Extraordinary Genius
Chapter 1013 – Is it him?
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Extraordinary Genius
Author :穷四
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Chapter 1013 – Is it him?

“Hi, Madam. Are you talking to me?”

“Yes. There is no one else here. Young man, where are you from?”

“Bing City.”

“Bing City?” Zhou Kexin’s mother frowned. Bing City is too far away. If her daughter is going to get married, it will be hard for her to see her daughter in the future.

“Then, are you studying in Shanghai?”

“Oh, I had graduated. I was from Beijing University.”

Zhou Kexin’s mother’s eyes brighten up. Beijing University is only of the best university in China! This young man will have good prospects!

Graduated? That means this young man is older than Kexin. But he does not look like he is much older than her.

“Which company are you working in Shanghai?”

Feng Yu felt weird to be asked these questions by Zhou Kexin’s mother. He was asked the same questions when he met Zhou Kexin’s mother in his previous life.

“I’m not working for anyone. I am running my own business.”

Zhou Kexin’s mother was pleased. A business started by a graduate from Beijing University should be a good company, and doing business will make more money than working for others!

“What are your parents doing?”

“Huh? My father is also a businessman.”

His parents are also doing business, which means his family must be rich! Zhou Kexin’s mother is even more pleased with Feng Yu.

Feng Yu starts to think about how to get out of his current situation.

“How did you and Kexin know each other?”

This is the question Feng Yu was waiting for. He pretended to be confused. “Kexin? Who is Kexin? I don’t know her.”

Zhou Kexin’s mother was stunned. “You don’t know her? If you don’t know her, what are you doing here?” This young man is not Kexin’s boyfriend?

“I heard there is a famous overseas doctor here in this hospital, and I want to make an appointment with the doctor for my second sister.”

Yes. Feng Yu does not have a second sister, and he only has one elder sister.

Zhou Kexin’s mother was disappointed. This is a good young man, and why is he not Kexin’s boyfriend?

“Young man, how old are you? Do you have a girlfriend?”

“I am 25 and have a girlfriend. I think the doctor will not be coming out anytime soon. I will go back and think of other ways to book an appointment with her.” Feng Yu quickly left.

Zhou Kexin’s mother looked at Feng Yu as he left. She felt it’s a pity. This young man is of a suitable age, good looking, well educated, and is from a wealthy family.

Feng Yu had finally escaped. Why did he walk over to Zhou Kexin’s mother earlier?

Feng Yu sat in the Hospital Director’s office to wait. After a while, a nurse ran over to tell him that the surgery had ended!

Feng Yu want to rush to the operating theater, but he stopped himself. How is he going to explain to Zhou Kexin and her mother?

Zhou Kexin’s mother grabbed onto the doctor and asked. “How is my daughter’s condition? Is surgery successful?”

“The surgery is a success, and we have to wait until she recovers. The repair surgery is also a success.”

Zhou Kexin’s mother was relieved, and she went over to look at her daughter.

Feng Yu was also relieved when he heard the news. Zhou Kexin is finally treated!



“Kexin, you are awake? Is your wound painful?”

“No. I’m still under the effects of the anesthetic.” Zhou Kexin shook her head.

“Kexin, why are they doing this surgery on you for free? What do they want from us?” Zhou Kexin’s mother asked worryingly.

If they were not informed of Zhou Kexin’s condition now and the cost of the surgery, they might not agree to it so fast.

“They say this surgery is to showcase their skills and promote the hospital.”

“Ah?! Then are they going to feature you in the newspapers? No! Everyone will know that you had undergone such surgery, and how are you going to get married in the future?!” Zhou Kexin’s mother thinks that since the surgery is over, and they did not sign any agreements, they can go back on their words.

“Mum, it will be featured on a professional medical magazine and not in the newspaper. Furthermore, the article will not show my face. They had helped me so much, and I should do something for them in return.” Zhou Kexin explained.

“Fine. You are more educated and know more than me. Oh, are you not dating in school?”

“Mum… no. Why are you asking again?” Zhou Kexin replied helplessly.

“After you enter the operating theater, I saw a young man outside looking at the operating theater, and I chatted with him. Oh, he is 25 years old.” Zhou Kexin’s mother looks at her daughter in her eyes. She got a feeling that the young man is not telling her the truth.

“Mum, what 25 years old? Are you trying to matchmake me? I am still studying!”

“I wanted to, but he has a girlfriend.” Zhou Kexin’s mother was still looking at her daughter’s eyes. Eh? She is not lying to me?!

Zhou Kexin had been troubled over her condition and not because she likes someone?

Sigh… it’s a pity. That young man seems to have good character, and more importantly, he is rich!

“Mum, don’t think so much. Alright. The nurses will take care of me here. You should go back tomorrow. Dad does not know how to cook.”

“I will take care of you for a few days. Your dad can eat out. He is a grown-up, and you don’t need to worry about him.” Zhou Kexin’s mother is more concerned about her daughter. “Wait here. I will ask the nurse if you can eat now.”

Zhou Kexin’s mother left the ward and saw the young man again.

When Zhou Kexin’s mother return, she saw that young man looking towards her daughter’s ward, and left quickly when he spotted her.

“Kexin, did anyone visited you just now?”

“The nurse was here. Why are you asking?”

“Did any young man visited you?”

“Mum… I am not dating anyone.”

“I believe you, but who knows if anyone is admiring you?” Zhou Kexin’s mother told Zhou Kexin what she saw outside the ward.

Zhou Kexin was curious too. Twenty-five years old should not be her classmates or her schoolmates who had confessed to her in the past.

“Mum, how does that man looks like?” Zhou Kexin asked curiously.

“He is about this tall, medium built, big eyes, short hair, thick brows, and has white teeth…” Zhou Kexin’s mother described Feng Yu to her.

Zhou Kexin did not expect her mother to remember that man’s appearance. Seems like her mother is serious about matchmaking her.

“Oh, that young man says he and his family are doing businesses, and he is a graduate of Beijing University!”

“What university?”

“Beijing University. The best university in China.”

Beijing University, 25 years old, doing business… Zhou Kexin mumbled to herself. Is it him?


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