Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 2968: Yun Wufeng
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 2968: Yun Wufeng

In the Moon God Hall, no one had any idea that one of the three great elders present, Hong Moqing, was already dead. Everything in the Moon God Hall unfolded as usual, like nothing had happened at all. The Moon God Hall continued to operate silently in its own way.

As for Jian Chen, his disguise as the sixth elder was truly flawless in the Moon God Hall due to the sixth elder’s secret cooperation. No one could notice any abnormalities.

He swaggered through the Moon God Hall under the identity of the sixth elder without coming across any obstructions, making his way right towards the bottom of the Moon God Hall.

“Greetings, sixth elder.”

“Greetings, sixth elder.”


Similar voices constantly rang out in the Moon God Hall. Along the way, Jian Chen had no idea just how many disciples of the Moon God Hall he had run into. He even saw a few Infinite Prime elders just like him, and they actually went out of their way to greet Jian Chen.

If it were not for the sixth elder’s cooperation, Jian Chen’s disguise might have fallen apart.

After all, this was the Saints’ World, not the Darkstar World. The Saints’ World was filled with scheming and deceit, so basically all the Primordial realm experts that had grown up in the Saints’ World had witnessed all kinds of schemes possible. They were not as easy to fool as the Primordial realm experts of the Darkstar World.

“Sixth elder, we still have some matters to attend to, so we’ll be bidding farewell to you. We definitely need to go for a few cups the next time we’re free.”

Finally, Jian Chen got out of the situation successfully.

It was a smooth journey afterwards. Under the sixth elder’s directions, Jian Chen ventured underground in the Moon God Hall and arrived before a stone wall in the end.

“We’re here. This is it. There’s a hidden door up ahead. Only when it senses the tablet will it appear. After the door is the Burial Moon Cavern,” the sixth elder’s voice rang out in Jian Chen’s head. Afterwards, as if he had recalled something, his frail soul hiding in Jian Chen actually began to tremble uncontrollably. He asked in fear and worry, “Senior, I’ve complied with all of your demands along the way, so I hope you can uphold your promise. In consideration of the fact that it’s been very difficult for me to reach my current realm of cultivation, just spare my lowly life.”

“Don’t worry. If I said I won’t kill you, then I definitely won’t be going back on my word,” Jian Chen said indifferently as if he did not care. Instead, he closely studied the wall right before him.

With his current insight, he could obviously tell the wall was a part of the Moon God Hall. It was made out of extremely tough material. Unless he possessed the terrifying strength that could destroy a high quality god artifact, he could forget about getting through this wall by force.

As for the entrance to the Burial Moon Cavern hidden deep within the wall, Jian Chen saw no hint of it.

As Jian Chen studied the wall, the sixth elder who had been on edge became secretly relieved. He had at last found some peace when Jian Chen recognised his promise to not kill him. He thought to himself, “This senior is a great expert who can instantly kill a Chaotic Prime. In his eyes, a measly Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime like me is obviously even weaker than an ant. How could he break his word for a measly figure like me? Looks like I’ve been thinking too much.”

“I have betrayed the Moon God Hall, but at least I don’t need to suffer the torture of the pain where I’d be better off dead. I’ve basically gotten my life spared too. If the worst comes to worst, I’ll just leave the Moon God Hall and join some other peak organisation on another plane.”

“Looks like it really does need the secret tablet.” With a flip of his hand, Jian Chen took out the tablet he had obtained from Hong Moqing.

The moment the tablet appeared, it immediately began to resonate with the wall. In the next moment, the smooth, glossy wall suddenly split open down the middle, and a door silently appeared.

Jian Chen did not enter immediately. Instead, he sent the senses of his soul in first and discovered it really was a prison. Only then did he enter without worry.

There were many cells scattered throughout the Burial Moon Cavern, but all of them were empty. Only when Jian Chen arrived at the very end of the Burial Moon Cavern did he see a dishevelled old man in rags. He sat in a gloomy corner alone.

“Senior, it’s him, it’s him. He’s Yun Wufeng. He’s already been imprisoned here by hall master Nan for several tens of thousand years…” As soon as he saw Yun Wufeng, the sixth elder’s tone became rather mixed. It was slightly melancholy.

That was all because the person right before them could be considered as half of the previous Moon God and hall master Nan’s master, yet he had actually ended up like this now.

Jian Chen made his way over to Yun Wufeng step by step just like a regular person. He could clearly sense the powerful presence of a Chaotic Prime from Yun Wufeng. It was roughly equivalent to the Sixth Heavenly Layer.

The only thing was this presence had declined quite severely!

Very soon, Jian Chen arrived before great elder Yun Wufeng. He did not try to hide himself at all, except Yun Wufeng did not seem to notice Jian Chen. He just sat there alone without even opening his eyes.

Around him was a dark-red vine. One end of the vine reached deep underground, while the other end pierced his scapula and kept him trapped there.

“This is a Nether Ghost Vine?” Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed slightly when he saw the red vine.

Nether Ghost Vines were a special type of plant. Not only did they possess great life force, making them very difficult to kill, but most importantly, they possessed an evil power. Once the Nether Ghost Vine had trapped someone, they would constantly be tortured by this evil power.

Not only would the evil power harm their body, but it could eat away at their souls too. It was something specially for torture.

Yun Wufeng could still be regarded as half of Nan Potian’s master after all, yet Nan Potian actually treated him like this, which immediately made Jian Chen furious.

“Senior,” Jian Chen called gently.

However, he received no reply. Yun Wufeng continued to sit there with his eyes closed, without budging at all. He seemed to be meditating, having lost senses over the world around him.

However, Jian Chen knew that Yun Wufeng was as conscious as he could be. He had detected his arrival too. The reason why he had not responded was because his heart had almost died from dejection already.

He had ended up like this after facing excruciating torture and suffering and having failed to emerge from his emotional pain.

For a moment, Jian Chen felt deep sympathy towards Yun Wufeng.

“Senior Yun, I’m fairy Hao Yue’s friend. I’ve specially entered the Moon God Hall to rescue you,” Jian Chen said solemnly.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》