Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2924: Secrets of Grand Exalts Two
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2924: Secrets of Grand Exalts Two

“Different? Don’t tell me you’re about to break through and become a sovereign of the world, senior?” Jian Chen’s face stiffened, and his heart began to stir.

Senior Wind shook his head. He did not seem willing to dwell on this topic. He changed the topic. “I better explain the differences between Grand Exalts and Grand Primes to you instead. Shen Jian just happens to have reached the Primordial realm too, so he also has the right to learn about these matters.”

Senior Wind paused and tidied through his thoughts. “For a very lengthy time in the past, there was no such thing as Godhood or the Primordial realm within the divisions of cultivation. Instead, everything was calculated from the level of laws comprehended. Cultivators who have just comprehended the laws and stepped into Godhood are on the first percent of laws. As their comprehension of the ways deepens, the level of laws progresses in this way until they reach the very apex, the hundredth percent.”

“A hundred percent of the laws is the limit of the ways. That realm is the height at which Grand Exalts stand at. If someone hasn’t reached a hundred percent, even if they’re at the realm of the ninety-ninth percent, then they’re still of the Ninth Heavenly Layer.”

“Only a single step seems to separate ninety-nine percent and a hundred percent, but this step represents grasping ninety-nine percent of a law and grasping an entire law. There’s a qualitative difference between the two.”

“It’s exactly because of this qualitative difference that a colossal disparity in strength exists between Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Primes and Grand Exalts. As for whether Grand Exalts have surpassed the realm of Grand Primes, I posed this question to the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths in the past.”

Reaching there, senior Wind could not help but think about everything that had happened during his conversation with the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths. His gaze deepened slightly. “Back then, the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths seemed to treat this matter as taboo. In the end, all he told me was the height at which Grand Exalts stood at actually still belonged to the realm of Grand Primes. The only difference was they had reached the very end of a way.”

“Grand Exalt is not actually a realm of cultivation, but a term of reverence. It’s a term of reverence to those who have comprehended the laws to the limit, basically becoming the embodiment of the heavenly ways and can influence the operation of the heavenly ways.”

Reaching there, senior Wind let out a long sigh. “That’s what he said, but I’m still someone who has clashed with a Grand Exalt after all. Out of all the Grand Primes, I would definitely be the one who understands the power of Grand Exalts the most.”

Senior Wind’s gaze became filled with fear. His voice sank. “The power of having completely grasped a way is completely beyond what any Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime can handle. Although I still don’t understand why those Grand Exalts still view their realm of cultivation as Grand Prime, in my opinion, the power of Grand Exalts have completely surpassed the realm of Grand Primes. They completely deserve to be called a higher realm of their own.”


“Grand Exalts are actually so powerful…”

After listening to the Wind Venerable’s explanation of Grand Exalts, Jian Chen was shocked. He also gained a deeper understanding towards figures like that.

“Jian Chen, your talent is no worse than Shen Jian’s. You don’t practise the core cultivation method of the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens, the Azulet Swords Law. Instead, you practise the Chaotic Body. Sigh, what a pity. What a great pity…” Senior Wind saw through Jian Chen’s cultivation method with a single glance and immediately felt sorry for him. “When you practised the Chaotic Body, were you aware that whether it’s the Saints’ World or the Spirits’ World, no one who practises the Chaotic Body can reach Grand Prime?”

“I obviously know about that, but I don’t regret practising the Chaotic Body,” Jian Chen answered.

“So be it. Since you’ve chosen this path, I won’t say anything more. However, although you can’t reach Grand Prime with your cultivation, your comprehension is unrestricted. However, once you reach Grand Prime, the opponents you encounter will obviously be of the same level as you. By then, their cultivations will completely surpass yours. You might be able to keep up with them in terms of comprehension, but as long as your cultivation has fallen behind, you’ll just become the weakest within your level.”

“Even if you manage to reach a hundred percent with your comprehension of laws and become a sovereign of the world one day, you’ll probably just be of the weakest kind…” The Wind Venerable shook his head with a sigh as if he felt this was not worth it because of Jian Chen’s limited future accomplishments.

“Though, disadvantages and advantages go hand in hand. You might not be able to reach Grand Prime with your cultivation, but you will be able to live for much longer. As long as you don’t die at the hands of power enemies, you’ll live even longer than Grand Exalts…”

Jian Chen’s heart skipped a beat as if he had just made a new discovery. He was completely taken aback. “Senior Wind, Grand Exalts have lifespans too?”

“They don’t…” Senior Wind shook his head and murmured as if he did not want to go into detail. He turned towards Shen Jian. “Shen Jian, how have you been progressing lately? At least you haven’t chosen the wrong direction by primarily practising the Way of the Sword as a member of the Starry Sword race. However, because the bloodline of the Starry Sword race in you is thin, the powers of the bloodline haven’t manifested at all.”

“One of the supreme treasures of our Spiritsage clan, the Holy Spirit’s Blood, can deal with the problem of your bloodline, but it’s a pity that the Holy Spirit’s Blood has already ended up in the hands of those two scoundrels. Otherwise, if you had the assistance of the Holy Spirit’s Blood, you could completely awaken your bloodline. Not only will it increase your strength drastically, but it will also give you access to the various powers of the Starry Sword race. Your potential will become even greater too.”

“Don’t worry, senior Wind. Even without the bloodline of the Starry Sword race, I’m confident that I won’t be weaker than any prodigy of the Starry Sword race,” Shen Jian said confidently. He was extremely indifferent about the problem regarding his bloodline.

Senior Wind nodded in delight. He said, “Your confidence is obviously a good thing. As for the Holy Spirit’s Blood, I’ll retrieve it sooner or later.”

“Those two scoundrels have done quite a lot of bad deeds over the years. Apart from the Holy Spirit’s Blood, many of the treasures our predecessors left behind have ended up in their hands, like the Cosmic Reversal Umbrella of the Soaring Feather race and the Scepter of Life of the Wood Spirits. Those are both god artifacts Grand Exalts wielded. In the past, they had both been taken away by their clansmen when the Soaring Feather race and the Wood Spirits broke apart. But now, the two items have both ended up in the hands of the two scoundrels.” Senior Wind let out a long sigh and said, “Speaking of which, the two branches of the Soaring Feather race and the Wood Spirits are probably done for too.”

Jian Chen was taken aback. He immediately asked, “Senior, is the Scepter of Life one of the two lifebound god artifacts the Grand Exalt of the Wood Spirits wielded in the past?”

“That’s right. The two lifebound god artifacts of the Grand Exalt of the Wood Spirits are the Scepter of Life and the Source of Life, one offensive and one defensive. So far, it’s already confirmed that the Scepter of Life has ended up in the hands of the two scoundrels, but even if they possess it, they can’t use it, as only those who comprehend the Laws of Life can wield the scepter.”

“Right now, the only thing I’m worried about is them obtaining the other lifebound god artifact of the Grand Exalt of the Wood Spirits, the Source of Life. Only those who comprehend the Laws of Life can use the Scepter of Life, so there are many restrictions, but anyone can use the Source of Life, as the Source of Life is a healing god artifact the Grand Exalt of the Wood Spirits condensed from his comprehensions of the Laws of Life that have reached the extreme. It is the very basis of his life.”

“If the two scoundrels obtain the Source of Life, no one will be able to kill them unless a Grand Exalt takes action…”
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    《Chaotic Sword God》