Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2882: Negotiations
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2882: Negotiations

Very soon, the four items conjured from inside the bronze lamp vanished, and the lamp returned to how it was before.

However, Jian Chen was unable to calm down. His heart continued to pound at an extraordinary rate. There was a Grand Exalt’s rib, a Grand Exalt’s spine, and even half of a Grand Exalt’s heart. If these three items ended up in the Saints’ World, they would definitely rock the entire Saints’ World. Countless Grand Primes would fight against each other tooth and tail for them.

Clearly, Jian Chen was extremely interested too with such a great temptation laid out in front of him. He even became greedy.

Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath and forcefully calmed down his turbulent emotions. He said, “There should be much more than that in the bronze lamp.”

In soul form, the Darkstar Emperor glanced at Jian Chen deeply and said calmly, “That’s right, there are indeed much more than these four items inside the bronze lamp. Apart from these four items, there are also some extremely precious and rare materials inside, as well as a few ancient records the ancestor left behind.”

“None of these rare materials possess powerful presences, so it’s impossible to conjure them.”

“As for the records left behind by the ancestor, they’re all either secret techniques or cultivation methods. Only members of our Darkstar race can practise them, so even if outsiders obtain them, they’re useless, unless they modify the cultivation methods of our Darkstar race and absorb the power of Spiritsages.”

Jian Chen’s eyes flickered as he stared straight at the Darkstar Emperor. He asked, “Darkstar Emperor, you say you require a cultivation at Chaotic Prime to open the space in the bronze lamp. How am I supposed to believe you’re telling the truth?”

“Hmph, I’ve always been a man of my word in the Darkstar race, and everything I do is done righteously and proudly. Never have I done things like rip off, trick, abduct, or fool like you outsiders. And, you’ve spent some time in our race when you were impersonating Kun Tian, so you should know a little about my moral character. I can only promise you that nothing I say is a sham,” said the Darkstar Emperor, pledging seriously and sincerely. He was upright and honourable, radiating with righteousness.

“Moreover, some items that belong to the Grand Exalt of the Wood Spirits are supreme treasures that can drive everyone crazy in the eyes of you outsiders, but to us, they’re truly useless. That’s because we’ve already held onto these items for countless years. They were already in our possession before the Spirits’ World was destroyed in the past. Now, despite countless years passing since the destruction of the Spirits’ World, the items you regard as supreme treasures are no different from before. They haven’t even moved within the bronze lamp’s miniature world.”

“Let alone the fact that we can’t make use of these items, even if we can, we wouldn’t care about them, as everyone from our Darkstar race only has one grand wish, which is to break out of this prison, escape this world, go to the outside world, and take a look.”

“For the sake of this goal, my race has already exerted itself for countless years, generation after generation. Even now, during the age that belongs to me, we still haven’t given up.”

The Darkstar Emperor was upright, staring at Jian Chen straightforwardly. He continued, “Outsider, I’ve said all of this to make you understand that everything I say is completely true, without any deceit or falsehood at all. And, I would never stoop as low as to plot some kind of scheme.”

The Darkstar Emperor paused for a moment. He said, “Of course, if you change your mind now and are willing to exchange the divine beast with me, then I can promise you that once our great ceremony succeeds, I’ll give you all the materials in the bronze lamp, including the three items from the Grand Exalt of the Wood Spirits.”

“You don’t have to bring that up again. No matter how many precious items your Darkstar race possesses, even if you possess the legacies of Grand Exalts, you’ll never exchange Sacredfeather from me.” Jian Chen directly dismissed all of the Darkstar Emperor’s thoughts. After a moment of thought, he continued, “Just the specialties of your Darkstar race is still not enough to exchange for the lives of your entire race. Since you can’t produce the Grand Exalt of the Wood Spirits’ bone, then you might as well replace it with the Grand Exalt’s essence blood in your Darkstar race’s possession.”

“You want Grand Exalt’s essence blood?” The Darkstar Emperor’s eyes narrowed.

