Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2965: Sixth Elder
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2965: Sixth Elder

“You’re far too polite, junior brother. Oh right, I once heard from master that he has a daughter. She seems to be called fairy Hao Yue or something. Do you know if master’s daughter is still around?” Jian Chen then asked.

Hearing Jian Chen mention fairy Hao Yue. the Godking immediately became even more enthusiastic. He said in a hurry, “You’re completely right. The previous Moon God did indeed have a daughter. She called herself fairy Hao Yue. Though, because of my lowly status, I don’t have the right to learn anything regarding fairy Hao Yue. The elder is almost here, so you’re more than welcome to ask the elder, senior brother. The elder will definitely know.”

As they spoke, the Godking became more and more excited. Earlier, he still had doubts about Jian Chen’s identity as a disciple of the Moon God, but when Jian Chen mentioned fairy Hao Yue, he became mostly convinced.

In the Moon God Hall, finding any details regarding the Moon God was a huge contribution. Now that a person who claimed to be a disciple of the previous Moon God had stumbled before him unwittingly, all this merit had basically fallen into the Godking’s lap.

“This person should have only arrived in this world recently, or he’s just arrived on the Ice Pole Plane, so he has no idea about what happened to the Moon God Hall over the recent years,” the Godking sneered inside. He looked at Jian Chen like he was looking at a corpse.

That’s right. In his eyes, Jian Chen was already no different from a dead man.

Very soon, a bearded old man with white hair rushed over from the direction of the Moon God Hall. He radiated with the presence of a Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime.

“Ding Mao, you said you’ve found leads regarding the previous Moon God. Is that true?” the old man immediately asked the Godking excitedly as soon as he arrived.

“Sixth elder, I have indeed found leads regarding the previous Moon God. This person claims to be a disciple of the previous Moon God.” Ding Mao was extremely polite before the elder of the Moon God Hall.

The sixth elder’s gaze immediately landed on Jian Chen. He could tell with a single glance that he was a peak Godking, and his expression immediately became cold.

To a Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime like him, all Godkings were no different from ants in his eyes.

“Are you really a disciple of the previous Moon God?” The sixth elder studied Jian Chen. He was stern.

“The previous Moon God?” Jian Chen showed doubt when he heard that. He said, “I don’t know if my master is the previous Moon God or the current Moon God. Anyway, my master just said he was the master of the Moon God Hall of the Ice Pole Plane, or the Moon God in other words. He never mentioned whether he was the current or previous hall master.”

“Hahahahaha!” Hearing that, the sixth elder laughed aloud. “That can’t be wrong then. When the previous Moon God left, he was indeed still the hall master of the Moon God Hall.”

The sixth elder’s gaze suddenly sharpened, like a pair of needles trying to pierce Jian Chen’s eyes and read all of the thoughts in his mind. At the same time, he barked, “Where is your master right now?”

“Master is in a miniature world, but master has given me strict orders to not divulge any details regarding him. I’ve actually come in secret this time.” Jian Chen came off as overcautious and inexperienced.

“He even forbid you from divulging any details? Hahaha, that’s not up for you to decide anymore.” The sixth elder sneered. He arrived before Jian Chen in a flash, and his hand erupted with great power, clamping down on Jian Chen’s shoulder like a vice. He used his power of the Primordial realm to restrict all of Jian Chen’s movements.

“You better come with me. Once we’re back at the Moon God Hall, I’ll make you tell me where the previous Moon God is hiding in detail.” The sixth elder sneered, about to take Jian Chen away, but in the next moment, his expression suddenly changed.

To his surprise, the disciple of the previous Moon God he had restrained was actually as heavy as a mountain. Let alone taking him back to the Moon God Hall by force, he would struggle to move him at all even if he used all of his strength.

“You-” The sixth elder widened his eyes, which were filled with shock. He obviously understood what this meant. It meant that his strength was on a completely different level.

“Looks like you’re on Nan Potian’s side.” Jian Chen stopped acting. Both his expression and gaze coldened. After letting out a gentle sigh, he waved hand, and the sixth elder, the Godking Ding Mao, and he all vanished.

