Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2964: The Moon God Hall
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2964: The Moon God Hall

The Heavenly Crane clan obviously had no reason to turn down Jian Chen’s requests. They agreed to all of them without the slightest hesitation, as three catties of Soil of Divine Blood was already an astronomical sum to the Heavenly Crane clan. In particular, in this sensitive period of time, three catties of Soil of Divine Blood seemed especially important.

On the other hand, there was not the slightest difficulty for the Heavenly Crane clan to fulfill any of Jian Chen’s requests. It would not even cost them much at all to fulfil them.

As a result, the Soil of Divine Blood had basically fallen into the laps of the three ancestors. It was a one-sided deal.

He Qianchi did not hog all the merit either. Under his strong recommendations, He Qianqian also began to receive the favours of the ancestors for good. Even the status of the branch that He Qianqian belonged to rose drastically in the Heavenly Crane clan.

As a peak clan, the Heavenly Crane clan had numerous clansmen and a whole mess of factions and branches. There was obviously a sizable amount of internal strife too.

Through this incident, the branch that He Qianqian belonged to, as well as her father’s generation, finally began to rise in prominence.

On the same day, after handing the Soil of Divine Blood to the ancestors, He Qianchi ventured to the clan treasury with a letter personally penned by the ancestors, removing a large quantity of God Pills of Condensing Blood before personally handing them to Jian Chen.

“There’s a total of a hundred and seventy God Pills of Condensing Blood here. That’s the entire supply in the clan. Of course, this is just the first batch. Our clan is already gathering the materials to refine God Pills of Condensing Blood. Once we’ve gathered them, the ancestor will immediately start refining, and the second batch of God Pills of Condensing Blood will be delivered to you soon afterwards,” He Qianchi smiled. He did not even bat an eye when he gave away so many God Pills of Condensing Blood all at once.

Giving away so many low grade God Tier pills all at once would indeed be painful to other peak organisations.

However, to the Heavenly Crane clan that had a grandmaster alchemist and could produce God Pills of Condensing Blood en masse at any time, this was absolutely nothing.

The primary reason why God Tier pills always fetched such a great price in the Saints’ World apart from the various materials they required was because there were only that many grandmaster alchemists that could refine God Tier pills.

Moreover, the success rate of the refinement process had to be taken into account too.

After giving all the pills to Jian Chen, He Qianchi continued, “Also, in regards to your request for the ancestor to teach you alchemy in person, she’s agreed to it. The ancestor personally said that you can venture to the Heavenly Crane clan whenever you’d like, and she’ll personally guide you.”

Jian Chen could clearly sense that He Qianchi was much friendlier to him ever since he returned from the Heavenly Crane clan.

However, he was not surprised, as he understood the value of Soil of Divine Blood extremely well. The Heavenly Crane clan had obviously profited tremendously by him only demanding so much in exchange for three catties of Soil of Divine Blood.

His objective behind this was obviously to use the opportunity to help out He Qianqian.

With the God Pills of Condensing Blood in hand, Jian Chen did not want to stay there for a moment longer. He bade farewell to He Qianchi and left in a hurry. He was not in a rush to learn alchemy from the ancestor of the Heavenly Crane clan, as there was something much more important for him to do right now.

He had to replenish his chaotic essence blood!

Jian Chen used the mask to hide his presence before changing locations multiple times on the Ice Pole Plane with the Laws of Space. In the end, he entered a bustling city with a brand-new face and temporarily settled down in an inn. He planned on replenishing his chaotic essence blood here.

Hidden away among the people, he felt like cultivating in the wilderness was not as safe as a busy city.

Afterwards, Jian Chen entered a long period of secluded cultivation and recuperation. He ate the God Pills of Condensing Blood one by one by one, converting them into droplets of chaotic essence blood.

With an abundant supply of God Pills of Condensing Blood, Jian Chen’s chaotic essence blood began to fill up once more. The strength he had lost with his chaotic essence blood slowly returned too.

Several months later, Jian Chen had depleted the entire batch of God Pills of Condensing Blood he had received from He Qianchi, but fortunately, He Qianchi delivered the second batch of freshly-refined God Pills of Condensing Blood in time, which was why Jian Chen could continue at the same rate.

