percent, any accidents that we aren’t anticipating may result in the failure of the ceremony,” said the Virtuous Sage of Heaven.

“Accidents? In my opinion, if there really are accidents, they’ll come from these outsiders. However, how can I not take any precautions with regard to them? The great ceremony is something colossal that impacts the fate of our entire race, so I won’t permit any accidents to happen at all,” the Darkstar Emperor said resolutely, and his usually calm gaze became extremely cold.

If the great ceremony succeeded, then he would be able to reach Chaotic Prime. If it failed, then he would have to remain at his current realm of cultivation, and he would not be able to break through for a very long time into the future.

As a result, not only did the great ceremony impact the fate of the entire Darkstar race, but it was also connected to his personal interests.

Hearing that, the Virtuous Sage of Heaven could not help but smile eerily, except his entire body was blurry and hazy, like he was hidden in mist. No one could make out his true appearance, including the Darkstar Emperor.

After pausing for a moment, the Darkstar Emperor said with a tone where he was basically asking for guidance, “Virtuous Sage of Heaven, you said that once I reach the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Chaotic Prime, I’ll really be able to use the secret technique passed down throughout our race to wield the power left behind by our ancestor and the planetary beast to break free from the Grand Exalt of the Wood Spirits’ restraints and free our race from from this prison?”

“There’s a sliver of a chance, but even I don’t know whether you’ll succeed in the end or not. After all, this touches on the level of Grand Exalts. It involves far, far too many things that I don’t understand,” the Virtuous Sage of Heaven said in deep thought, except a cold light flashed through his eyes that no one could make out, obscured in the mist.

“Even a sliver of a chance is fine. It’s still better than no chance. Breaking free from the imprisonment of this world and going outside to take a look at the real world has been the long-cherished wish of our race throughout all these years.” The Darkstar Emperor sighed as his expression became sorrowful and dreary.

Put positively, the Darkstar World was a miniature world that the Darkstar race possessed absolute power in, but put negatively, it was a prison.

This prison had kept them trapped for countless years, forcing the many generations of their Darkstar race to forever live in this miniature world that could not be regarded as a true world left behind after the planetary beast had died.

Breaking out of this prison and venturing to the true world outside had been the wish of every generation of the Darkstar race.

“Once the great ceremony succeeds, I’ll use the Fruit of Nurturing Ways to reach Chaotic Prime immediately. The Ninth Heavenly Layer of Chaotic Prime won’t be able to deter me. I will use the shortest time possible to reach the minimum cultivation required to comprehend the ancestor’s secret technique. Afterwards, I’ll wield the residual power left behind by our ancestors to break out of the Grand Exalts of the Wood Spirits’ prison.”

“It’s just that in recent years, our race has developed grievances with quite a lot of organisations from the outside world. Once we break free, the organisations with Grand Primes won’t spare us, and those items left behind by our ancestor will probably be coveted by the outside organisations too. Virtuous Sage of Heaven, you are a great sage of our race. You already existed even before I was born. May I ask if the organisation you’ve established in the Saints’ World after all these years of development is enough for our race to deal with the great problems we’ll be facing once we break free?” the Darkstar Emperor asked.

“You have nothing to worry about, your majesty. My organisation has already reached a level where we don’t even have to fear the Hundred Saint City. As long as our race breaks free, even those outside organizations that operate among our Darkstar race won’t be able to threaten us,” said the Virtuous Sage of Heaven.

“Then I don’t have to worry. Oh right, may I ask if the Virtuous Sage of Earth is well?” the Darkstar Emperor asked.

“Thank you for your concern, your majesty. He’s well!” the Virtuous Sage of Heaven said. Even though he spoke with a neutral tone, as if he was on equal footing with the Darkstar Emperor, he seemed more like a subject most of the time he communicated with the Darkstar Emperor.

After a moment of thought, the Darkstar Emperor asked again, “Virtuous Sage of Heaven, I’ve always been very curious about what your organisation in the Saints’ World is called. How many experts do you have? And what cultivation have you and the Virtuous Sage of Earth reached so far such that you don’t even fear the organisations behind the Hundred Saint City?”

“This has been something that has bothered me for many years now. Will the Virtuous Sage of Heaven really refuse to divulge even a little?”

“You should know our ancestor’s instructions too, your majesty. All information regarding us in the Saints’ World is the greatest secret within our race that cannot be divulged to anyone. Even you are no exception, your majesty. I have the right to protect this secret.”

“This is just to prevent any accidents from happening. After all, our archnemesis, the Wood Spirits, are not extinct in the Saints’ World. If the Wood Spirits find out our race has already secretly developed our own organisation in the Saints’ World, you should be extremely familiar with the consequences, your majesty,” the Virtuous Sage of Heaven said calmly.
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