A million kilometers away, in a glacial valley well below surface level, the intense coldness flowed around freely and formed a thick, icy fog that hid everything. Visibility was at a minimum.

At this moment, space pulsed, and Jian Chen appeared there silently with the sixth elder and Ding Mao. At the same time, a spatial barrier appeared silently, isolating this region from the outside world.

“This is the Sheer Ice Valley. Y- you’ve actually brought us from near the Moon God Hall to the Sheer Ice Valley in a single moment. W- who are you exactly?” The sixth elder immediately recognised this place and lost his usual composure and bearing. His face paled. Never had he become so stern before.

“What? T- this is Sheer Ice Valley? Sheer Ice Valley is almost two million kilometers away from the Moon God Hall!” Ding Mao was quite frightened too. He was overwhelmed with fear.

By now, he could clearly tell that this person who claimed to be a disciple of the previous Moon God was a sham. He had truly come with ill intentions.

“I’m fairy Hao Yue’s friend. I recently heard she was in trouble, so I’ve specially come to investigate.” Jian Chen stared at the sixth elder coldly. His sharp gaze even made the sixth elder’s eyes ache. “Answer my questions truthfully. If you cooperate, I might even spare your life. Otherwise, I think you know about the fate awaiting you.”

Before the sixth elder could say anything, Ding Mao had already answered instinctively. His voice trembled. “Fairy Hao Yue is already dead. Behind our Moon God Hall is the Flame Reverend-”

However, as soon as Ding Mao reached there, his body exploded violently, turning into a cloud of blood.

The sixth elder was terribly frightened by that. Ding Mao was a Godking after all, yet his body had been destroyed mysteriously. He could not even make out what Jian Chen had done.

No, it was more accurate to say that Jian Chen had not done anything at all. Ding Mao’s body had exploded for no reason.

This eerie sight made the sixth elder shiver inside.

He understood extremely well that let alone Infinite Primes, but even Chaotic Primes one cultivation realm higher did not possess a way to kill people like that.

In the eyes of Chaotic Primes, Godkings were like ants. They could be slain effortlessly, but they still had to move a finger at the very least.

But right now, he had not even moved a finger, and the Godking was just gone.

The sixth elder gulped and said reluctantly, “Senior, you might be powerful, and you might have killed Ding Mao, but I still have a word of advice for you. Our Moon God Hall might be nothing on the Ice Pole Plane, but we have the support of a supreme figure, the Flame Reverend. If you do this, senior, you’ll be offending the Flame Reverend.”

“Looks like you don’t plan on cooperating,” Jian Chen said emotionlessly. Soon afterwards, he waved his hands, and a dense cloud of sword Qi suddenly condensed from thin air, surrounding the sixth elder.

Soon afterwards, the sword Qi began to spin around the sixth elder rapidly like a giant meat grinder. The sixth elder’s miserable cries rang out with that.

The sixth elder tried to resist, but before an expert like Jian Chen who could even contend with Chaotic Primes, it was clearly a futile effort with his Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime cultivation. It was useless.

Very soon, the sixth elder’s body was destroyed, just leaving a faint and feeble soul floating there.

“I’ll never betray the Flame Reverend. Even if you kill me, don’t even think about learning anything from me. As for the friend you mentioned, fairy Hao Yue, she died at the hands of the hall master a long time ago. Hahahahahaha!” The sixth elder’s soul expressed as if he was fearless of death.

“If that’s the case, then you can suffer.” Jian Chen’s voice grew colder. He began to target the sixth elder’s soul with Martial Soul Force.

Jian Chen’s current Martial Soul Force was still very weak. Compared to his accomplishments with the Ways of the Sword, the current level of his Martial Soul Force was not even worth mentioning.

However, Martial Soul Force obviously possessed its unique characteristics, which was that it targeted the soul.

As a result, Martial Soul Force was perfect for dealing with the sixth elder who had lost his body and was reduced to a soul now.
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