Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2955: The Saint Monarch Passes
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2955: The Saint Monarch Passes

With the Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy’s departure, the Grand Prime ancestors of the Violet Crepeflower clan and the Dao clan all congratulated the Lightning God clan. After wishing the Lightning Saint Monarch an early recovery, they left there with their subsidiary organisations.

Soon afterwards, the Lightning God clan retreated as well. With their departure, the passageway between the two worlds that had been blocked by the ancestral elder of the right for over two centuries finally returned to normal operation.

“We can finally go in. I wonder which sovereign left behind the legacy in the Spirits’ World this time. Though, in order to obtain this legacy, we’ve brought all the prodigies from the various races from the clan.” Bai Cheng and Zi Lan of the Spiritsages both eased up before entering the passageway excitedly and eagerly.

Perhaps because only they could be regarded as true citizens of the Spirits’ World, the Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy gave the Spiritsages special priority, so they were among the first wave of organisations that entered.

A high grade god artifact divine hall radiated with the great power of lightning as it sped through the vast outer space.

On the highest floor was the ancestral elder of the right, Lei Shiguang, Lei Yun, and Lei Huaji seated together.

“Ancestral elder of the right, I’ve left down the clan’s hopes. I’ve failed to find the Origin of Ways in my trip to the Spirits’ World.” Lei Shiguang clasped his fist at the ancestral elder of the right in self-blame and guilt.

The ancestral elder of the right seemed so excited and overjoyed on the surface earlier, but he had actually prepared himself mentally for another answer already. As a result, he was not overly surprised when he heard Lei Shiguang’s report.

All he did was let out a great sigh and say slowly, “Apart from the three of you, who else knows about this?”

“No one else apart from us,” said Lei Shiguang.

“We must keep this as an absolute secret. Apart from the elder of the left who’s watching the clan, you can’t mention this to anyone, not even Lei Yan and Lei Ming. Do you understand?” The ancestral elder of the right suddenly became extremely stern.

“You have nothing to worry about, ancestral elder. We understand the significance of the matter, so it’ll never be divulged. We’ll only tell the entire clan that we’ve already found the Origin of Ways.” Lei Yun and Lei Huaji guaranteed it.

The ancestral elder of the right nodded. “Apart from that, contact Lei Conglong of the Heavenly Lightning clan. Have them devote all their efforts towards gathering the Soil of Divine Blood. The Soil of Divine Blood possesses some of the divine powers left behind by Grand Exalts. We’ve failed to obtain the Origin of Ways, so all we can do now is find some Soil of Divine Blood to alleviate the Saint Monarch’s wounds.”

“Ancestral elder of the right, are the Saint Monarch’s wounds really that severe?” Lei Yun and Lei Huaji were both shocked.

The ancestral elder of the right sighed gently. He said nothing.

But at this moment, the ancestral elder of the right’s expression changed slightly. He immediately became stern and said solemnly, “The elder of the left has contacted me through the secret technique. He wants me to rush back to the clan immediately.”

“The elder of the left would never call me back in such a hurry unless it’s for something extremely urgent. This must be very significant. Let’s go. I’ll take you with me.”

With a flash of lightning, the divine hall vanished. Only the ancestral elder of the right appeared in outer space, but in the next moment, he turned into a bolt of lightning and vanished into the sea of stars at an unbelievable speed.

In the Lightning Zone of Annihilation where the Lightning God clan resided, the ancestral elder of the right, the ancestral elder of the left, and Lei Shiguang all appeared within the paramount divine hall in the very depths of the clan. They stood side-by-side, forming a line.

Before the three of them sat a middle-aged man. He wore a monarch’s head ornament and was dressed in lightning robes. He naturally radiated with a sense of dignity.

He was the one in charge of the Lightning God clan, as well as one of the eight renowned Saint Monarchs of the Saints’ World, the Lightning Saint Monarch!

Right now, the Lightning Saint Monarch was extremely pale, and his presence was extremely feeble. He seemed sickly.

“I can’t last any longer. Elder of the left, elder of the right, as well as Shiguang, only the three of you are late Grand Primes in the Lightning God clan. From now onwards, the Lightning God clan will be completely up to you.” The Lightning Saint Monarch sat on the ground. His eyes were dim, and his voice was extremely weak.

“Saint Monarch, you have to hold on. The Lightning God clan can’t afford to lose you!”

The expressions of the two ancestral elders and Lei Shiguang all changed drastically with that. They were shocked.

They had known that the Saint Monarch was heavily injured long ago. Originally, they thought the wounds only healed slowly, so he would make a full recovery sooner or later.

However, the three of them never expected his wounds to be so severe, where even one of the eight mighty Saint Monarchs, the Lightning Saint Monarch, would be forced to tell them his last words and give instructions for after his death.

The two ancestral elders and Lei Shiguang were utterly shocked by this.

“Saint Monarch, with your supreme strength close to the peak of perfection and the support of a sovereign’s god artifact, you can even hold your ground if you’re up against the Sacred Beast King of the Immortals’ World. Just who caused your injuries? Was it a sovereign of the Immortals’ World?” the ancestral elder of the right asked sternly.

The Lightning Saint Monarch shook his head and said weakly, “It’s not a sovereign of the Immortals’ World, nor is it the Sacred Beast King. The person who injured me is a rising star of the Immortals’ World that no one’s heard about.”

“What? A rising star?” The ancestral elders and Lei Shiguang were all dumbstruck.

The Lightning Saint Monarch recalled that battle in the past. He became extremely stern, and he said weakly, “The rising star’s cultivation method is extremely profound. She’s very powerful, but that’s not the reason for her overwhelming strength. The reason why she could heavily injure me is because of the brush in her possession.”

“The brush possesses unbelievable power. It was through the brush that she managed to contend against the Dao Heaven Saint Monarch, the East Origination Saint Monarch, the leader of the Myriad Bone Guild, as well as me at the same time. Although we killed her with our combined efforts in the end, the brush in her possession vanished. It probably fell into the hands of someone from the Immortals’ World.”

“Ancestral elders and Shiguang, this is what the brush looks like. If you ever encounter an expert of the Immortals’ World who wields this brush, you must be careful. It would be best if you avoid fighting against them altogether.”

“My wounds were caused by this brush. I have also died to this brush.”

As he said that, the power of lightning immediately gathered and rapidly formed the shape of a brush before the Lightning Saint Monarch.

The barrel of the brush was engraved with the word “Dominion”!

The ancestral elders and Lei Shiguang all stared at the brush. Their eyes were completely fixated on it as if they were filled with utter hatred and fury towards it.

“I’ll be going. From now onwards, whoever breaks through to the Ninth Heavenly Layer first will be in charge of the Lightning God clan and will become the new Saint Monarch.” With that, the Lightning Saint Monarch’s body gradually began to disintegrate. It started with his head before spreading down slowly. He turned into dust before transforming into a ball of energy that dispersed into the surroundings.

In a mere few seconds, the Lightning Saint Monarch’s body vanished completely, disintegrating completely. Only the head ornament and the robes remained.

“Saint Monarch!” The ancestral elders and Lei Shiguang were utterly devastated, all kneeling on the ground and crying out mournfully.
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