The second batch only amounted to a hundred pills. It was less than the first batch, but it was more than enough for Jian Chen.

Finally, after depleting over sixty percent of the second batch, the chaotic essence blood in Jian Chen’s body was full once more. He had returned to his peak condition.

Only around thirty pills remained now.

In the room enveloped by formations, Jian Chen suddenly stood up from the jade bed. Sensing the seemingly-endless power flow through his body, he could not help but smile victoriously.

He had been waiting for this day for far too long. This long-lost feeling, this great power, finally allowed him to find the confidence where he felt like he could deal with anything again.

In the next moment, Jian Chen’s figure suddenly vanished. Without alarming anybody, he had left the inn and the bustling city elusively.

The Moon God Hall had quite the renown on the Ice Pole Plane, as they had produced Nan Potian. After Nan Potian became a Grand Prime, the Moon God Hall successfully squeezed into the ranks of peak organisations.

The Moon God Hall sat on a pure-white tundra in the northern region of the Ice Pole Plane. There was almost no human activity there. Apart from the disciples of the Moon God Hall that came and went every now and then, basically no one set foot there.

“The Moon God hall is actually a high quality god artifact!”

At this moment, a hundred kilometers away from the Moon God Hall, Jian Chen stood while merged with space, hiding in the surroundings perfectly as he closely observed the pure-white divine hall sitting on the tundra.

The Moon God Hall was just like its name, seeming like it was condensed from moonlight. The entire divine hall shone with the gentle glow of the moon, which made the surrounding ice and snow sparkle.

“It’s a high quality god artifact, but it no longer possesses its former glory. The artifact spirit is already gone. It’s just an empty husk now. It’s more symbolic than practical,” Jian Chen rejoiced inside. A high quality god artifact without an artifact spirit obviously posed much smaller of a threat to him.

At this moment, a Godking dressed in the uniform of the Moon God Hall flew out, flying over from the distance at a steady pace.

Hidden in space, Jian Chen immediately locked onto him and began tailing him silently.

With his Laws of Space that had reached the Eighth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime, he obviously could not be noticed by a measly Godking. As a result, he tailed the Godking for several tens of thousand kilometers. Only when they were very far from the Moon God Hall did he finally show himself to the Godking. He gave off the aura of a peak Godking and put on an act as if he was hurrying towards the Moon God Hall and just happened to run into the Godking.

“Hmm? Fellow, are you from the Moon God Hall?” Jian Chen feigned surprise and clasped his fist at the Godking in an amicable manner.

“Can’t you see this king’s uniform? Apart from people of the Moon God Hall, who’s bold enough to be dressed like this?” The Godking stared at Jian Chen coldly and asked warily, “Who are you? Why do you block my path?”

“That’s fantastic. I’ve finally found a disciple of the Moon God Hall. Greetings, junior brother. My name is Yue Mo, and my master is the Moon God, so I’m technically your senior brother.” Jian Chen smiled widely.

“Your master’s the Moon God? You’re hall master Nan’s disciple? Why have I never heard about you?” The Godking was filled with doubt.

“Hall master Nan? Haha, I still don’t know my master’s name, so I don’t know if my master is the hall master Nan you speak of. However, I did hear from my master that he’s already spent almost a hundred thousand years in the miniature world I was born in.”

“What? You’re a disciple of the previous Moon God?” The Godking was shocked by that before immediately taking out a jade talisman and crushing it without the slightest hesitation.

“Junior brother, what are you doing?” Jian Chen watched the Godking do everything with suspicion.

A crafty light appeared in the Godking’s eyes, and he forced out a smile. “Since you’re a disciple of the previous Moon God, then you obviously possess great status. It’s your first time visiting the Moon God Hall too, so we obviously have to welcome you gloriously. We’ll have an elder of the Moon God Hall accompany us.”

“Please wait for a moment, senior brother. An elder of our Moon God Hall will personally come to take you back to the hall gloriously.” As he said that, the Godking sneered inside, “It doesn’t matter whether your identity is real or not. Anything relating to the previous Moon God must be handled seriously. This is what the great elder personally instructed.”

“Even if it’s clearly all a sham, it must be treated and handled as real.”
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    《Chaotic Sword God》