Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2884: The Appetite of the Heaven’s Sec
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2884: The Appetite of the Heaven’s Sec

As soon as he entered the barrier, the Scion of Five Point looked up at the passageway between the two worlds hovering in the sky a hundred kilometers away. His tense mind finally relaxed completely in that moment.

With a thunk, the Scion of Five Point closed his eyes and directly fainted on the ground. During the days he traversed the Two World Mountains, he had gone through many bitter battles. As he avoided the pursuit of Life-devouring Beasts, he was already utterly exhausted. If it were not for his powerful willpower, he would have collapsed in the Two World Mountains long ago. Now that he relaxed, he immediately fell unconscious.

Only three whole days later did the Scion of Five Point slowly wake up. He did not have the strength to stand. When he fought against the Life-devouring Beasts, large quantities of his life force had been devoured. Coupled with his injuries, he was currently in an extremely weak state.

He slowly raised his hand and used everything he had left in him to take out a divine hall. After turning the divine hall back to its normal size and placing it onto the ground, he collapsed on the ground powerlessly once again, his eyes dim and hollow.

Suddenly, the gates of the divine hall swung open and several hundred cultivators of the Saints’ World emerged. When they saw the huge barrier that loomed over the region and the passageway in the distance, all of them cheered emotionally.

“We’re out. We’re out. We’ve finally made it out of the Two World Mountains…”

“The Scion of Five Point is far too powerful. He’s actually crossed the Two World Mountains alone…”

“The Scion of Five Point is far too impressive. Probably even the young master of the Wolf clan who obtained a Grand Exalt’s legacy could not cross through the Two World Mountains alone…”

“If we were to give someone the title of the greatest below the age of a thousand throughout the Saints’ World, it would definitely go to the Scion of Five Point…”

“Scion of Five Point, I will never forget the kindness you’ve shown by saving me. I am to your beck and call if you ever require anything in the future…”


The several hundred outsiders who emerged from the divine hall all praised him without restraint, filled with gratitude towards the Scion of Five Point. Some of the women even demonstrated undisguised admiration and adoration.

“Oh no, the Scion of Five Point is injured. Everyone, get over here quick…” Only after a cry did everyone notice that the Scion of Five Point was in a horrible condition. They all gathered over and fished out recovery pills from their Space Rings without holding back.

“T- there’s no need… These pills… these pills aren’t effective on me. T- take me out quick…” the Scion of Five Point said weakly.

“The Scion of Five Point is very heavily injured. We need God Tier pills at the very least to improve his condition. The quality of our pills is too low. They aren’t of much use. Let’s go, let’s go. We need to leave here as soon as possible and ask the seniors outside to treat him. An unprecedented event has happened in the Darkstar World. We need to report this to our seniors as soon as possible…”

Afterwards, everyone supported the Scion of Five Point and entered the passageway between the two worlds.

In the ruins of the Spirits’ World, on the Darkstar Continent, the massive energy vortex that formed the passageway between the two worlds hovered above the Darkstar City quietly, but there were many divine halls littered around the energy swirl, giving off the tremendous might of god artifacts.

Basically all of these hovering divine halls were medium quality god artifacts. Unlike the damaged medium quality god artifacts in the Darkstar World, all the god artifacts here were in perfect condition.

“A tael of Soil of Divine Blood for a catty of Divine Metal of Profound Ice. Has your Heavenly Crane clan made your decision yet?”

A voice echoed outside the divine hall of the Heavenly Crane clan, even making the space tremble.

“Zhan Yun, quit dreaming. Even if our Heavenly Crane clan is in urgent need of the Soil of Divine Blood, we’ll never exchange a catty of Divine Metal of Profound Ice for just a tael of it. A tael of Soil of Divine Blood is worth half a tael of Divine Metal of Profound Ice at most,” said an ancient voice from inside the divine hall. The voice was filled with irrepressible anger.

“He Qianchi, must you be so stubborn? Your Heavenly Crane clan has already lost its foundations in the World of the Fallen Beast. From today onwards, it’s impossible for you to obtain more Soil of Divine Blood. Moreover, it’s not like your Heavenly Crane clan needs Divine Metal of Profound Ice right now, so why don’t you just exchange it with our Heaven’s sect and do us a favour at no cost to yourself? From today onwards, if our Heaven’s sect obtains Soil of Divine Blood from the World of the Fallen Beast, we’ll take out a portion and exchange it with your Heavenly Crane clan.” In the divine hall of the Heaven’s sect, Zhan Yun, one of their six great elders of Heaven’s prestige, sat on the throne as he smiled cunningly, negotiating with a great elder of the Heavenly Crane clan.

Zhan Yun made no attempt at covering this up, so many organisations could hear his voice.

The reason why he put on such a large show was to issue a warning to the other peak organisations present, declaring to everyone that the Heavenly Crane clan’s Divine Metal of Profound Ice was already theirs.

At the same time, it hid a deeper warning that no organisations should provide the Soil of Divine Blood to the Heavenly Crane clan.

There were a few peak organisations even stronger than the Heaven’s sect present, where they did not fear the threats from the Heaven’s sect at all, but Zhan Yun had never considered standing up to these organisations. His objective was only to deter organisations that feared the Heaven’s sect.

Just like that, the Heavenly Crane clan would obviously lose their avenues to obtain the Soil of Divine Blood.

“Great elder, the Heaven’s sect is going too far. They’ve actually put forward such an unreasonable request. They’re clearly trying to benefit from our misfortune,” He Qianqian grumbled furiously and righteously to an old man in white to her side in the Heavenly Crane Divine Hall.

The old man was He Qianchi, one of the Chaotic Prime great elders of the Heavenly Crane clan.

He Qianchi let out a long sigh and said, “That person in the Heaven’s sect can break through to the Seventh Heavenly Layer at any time. Once he reaches the Seventh Heavenly Layer, then the Heaven’s sect’s status will be worlds apart from the past. Faced with the Heaven's sect impudence, we should restrain ourselves as much as possible…”

“The Divine Metal of Profound Ice is a material for forging high quality god artifacts. It’s extremely precious, yet the Heaven’s sect actually wants to use such a measly amount of Soil of Divine Blood to exchange for a catty of it. Their appetite sure is something else,” in another medium quality divine hall, a direct descendant of the Hao family, Hao Ran, shook his head and said. His voice was filled with disdain.

“One of the ancestors of the Heaven’s sect has already reached the Second Heavenly Layer of Grand Prime. So far, he still doesn’t possess a suitable high quality god artifact, so he’s currently searching the entire world for materials to forge it himself, and the Divine Metal of Profound Ice in the Heavenly Crane clan’s possession happens to be one of the materials he needs. As a result, the Heaven’s sect won’t be giving up on the Divine Metal of Profound Ice. They want to obtain it at the lowest cost possible.” An old man sat beside Hao Ran. He gazed in the direction of the Heavenly Crane clan and said, “However, the Heavenly Crane clan of the Ice Pole Plane isn’t an organisation you can just walk over either…”

After a moment of silence, Hao Ran said, “Great elder, the trials and training in the World of the Fallen Beast can’t continue any further. Hao Chen and I are already prepared to return to the clan.”

“There’s no hurry!” The great elder from the Hao family was called Hao Wanqing. He sipped some spiritual tea made from numerous heavenly resources gently and said slowly, “Ever since the great ceremony began in the World of the Fallen Beast, the organisations have lost contact with the World of the Fallen Beast once again. The teleportation formation in the Two World Mountains is unable to be used either, so something has probably happened again inside. You should stay for now. Perhaps we might require the two of you later on.”
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