God of all System
27 Viola Vs Huo Yan 2
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God of all System
Author :JyuDViola
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27 Viola Vs Huo Yan 2

That's right... That's the girl is the girl that fought with Viola in the forest! The daughter of the Emperor of the Golden Crow Kingdom and also the direct disciple of Huo Yan! The Princess of the Golden Crow Kingdom... Huo Linger!

Everyone was shocked... That was the princess of the kingdom... Everyone knew that she was heavily injured!

"Linger! What are you doing here?" Huo Yan rushed towards Huo Linger!

In instant, he was next to her, his cold eyes turned gentle, and he asked her "How are your injuries? You should have waited for me to take a look before coming."

Even though he was scolding her, no anger could be found in his voice, only worry and care.

"I'm a fine master. But right now we don't have time to worry about me, our kingdom is in a very dangerous situation right now." She said as uneasiness could be found in her voice.

Hearing that Huo Yan raised his brows and asked "Are you talking about these two? Don't worry, I will take care of them. They made such a mess and even killed an elder. I will torture them for a thousand years, then I will kill them."

He declared in cold voice. But that just made Linger more worried! Her master never experiences it, so he doesn't know... but she did! His overwhelming power... the terrifying power he possesses rashly...

"Master, you must not act rashly. This man is extraordinary strong... " She said as the scene of his attack appeared in her mind, and fear engulfed her heart.

Hearing that Huo Yan furrowed his brows! His wasn't the type to fear anyone, she was always cold and aloof she never acts arrogance toward anyone, even those who beneath her. But right now she was afraid... "Linger... do you know that brat?" asked Huo Yan with narrowed eyes.

"Yes... He is the one that gravely injured me." She said slowly but regretted her words a second later.

Hearing it Huo Yan rage reached the peak in instant! Huo Linger was his disciple, he treated her like his own daughter! He loved her and treated her with utmost care, never bearing to even scold her.

The moment he heard that the guy in front of him dared to injure his beloved disciple and not only that but even make such a destruction in his country... He couldn't keep calm anymore, all he want'ed was to tear him apart!

"Brat! I will tear you apart limb after a limb, and torture you for a thousand years and then feed you the beast!!" His roar full of rage made the weak cultivator to fell on their knees the citizens that was still there lost concussion immediately.

Viola looked at him with a raised brow and said "Shut it. it doesn't matter how angry you become, you are still weak. With your level of power defeat me is impossible."

He raised his finger and pointed it towered Huo Yan, seeing that Huo Linger heart trembled "Please Wai-" But before she could finish her words a hole appeared in Huo Yan chest.

Huo Yan couldn't react at all, he only felt that a part of his chest grow cold. After that an intense pain assaulted him!

"You...!!" He looked at Viola as his body was shaking in pain... He couldn't believe it... He couldn't accept it! He was half-step GodKing Realm! He was immensely powerful! Yet he couldn't even

react to the attack of Viola!

What was the most terrifying in that, that his defense was completely disregarded, Any when one react to the immortal realm the Heavenly energy in his dantain, create an aura around the dantain and the body, the reason for that is to protect the dantain from being destroyed!

So you can think of that aura around one body as an armor. And because it propose is to protect the dantain of one body it is very powerful, that what make it even harder for cultivator to be injured!

That kind of aura exist around the body, and around the dantain, so if one want to harem your cultivation he first will have to destroy them.

But when Viola attacked him his aura disappeared, like it wasn't there in the first place, Viola attack thoroughly erased the aura that protected Huo Yan body!

"Master!!!!" Shouted Huo Linger!

"Any last words?" Said Viola the like a ghost appeared in front of them his finger pointed on Huo Yan head.


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