Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2925: Parasites of the Clan
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2925: Parasites of the Clan

Senior Wind only remained for six hours before leaving. The time he spent with a clear mind each time was not long. It was only a few hours.

After senior Wind left, Jian Chen did not immediately resume cultivating. He sat where he was and could not help but think about the Myriad Bone Guild.

Let alone the fact that the Myriad Bone Guild had schemed to harm Sacredfeather, they even turned their attention to him now, trying to get him to die to senior Wind who had lost his rationality.

If Jian Chen had not coincidentally run into Shen Jian and Shen Jian coincidentally possessed the way to restrain senior Wind, then he really might have been doomed with this trip.

“The Myriad Bone Guild…” Jian Chen murmured softly. A fierce light flashed through his eyes. However, he also understood that he could only bide his time for now despite the Myriad Bone Guild working against him.

The Myriad Bone Guild was far too powerful. To Jian Chen, they were a tremendous, unshakeable being, an existence he could only look up to.

“Jian Chen, you probably won’t be able to exact your revenge on the Myriad Bone Guild, as senior Wind definitely won’t spare them. Once senior Wind deals with his problem, the first thing he’ll do is destroy the Myriad Bone Guild.”

“Senior Wind hates the Myriad Bone Guild even more than you, so it probably won’t be up to you for revenge…”

Shen Jian also knew how the Myriad Bone Guild had tried to harm Jian Chen. Seeing how murderous Jian Chen was, he could not help but joke.

Jian Chen exhaled deeply and slowly calmed himself, stopping himself from thinking about the Myriad Bone Guild. Instead, he turned his attention to Sacredfeather.

The blood-red cocoon condensed from the energy of the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways had gradually changed in colour. Through the cocoon, he could now roughly make out Sacredfeather as he laid in there quietly.

As the power of the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways diminished, Jian Chen could send the senses of his soul inside. He examined the injuries within Sacredfeather with great caution and finally let out a smile of relief.

According to his observations, Sacredfeather’s condition was currently taking a turn for the better. Not only did the power of bloodlines within the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways strengthen Sacredfeather’s bloodline, but it also assisted his bloodline in launching a counterattack against the bloodline of the Grand Exalt of the Darkstar race.

This counterattack could be viewed as a form of devouring.

No matter how powerful the Grand Exalt’s bloodline was, it was still without further support at the end of the day. On the other hand, Sacredfeather’s bloodline seemed to receive a huge reserve of energy with the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways’ support. It immediately turned the tides and gained the upper hand.

And, as the bloodline of the Grand Exalt was devoured, Sacredfeather’s bloodline strengthened.

As for Sacredfeather’s body that had already been converted to the Darkstar race, it slowly recovered under the cleansing of the power of bloodlines from the Sacred Blood Fruit of Ways and himself.

The scales of victory had completely tipped in Sacredfeather’s favour already.

“With his current situation, Sacredfeather will recover before long.” Jian Chen completely stopped worrying. He continued with absorbing Gusta’s fleshly core to replenish his Chaotic Force.


On the Cloud Plane in the southern region, within a high grade divine crystal mine under the Tian Yuan clan’s control, several late Godkings currently huddled together. They were all vigilant as they secretly conspired something.

These Godkings were all subordinates of the Tian Yuan clan. The Tian Yuan clan had specially sent them here to watch over and protect the high grade divine crystal mine.

“There’s still seven more days until the annual date of handing up the divine crystals. When the time comes, we’ll have to hand all the divine crystals we mined during the past year to the clan. Has Du Long completed his preparations with his side of things?”

“Don’t worry, everything has been organised. In two days’ time, Du Long will call along a few shams to attack our divine crystal mine. Afterwards, we’ll all leave here in pursuit. As long as we’re gone, the divine crystal mine will not be protected by any Godkings anymore. Afterwards, Du Long will open the formations using the method we told him, and he’ll obviously be able to sneak in here in complete secrecy…”

“We’ve already mined all the low and mid grade divine crystals on the outskirts, so basically all the yield this year is high grade divine crystals. That’s equivalent to a decade of yield from the past. If we succeed this time, we’ll be getting over a million high grade divine crystals each at the very least even after we pay off the sirs above us…”

“Yeah. Once this happens, even if Xi Yu tries to hold us accountable, we can just say that we fell for the enemy’s trap. Moreover, with the sirs above us speaking for us, Xi Yu won’t be able to do anything to us even as the vice leader of the Tian Yuan clan…”

When they reached there, the conspiring Godkings could not help but snicker as if their scheme had succeeded. All of their eyes shone. They had begun treating this region of mineral resources that belonged to the Tian Yuan clan as their own, personal land of bountiful treasure a long time ago.

At this moment, the formation nearby suddenly rippled slightly.

“Who is it!?” the Godkings changed in expression and barked. They all rushed out.

All they saw was a mere early Overgod doing all that he could to conceal his presence, unleashing his full speed and flying away from the mine.

Numerous formations had been cast down in the divine crystals mines a long time ago. However, the early Overgod cultivator only needed to form a seal with his hands, and all the obstructing formations cracked open, allowing him to pass through with ease.

“He’s from the division of oversight! Oh no, kill him…”

Seeing the Overgod’s hand seals, the Godkings that guarded the place immediately changed in expression and chased after him. At the same time, they mobilised the guards, directly ordering them to kill him.

Immediately, all the guards stationed in this region rushed about, gathering towards the Overgod.

“I am a supervisor from the division of oversight of the Tian Yuan clan. Everyone, move aside…”

“Hmph, how dare you, thief! Do you really think that you can brazenly impersonate a supervisor just by stealing a supervisor’s tablet? Since you’ve killed a supervisor of our Tian Yuan clan, don’t even think about leaving here alive.” At the back, the Godkings called out together. They were frantic as they began a desperate pursuit.

However, formations enveloped this region of the mines. Every single formation was like a city wall that blocked their path. Although they had the authority to open these obstructing formations, the authority clearly was not as high as the people from the division of oversight. As a result, they were always a step slower than the people from the division of oversight when they opened formations.

It was exactly because of the obstructions of their own formations that the Godkings struggled to chase down an Overgod.

“These damned formations…”

“We have to suggest to the sirs later to make Xi Yu take back the high authority over the formations she’s bestowed to the division of oversight, or that’s far too disadvantageous to us…”

The pursuing Godking fumed inside. They chased after the early Overgod and directly arrived outside the formation.
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