Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 3007: Visiting the Snow Sec
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 3007: Visiting the Snow Sec

Wu Han smiled. Her smile was clearly so beautiful, yet it gave off an eerie and terrifying feeling, enough to make people shiver. “Shui Yunlan, you’re still holding on desperately even now. Though, the Soul Devouring pill will be refined very soon. I think you understand exactly what a Soul Devouring pill’s functions are. Once you ingest the pill, do you think you can still protect any of the secrets in your heart?”

Fear appeared in Shui Yunlan’s eyes when she heard the Soul Devouring pill. She immediately wanted to end her life then and there. She would rather die than expose the Snow Goddess’s hiding place.

However, she was completely restrained, and all of her powers had been sealed up, so she could not even commit suicide.

All she could do was stare straight at Wu Han with utter hatred and detest from her very bones. “Wu Han, you traitor. I curse you to a horrible death. I find it regrettable! I find it regrettable that you didn’t die at the Empyrean Demon Lord’s hands!”

“Oh my. You’re talking about the person behind the Empyrean Demon Cult, aren’t you? He really is extremely powerful, and he’s the only person left that’s bold enough to publicly oppose sir Flame Reverend. He killed his way into the Ice Goddess Hall alone and single-handedly destroyed all of sir Flame Reverend’s arrangements, slaying many experts under sir Flame Reverend’s command. Even that dead bastard Nan Potian could not get away.”

“Unfortunately for you, I’ve been blessed by the heavens. When the Empyrean Demon Lord killed his way into the Ice Goddess Hall, I just happened to be out, handling some matters. I wasn’t in the Ice Goddess Hall, which was why I survived.”

“Great blessings really do follow if you survive a great disaster. Right when I thought all the organisations the Flame Reverend left behind were destroyed and I faced despair, I didn’t expect to run into the Icepeer Founding Ancestor of the Snow sect. It was exactly the Icepeer Founding Ancestor who gave me new hope.”

Wu Han crouched down in front of Shui Yunlan slowly and gently lifted her chin with a slender finger. Gazing into Shui Yunlan’s hateful eyes, Wu Han could not help but smile resplendently. “Shui Yunlan, my good sister of the past, aren’t you curious why someone just happened to be lurking in the dark when you secretly entered the Ice Goddess Hall? You must be filled with doubt and confusion. How had the people of the Snow sect grasped that you would definitely go to the Ice Goddess Hall?”

“All of this is because I told the Icepeer Founding Ancestor. Shui Yunlan, as my good sister of many years, I understand you far too well. From the moment your name vanished from the Godkings’ Throne, I knew you had returned, and I was certain you would come to the Ice Pole Plane very soon.”

“Perhaps you were already on the Ice Pole Plane.”

“It was just that senior Flame Reverend’s people had already occupied the Ice Goddess Hall, so you wanted to come, but you dared not to. Only towards the end, when something happened in the Ice Goddess Hall due to the Empyrean Demon Lord, where the organisations of the Flame Reverend collapsed in one fell swoop, did you finally find the opportunity to enter the Ice Goddess Hall.”

“My good sister, it’s a pity that you underestimated me far too much. I had already calculated that you would do this long before, so after the Ice Founding Ancestor accepted me, I told the Icepeer Founding Ancestor to send someone into the Ice Goddess Hall beforehand so that they could wait for you to come to them. Hahahahahaha!”

Wu Han could not help but laugh aloud. Seeing how Shui Yunlan had fallen into her trap in the end, Wu Han felt a deep sense of achievement and satisfaction, as if everything in the world was within her grasp.

“So it was your idea. Wu Han, I sure have underestimated you.” At this moment, an old voice rang out from behind. An old man with a bamboo hat walked over slowly from afar with his hands behind his back. He seemed to traverse through space with each step, such that he moved extremely quickly despite his slow pace.

The old man’s arrival immediately made Wu Han compose herself. She turned around and bowed towards the old man. “Greetings, elder Xie! You must be joking, elder Xie. I only used some petty tricks. How could such inferior methods catch the great eye of elder Xie?”

The old man with the bamboo hat looked at Wu Han deeply before swinging his hand. A jade bottle immediately flew out. At the same time, he said, “The Soul Devouring pill has already been refined. Feed it to Shui Yunlan. After she eats the Soul Devouring pill, it’ll take ten hours at most before she completely loses her mind and is subjected to the pill’s influence.”

Wu Han grabbed the jade bottle, and her eyes shone slightly. After a slight hesitation, she said, “If it’s only the Soul Devouring pill, it’ll be difficult to push its effects to the limit. On top of that, the effects of the pill take quite a while before showing themselves. I’ll have to wait several hours. If I have the Soul Stunning Bell as well, it’ll be a perfect combination. I’ll be able to completely unleash the effects of the Soul Devouring pill in a few seconds.”

“You can forget about the Soul Stunning Bell. It’s with the Icecloud Founding Ancestor. Right now, all we have is the Soul Devouring pill,” elder Xie said coldly from under his bamboo hat that obscured his appearance.

“Then I’ll just go with the Soul Devouring pill. It’ll take a little longer at most.” Wu Han dared not to say anything more. She forcefully shoved the Soul Devouring pill into Shui Yunlan’s mouth.

At the same time, outside the Prison of Ice, the formations around the Snow sect opened wide. A rainbow bridge extended through the air. One end was located outside the sect, while the other end reached all the way to the forbidden grounds deep within the Snow sect.

At the same time, colourful snowflakes drifted down from above. Gentle, beautiful music appeared too.

All the disciples of the Snow sect immediately understood that an expert with an extraordinary identity had come to visit the Snow sect, such that even the Snow sect had to hold such a large welcoming ceremony for them.

Two figures travelled together on the rainbow bridge, following the bridge all the way into the depths of the Snow sect.

One of them was ancestor Lan of the Heavenly Crane clan, except she was wrapped in cold mist, only revealing a hazy figure. Her appearance was obscured.

An old man followed behind ancestor Lan.

The upper echelon of the Snow sect was not unfamiliar with the old man, as he was a great elder of the Heavenly Crane clan, He Qianchi!

“Ancestor Lan of the Heavenly Crane clan has come to visit. Though, what kind of luck is it that old codger He Qianchi is here today? He’s actually come with ancestor Lan.”

“He’s actually fortunate enough to visit our Snow sect with ancestor Lan. Looks like He Qianchi’s status in the Heavenly Crane clan has been elevated by quite a lot.”

Many great elders of the Snow sect also appeared on the two ends of the rainbow bridge. They were all very polite, bowing towards ancestor Lan on the rainbow bridge, but the corner of their eyes were fixed on the old figure behind ancestor Lan, filled with surprise.

Very soon, ancestor Lan entered the forbidden grounds in the depths of the Snow sect with He Qianchi. Two ancestors of the Snow sect were already waiting there in person.

The two ancestors were the Frigid River Ancestor and the Profound Sky Ancestor.

The Frigid River Ancestor was an old woman with white hair, a Fourth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime. On the other hand, the Profound Sky Ancestor was a middle-aged man with a robust figure, a Third Heavenly Layer Grand Prime.

“Ancestor Lan has come in person. We’ve failed to welcome you from afar, so please forgive us, ancestor Lan.” The Frigid River Ancestor and the Profound Sky Ancestor both clasped their fists at ancestor Lan with smiles.
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