Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 3006: Wu Han
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 3006: Wu Han

Jian Chen was not surprised when ancestor Lan saw through his identity, as Jian Chen knew from the moment ancestor Lan discovered the Martial Soul lineage that he could not keep his identity hidden anymore.

“Ancestor Lan, you better continue calling me Yang Yutian, As for my true identity, I can’t expose it for now due to some special reasons.” Jian Chen clasped his fist. He had always been vigilant about the Myriad Bone Guild. He had no idea whether the Myriad Bone Guild would try to harm him a second time either, so he had to keep his true identity a secret.

As long as his true identity remained hidden, “Jian Chen’ would forever be a corpse in the Myriad Bone Guild’s understanding.

On the other hand, if he revealed his identity prematurely, who knew what other schemes the Myriad Bone Guild would come up with. In particular, at this critical juncture when they were about to declare war against the Snow sect, he could not afford any new problems to crop up unexpectedly. There was no reason for him to provoke a powerful enemy like the Myriad Bone Guild for no reason.

Jian Chen did not exactly have a full understanding of the Myriad Bone Guild, but it was good enough. They were a terrifying force completely on par with the Flame Reverend.

“I probably can’t keep my true identity hidden for much longer, but even if it gets exposed, it needs to be after I save Shui Yunlan,” Jian Chen thought. Lies could not be hidden away forever. In particular, with the Martial Soul lineage entering the battle, it obviously amplified his risk of being exposed. He had already mentally prepared himself for this a long time ago.

Afterwards, Jian Chen told ancestor Lan everything about how the Martial Soul lineage had found an expert to fend off the Icecloud Founding Ancestor.

With that, ancestor Lan’s frown finally eased up. She became relaxed. “That’s fantastic. If that’s the case, then our success rate should be eighty percent or higher.”

“We still have to discuss the exact details of the operation next…”

Afterwards, Jian Chen discussed the details of the operation with the Heavenly Crane clan as the representative of the Martial Soul lineage. After settling everything, he left the Heavenly Crane clan and ventured into outer space again. He passed on the details of their operation he had agreed on with ancestor Lan to his senior brothers and sisters of the Martial Soul lineage.

As for ancestor Lan, she returned to ancestor Shi and ancestor Tian and directly said to them, “We’ve already found a powerful ally against the Snow sect, so I’ve decided to participate alone. You two can watch the Heavenly Crane clan.”

“Little Lan…” Ancestor Shi and ancestor Tian’s faces changed slightly with that. Ancestor Lan stopped them the moment they tried to convince her otherwise. “Ancestor Shi, anestor Tian, there’s no need for you to say anything more. I’ve only decided on participating alone after deep consideration.”

“Even if this succeeds, we’ll basically have interfered with the Snow Goddess’s matters. Given the Snow Goddess’s eccentric personality, she won’t consider our meritorious service. Once she returns, we’ll definitely face the Snow Goddess’ punishment.”

“Since we already have enough strength to contend against the Snow sect, I’ll temporarily leave the Heavenly Crane clan and carry out the rescue as an independent cultivator. That way, even if the Snow Goddess returns in the future, she can only punish me. The clan won’t be dragged in.”

“I’ve already made up my mind. There’s no need for you to say anything more…”


At the same time, in the greatest organisation on the Ice Pole Plane, the Snow sect!

Within the Snow sect, there was a forbidden ground known as the Prison of Ice. The expressions of all the disciples in the Snow sect would change at the thought of the Prison of Ice.

This was a special place for locking up those who had committed great offences against the sect or great sins. Perhaps calling it a land of punishment was more accurate than labelling it as a prison.

The coldness that permeated the Prison of Ice contained a power of great yin and poison. Once the coldness infiltrated someone, not only would the prisoners experience pain like ants were gnawing away at their hearts, but even their souls would be tortured too.

Under this torture, even people as great as Primordial realm experts would find it difficult to bear with.

There had been many of these Primordial realm experts who had committed great mistakes in the history of the Snow sect. In the end, they were forcefully tortured to death in the Prison of Ice, their souls collapsing and disintegrating.

At this moment, in the depths of the Prison of Ice, there was a place enveloped by a powerful barrier. The barrier was so great that even regular Grand Primes would struggle to breach it.

It seemed to be a living hell within the barrier. Miserable howls rang out, the voices sharp and hoarse, filled with extreme agony that could not be described with words. It was impossible to tell whether it came from a woman or a man from how distorted the voices were.

It was a woman in white. Her messy, long hair completely obscured her face, making it impossible to see who she was. There were many holes in her clothes, revealing large portions of her smooth skin.

But at this moment, the woman’s skin was unnaturally pale-white. At a closer glance, it was not difficult to see that eerie coldness constantly infiltrated her body.

Not only did the coldness cause her great harm, but it also caused her agony like she was in a living hell. As a result, she would tremble uncontrollably whenever the coldness infiltrated her body, making her howl in pain.

Her voice had already become hoarse as if her throat was gradually ripping apart as she constantly howled in pain. As such, even speaking became extremely difficult for her despite the presence of a Primordial realm expert she gave off.


At this moment, a crisp, pleasant, and slightly enchanting laughter rang out. An enchanting lady who seemed to be in her twenties stood gracefully before the tortured woman.

However, despite her alluring appearance, her current expression clearly seemed rather vicious.

The vicious expression on her enchanting face seemed to stand in stark contrast, completely destroying the beauty that her face should have possessed.

The woman let out a chime-like laughter, but coldness filled her eyes. She sneered. “Shui Yunlan, my good sister, just give up. You better tell me obediently where you’ve hidden the Snow Goddess. If you tell me quickly, you’ll face a little less torture too.”

At this moment, the woman who had been tortured to the point of desiring death raised her head with difficulty, which revealed a slight bit of her beautiful yet pale-white face.

She was Shui Yunlan!

“Wu Han, you traitor. Don’t even think about… getting even a word… of information… about her majesty… from me,” Shui Yunlan said hoarsely and through gritted teeth. Her voice was all broken up as if every single word she uttered required her full strength.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》