God Emperor
1770 The Arrival of the Gods at Mount Yueshen
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God Emperor
Author :Flying Fish
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1770 The Arrival of the Gods at Mount Yueshen

Chi Yao gazed at the Oracle jade in her hand. Its divine glow had started to dim by then. "All right, here you go!"

The round Oracle jade suddenly spun, and a light beam shot out from it, creating a massive shock wave.

Zhang Ruochen looked ahead and saw that the shock wave had turned the rules of heaven and earth in Guanghan Temple upside down.

The palm-sized jade had enlarged, covering the entire sky, and it was now falling toward Zhang Ruochen.

One could imagine what the falling jade could do to the earth upon impact.

Yueshen extended her fair hand, and moonlight glowed at the tips of her fingers. She caught the Oracle in her hand and effortlessly neutralized the Oracle's divine power before she handed it to Zhang Ruochen.

After he kept the Oracle with him and ran out of Guanghan Temple, Zhang Ruochen stood in front of the entrance with a grave expression. "I have something for you in return, Chi Yao!"

He took out the Secret Tome of Time and Space and opened the silver book.

Its pages flipped rapidly as countless silver light curtains divided the surroundings into dozens of partitions.

Following that, a towering temple immediately rushed out of the silver light curtains.

Beams of overpowering Saint Path energy caused the Secret Tome of Time and Space to vibrate in Zhang Ruochen's hands. The beams of Saint Path energy were so powerful that they overlapped with one another. Not even the Secret Tome of Time and Space could suppress them.

While the temple was still in midair, the Saint Kings from the Heavenly Realm rushed out of it like bees out of their hive. Their weapons were activated and glowing like stars in their hands.

Those on the ground who gazed up into the sky could see what might have looked like the wonder of a thousand stars encircling the moon.

"How dare you try to suppress me, Zhang Ruochen! Do you know who I am?"

"You got cocky only because you had a secret spatial weapon. Now that I have regained freedom, you will be the first person I am going to kill."

"I knew all along that Zhang Ruochen would not dare to kill us! Let us go forth at once and cut him into pieces."


Ensnared by Zhang Ruochen in the temple, the arrogant Heavenly Realm's Saint Kings had felt humiliated. Their anger and resentment had arrived at a tipping point.

But soon, they discovered that divine energy was flowing between Heaven and Earth.

They looked in the divine-energy flow's direction.

Their hearts sank, and they choked when they saw Chi Yao and Yueshen, who were as beautiful as fairies. It was as if the sun and moon were radiating their light through the universe.

"It's-It's the gods…" someone quivered.

Chi Yao's eyes appeared frosty, and her invisible might surged like a giant wave at sea. "The audacity of you lot!"

The Heavenly Realm's Saint Kings in the sky suddenly dropped like flies to the ground. Some of them quickly pulled themselves up, shivering while kneeling on the ground. Some could not even find the strength to get up.

Watching from afar, Zhang Ruochen was unnerved. In the eyes of ordinary cultivators, the Saint Kings were absolute overlords, legends of the Saint Path. Yet, they could not even get up before a god. Chi Yao was right; the Saint Kings were just mortals, abbreviated pieces of nothing in her eyes.

He clenched his fists and desperately wanted more strength.

With his current level of cultivation, he still had a long way to go before he could achieve divinity and be on an equal footing with the gods. Nonetheless, obtaining the power that could withstand divine forces and enable him to talk to the gods with his head high was not a far-off dream.

Zhang Ruochen gently touched the Oracle of Saint Monk Xumi, his eyes filled with energy.

If he could find Lieshen's Divine Star Soul and control the Orion Eight Stars, he would not fear the divine force. Even Chi Yao could only kill but not insult him.

"It was the Saint Kings of the Heavenly Realm who massacred the elites of the Kunlun Realm. As the god of the Kunlun Realm, what would you do with them?" said Zhang Ruochen. "The cultivators of the Kunlun Realm were just carrying out your orders to attack Xumi Dojo, so they died because of you."

His voice was so loud that even the Guanghan Realm's cultivators who were cultivating in the Tongyou Sacred Realm could hear it.

Many of the cultivators were shocked. They looked toward Mount Yueshen as a terrifying divine force came from Mount Yueshen.

"Chi Yao? Is she the Empress of the Kunlun Realm?"

"The Empress must be here. Her divine force is totally different from that of Yueshen; it is so much more powerful and oppressive."

"Look, those Saint Kings are kneeling on Mount Yueshen. Among them are angels and elves. Could the Divine Envoy have captured them?"

"Will Empress Chi Yao, kill those Saint Kings from the Heavenly Realm?"

A Saint King, who had lived over a thousand years, shook his head. "She will not. Among those Saint Kings kneeling on the ground are Xun Ya, the Fane of Bloody War's young leader, and Wang Xu, the son of the Ruiya Realm's deity. Besides, there are also the sons and daughters of other deities and emperors. Killing them will surely earn the Heavenly Realm's wrath, and the Kunlun Realm cannot afford to provoke them now."