“That’s right. Not only has your Darkstar race produced a Grand Exalt, but he has fought against the Grand Exalt of the Wood Spirits, so you should have quite a lot of essence blood belonging to the Grand Exalt of the Wood Spirits too. You can replace the Grand Exalt’s bone with essence blood. How much essence blood do you have?” Jian Chen asked.

The Darkstar Emperor thought to himself and said, “We don’t have essence blood from the Grand Exalt of the Wood Spirits. Even if we do, it’s all inside the half a heart, so we can’t retrieve it at all. However, we do have some essence blood from our ancestor, but there’s not a lot left.”

Jian Chen’s eyes shone brightly. Even his breathing became rather raged. “I want ten droplets of Grand Exalt’s essence blood. Give me ten droplets, and I’ll clean the slate with your race. It won’t just be me. It’ll include Sacredfeather too. I will convince him to not take revenge against your Darkstar race.”

“Otherwise, with Sacredfeather’s bloodline and talent as a divine beast, coupled with my full support, his strength will definitely advance rapidly in a short amount of time. He’ll definitely become a calamity to your race within the next millennium. Even you, the Darkstar Emperor, won’t be Sacredfeather’s opponent.”

“Darkstar Emperor, what do you think about this deal?”

The Darkstar Emperor’s expression did not change at all. Instead, he let out a long sigh. “Outsider, you can’t use the extinction of my race to threaten me. If we can’t break out of this prison and have to continue living in here, unable to see the light of day, then that’s actually a form of torture to us. Death might be another form of liberation.”

“I admit you possess the ability to exterminate our Darkstar race, but when you slaughter us all, you won’t be able to survive either. Because by then, I will use the final measure left behind by our ancestor without the slightest hesitation, which is to blow up the entire Darkstar World. All living creatures in the world, including everything inside the Two World Mountains, will be obliterated.”

“The world was created from a colossal planetary beast that reached the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Grand Prime, and it’s filled with the powers of the two Grand Exalts. Once I blow up this world, the might unleashed will be so great that even high quality god artifacts will be completely destroyed. When it really reaches that point, you’ll have no chance of survival even if you hide inside the Darkstar Divine Hall.”

“By then, my soul will survive, while you will be completely obliterated. However, if I blow up this world, all my clansmen in the Darkstar World will die apart from me, so unless we truly face the threat of extinction, I am reluctant to use this final trump card.”

The Darkstar Emperor’s eyes glistened. He said to Jian Chen with great seriousness, “As a result, I hope you don’t go overboard and leave behind the clansmen of the Darkstar race. It’ll also keep my dream intact, which serves as a form of restraint against me, preventing me from discarding everything without the slightest regard out of utmost despair and going forward with something as crazy as that.”

Jian Chen’s expression changed. “In other words, your Darkstar race can actually break out of this prison at any time?”

“Indeed, but what’s the point of that? The prison is gone, but my clansmen will all be gone too. If I really do that, I’ll become the eternal traitor of our race. How will I still be able to face my ancestors?” The Darkstar Emperor was sorrowful, giving off a heavy feeling of powerlessness.

Jian Chen fell silent. He stared at the Darkstar Emperor quietly and could not help but admit the Darkstar Emperor was a fitting leader. He clearly possessed the way to break out, but for the sake of his clansmen, he was willing to remain trapped with them rather than betray his race.

Even after being trapped for countless years, his willpower had not wavered at all.

Just this spirit of dedication deserved to be revered as “mighty”.

If a similar situation happened in the Saints’ World, Jian Chen was confident that most people, even including Grand Prime ancestors that lead an entire sect or clan, would go with the other choice without the slightest hesitation.

Within the ruthless environment of the Saints’ World, most people’s convictions were twisted. They would not let a bunch of weaklings that were useless to them serve as a shackle that held them back.

“I can give you the ten droplets of Grand Exalt’s essence blood that you want, but you need to agree to a condition from us- no, you need to swear an oath.”
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    《Chaotic Sword God》