Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 3000: A Sense of Belonging
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 3000: A Sense of Belonging

Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath and took a step through space. His figure immediately vanished. When he appeared again, he was already on the mountain soul of the Martial Soul Mountain.

“Greetings, senior brothers and sisters!” Jian Chen clasped his fist and bowed to the seven of them.

For some reason, a strange feeling appeared in his heart when he set foot on the mountain soul.

This feeling immediately allowed his heart that had become extremely unsettled and restless due to his sister’s safety to calm down.

Martial Soul Mountain seemed to be an island that floated on the vast sea. No matter how stormy it was outside, no matter how vicious the thunder and lightning was outside, it could shield him from everything as long as he hid on the island. No matter how astonishing the tidal waves were, it could provide him with a peaceful shelter.

“The Martial Soul Mountain is the final place of belonging for our Martial Soul lineage!” Jian Chen could not help but think of what his seniors had once said to him. As it seemed now, that was not without reason.

That was exactly what he felt right now. The moment he set foot on the mountain soul, he really felt like he had come home after wandering around outside. He completely calmed down.

“The Laws of Space! Eighth junior brother, I didn’t expect your achievements with the Laws of Space to reach such an unbelievable realm!” The Laws of Space that Jian Chen unintentionally revealed immediately made Hun Zang, Chu Jian, and Yue Chao narrow their eyes. They were astonished.

“If I’m correct, eighth junior brother’s mastery over the Laws of Space has probably reached the Eighth Heavenly Layer already or even greater than that.” Chu Jian was amazed.

“What? The Eighth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime? H- how is that possible? Eighth junior brother, don’t tell me second senior brother is telling the truth? Your achievements with the Laws of Space have really reached such a profound realm?” Qing Shan widened his eyes and stared at Jian Chen in disbelief.

Back then in the training grounds of the Radiant Saint Hall, the World of Moon and Star, he and Jian Chen had both been Godkings. They were approximately equally powerful.

Only so much time had passed since then, yet Jian Chen’s achievements with the Laws of Space had already reached the Eighth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime. He was the first to find this unacceptable.

Yun Ziting, Su Qi, and Bai Rufeng all stared at Jian Chen with shining eyes too. They were also filled with undisguisable shock.

Seeing how overwhelmed Qing Shan had become, Jian Chen could not help but smile wryly. “Second senior brother is correct. My current comprehension of the Laws of Space is indeed at the Eighth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime.”

After Jian Chen personally admitted it, Qing Shan behaved like he had just received a heavy blow. He sprayed blood from his mouth in an extremely exaggerated fashion and cried out in a strange manner, “E- E- E- Eight Heavenly Layer! Eighth junior brother has actually reached the Eighth Heavenly Layer! H- h- how am I supposed to live as his senior brother?”

No one paid any attention to Qing Shan’s worries. At that moment, all of their gazes gathered on Jian Chen. The eyes of the fifth senior sister Su Qi twinkled. “Eighth junior brother, if I recall correctly, you primarily cultivate the Way of the Sword. Since your Laws of Space have reached the Eighth Heavenly Layer, then what realm has your Way of the Sword reached?”

“Senior sister, my Laws of the Sword just happen to be a little stronger than my Laws of Space. It’s currently at the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime!” Jian Chen answered.

“W- w- w- what? Not only is your Laws of Space at the Eighth Heavenly Layer, but you’ve even comprehended the Way of the Sword to the Ninth Heavenly Layer? You’re a deviant, eighth junior brother. You’re a deviant. I can’t live anymore. I really don’t want to live anymore.” Qing Shan almost began crying from being so overwhelmed. Back then, they had been at the same realm of cultivation. He had even reached Infinite Prime first.

How had their strength completely inverted, even with the difference growing wider, after just a few centuries since they saw one another?

“I spent the past few centuries on the Martial Soul Mountain the entire time, cultivating away arduously, and I’ve only just reached the Third Heavenly Layer. Then I look at eighth junior brother, not only devoting no time to cultivation, but even running around everywhere all day long, yet his strength has increased the fastest. Do the heavens still have a sense of fairness!?” Qing Shan howled, sighing over how unfair the world was.