Chi Yao was unintimidated. She instantly read Zhang Ruochen's mind and knew what he was up to. "Very good, Zhang Ruochen. This is a wonderful gift! Ambushing and killing the Kunlun Realm's cultivators is the greatest crime of all. I will hand down my judgment today—an eye for an eye."

All of the Heavenly Realm's Saint Kings were terrified. This was it! They would surely die if a god demanded it.

Just then, an ear-shattering divine voice came from above. "Show some mercy, Empress!"


The sky turned dark as black clouds abruptly appeared, and a star with a 1,800-mile diameter shot out of the clouds.

It slowly descended until it was hovering above Mount Yueshen.

Upon closer inspection, one would find that it was not a star but a black tower.

The moment the black tower appeared, billions of cold light beams, each powerful enough to cut Heaven and Earth in half, pierced through the sky.

A woman resembling Wang Xu, wearing purple-gold body armor, walked out of the black tower. A black maelstrom ten times the size of the black tower was behind the woman.

She was Wang Hanyou or Youshen, Wang Xu's divine mother.

Youshen could not bear to see Wang Xu kneeling on the ground, and she felt angry.

"Empress, spare him. The Kunlun Realm is still relatively unstable since it has just returned to the Celestial Court. Are you trying to provoke everyone?" Youshen fought back her anger and tried to talk nicely.

"I do not intend to provoke anyone. I just want to judge those sinners who deserve death. Youshen, are you here for your son, Wang Xu or here to take all of the Heavenly Realm's Saint Kings with you?"

Chi Yao had never met Youshen before, but with the power of a god, Chi Yao could instantly make out her identity.

"You cannot afford to offend the Heavenly Realm. The right thing to do is to hand over all of the Saint Kings to me. That may help reduce the conflict between the Kunlun Realm and the Heavenly Realm," said Youshen.

"Since the day I started my journey of cultivation, I have never known what the 'right thing to do' means. Could you enlighten me, Youshen?" Chi Yao sneered.

"What an arrogant rookie deity. You think too highly of yourself, and you have never intended to compromise. Yanshen, Bloodlord Sijia, reveal yourselves!" Youshen ordered.

A ball of flame, which was several hundred miles in diameter, burst out of thin air to form a ring of fire.

Yanshen, glowing in tricolor light, walked out of the ring of fire. The land turned into a red-hot sea of lava sea as the heat from his body melted several thousand square miles of earth below him.

Immediately after, a seven-hundred-mile-long flying dragon flew into the Shatuo Domain. It was pulling along a blood-red chariot from thousands of miles away.

There were a couple thousand weaves of precepts on the dragon's body, and its aura made every Demi Saint, Saint, as well as Saint King, grovel on the ground.

What was even more horrifying was the divine force that was emanating from the chariot. It caused mountains to fall, rivers to dry up, and lands to subside wherever it went.

The flying dragon, which was hauling the blood-red chariot, had flown across several hundred thousand miles and arrived in Mount Yueshen's vicinity in the span of just a breath.

A burly old man with red hair alighted from the chariot, and a sea of blood, thousands of square miles in size, condensed under his feet, covering the entire Tongyou Sacred Realm.

Wang Xu and the Saint Kings of the Heavenly Realm were overjoyed. Since Youshen, Yanshen, and Bloodlord Sijia had personally made an appearance, the empress of the Kunlun Realm would have no choice but to let them go.

After all, the empress had only achieved her divinity not long ago. She was too inexperienced.

In conrast, these three deities from the Heavenly Realm had very impressive backgrounds. Even Youshen, the youngest among them, had thirty thousand years of cultivation under her belt. She was in a different league from a rookie deity.

When the three powerful gods arrived at the Shatuo Domain, not only did the cultivators of the Guanghan Realm and Kunlun Realm quake in their boots, but the cultivators of the Greater Demonic Realm, Zifu Realm, and Hellblade Realm cowered on the ground too. They were plagued by a world-ending fear.

"Chi Yao, hand over Wang Xu and the Heavenly Realm's Saint Kings, and I promise I will save you from more humiliation," Youshen sneered. Instead of addressing Chi Yao as "Empress", she directly called her by her name.

"The Celestial Palace does not want to see infighting among the major realms, so it has quietly agreed for us to bring these young men from the Heavenly Realm out of here. I will use saint stones as compensation for the Kunlun Realm in exchange for their lives. If you are smart enough, take up the offer, swallow your pride, and accept the compromise," said Yanshen.

Bloodlord Sijia, the burly old man, guffawed. "The Heavenly Realm is the western universe's dominant realm, ruling all the major realms including the Kunlun Realm and Guanghan Realm. A rookie god like you should pay more attention to guarding the dilapidated Kunlun Realm and stop being nosy. Crossing the Heavenly Realm will do you no good."

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    《God Emperor》