“Eighth junior brother, just how on earth did you cultivate? Your cultivation has already caught up to me, your sixth senior brother.” Bai Rufeng also stared at Jian Chen like he was staring at a monster as he experienced emotional upheaval.

The three greatest experts of the Martial Soul lineage, Hun Zang, Chu Jian, and Yue Chao, were anything but calm right now too. In such a short amount of time, Jian Chen’s strength had climbed up to the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime at such an unbelievable speed. It was so fast that even the three of them felt deeply shocked.

Ninth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime with the Laws of the Sword!

Eighth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime with the Laws of Space!

Whenever they thought of this, the successors of the Martial Soul Mountain all felt like they were dreaming.

It was simply far too surreal.

The illusionary mountain soul of the Martial Soul Mountain gradually faded from outer space, completely vanishing from there. The power of the mountain soul had already taken the successors of the Martial Soul lineage across an unfathomable space, directly bringing them to the true Martial Soul Mountain.

In an unknown region of space in the Saints’ World, the Martial Soul Mountain drifted through outer space mindlessly in its own way. On the mountain, Jian Chen and the seven others sat around a stone table. They asked Jian Chen about what he had gone through with great interest.

All of them had a huge question mark about how Jian Chen had reached the Ninth Heavenly Layer in such a short amount of time. They were extremely curious.

“Senior brothers and sister, why don’t I take my time and tell you about what I went through during the past few years another time? I have something that’s much more important that I have to deal with right now.” Jian Chen gradually turned solemn. He knew that time was tight, so he did not want to waste too much time. He directly said, “I’ll be honest. I’ve called the senior brothers and sisters this time because I’ve run into a troublesome matter.”

“Little junior brother, what did you run into? You can be honest with us. Our Martial Soul lineage are like siblings. Your matters are also everyone else’s matters. Before your seniors, you don’t have to be polite over anything,” said Su Qi.

“Alright, I’ll be straightforward then. I have a friend who was captured by someone from the Snow sect on the Ice Pole Plane. I want to save this friend.” Jian Chen cut right to the chase.

“The Snow sect, the greatest organisation on the Ice Pole Plane?” Chu Jian’s eyes narrowed with that. He said, “It’s not exactly a big issue. The Snow sect might be powerful, but our Martial Soul lineage has quite the prestige in the Saints’ World. We’ll accompany you to the Snow sect and negotiate with the upper echelon to release your friend.”

“Yeah, that should work. Our Martial Soul lineage may be nowhere close to the Snow sect in terms of strength, but we’re still quite powerful. The Snow sect won’t provoke major organisations pointlessly over some small matters.” Yue Chao nodded and expressed his agreement.

“No, it won’t be that simple. The Snow sect will never release her, as the person they captured is from the Ice Goddess Hall…” Jian Chen explained everything in detail, telling the people of the Martial Soul lineage without concealing anything. He did not even hide his relationship with the Snow Goddess.

“Eighth junior brother, you’re not kidding, are you? The Snow Goddess from the Ice Goddess Hall is your sister?” Qing Shan’s eyes widened tremendously. The shock he experienced right now was even greater than before.

He was not from the same age as the Ice Goddess and the Snow Goddess, but he had heard plenty about these supreme figures of the Ice Pole Plane.

As a result, he understood extremely well just what kind of a major figure the Snow Goddess of the Ice Goddess Hall was.

The fifth senior sister, Su Qi, bit her lip gently. She was also in emotional turmoil.

The Snow Goddess was actually eighth junior brother’s elder sister?

That was far too absurd and far too difficult to believe.

It was not just Qing Shan and Su Qi, but Hun Zang, Chu Jian, Yue Chao, Yun Ziting, and Bai Rufeng as well. When they learnt of Jian Chen’s relationship with the Snow Goddess, they were all deeply shocked.

All of their gazes gathered on Jian Chen, becoming speechless for a very long time. Even after quite a while, they had not returned to their senses.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》