Highschool Dead DxD
2 Ordinary Day
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Highschool Dead DxD
Author :GhostyZ
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2 Ordinary Day

Takashi and Kohta were kicking around beer cans and looking at hot school girls on the way to their high school.

"Man every day is the same shit." Takashi yawned and stretched as he jerk his neck to the side to peek at one school girls thick ass. She was bending down to pick up her fallen books.

"What are you looking at you pervert!" Shouts Rei Miyamoto as she pouts and crosses her arms over her massive watermelon tits. Those flesh bouncy bazookas were a work of fine art.

"Swee mother of tittys." Kotha tips down his glasses and takes in Rei's beauty and breasts. His fat nerd self couldn't help to admire such a fine piece of meat.

"What Rei? I can't look at another girls ass? Just buzz off already. It's not like we are dating." Takashi puts both of his hands over his head and walks away in a cool fashion.

"You jerk! Fine! I won't help you with your homework!" Rei yells with a rebellious snarky look on her cute young face.

"I don't care I can copy Kotha's homework. Right buddy." Takashi grinned.

"I didn't do my homework. I was too busy cleaning the pipes last night if you know what I mean." Kotha smiles and winked his eyes.

"God you really are fucking useless." Takashi sighs as walks towards the high school brick building. Suddenly he notices something strange. In the corner of his eye, he sees a girl walking aimlessly around. She looked like a zombie the way she walked so sluggishly.

Takashi: 'What is wrong with that girl? She must have taken hella strong drugs' He thought to himself as he enters his school.

School resumes as normal. Same old shit. Homework, school gossip, exams, lunch, and bullshit. Takashi walks into last class with Kotha and Rei. His last class was science class. The teacher wasn't in class yet. He probably was running late.

Takashi: "Man high school really is fucking boring. What it the point of even being here. Every day is the same shit-"

"AAAAAAAAH! GET AWAY FROM ME!" Screams a girl as she stumbles back from a girl student who was covered in blood. Her whole school uniform and face was caked with ruby blood.

"What the fuck!?" Takashi jumped from his desk. 'Its that same weird girl from before!' He gritted his teeth and his body started to shake in fear. He had no clue what was going on.

"I said get away from me!" Yells the girl who was being attacked by the bloody girl. Suddenly the bloody girl bites the other girl in the neck and blood splatters all over Takashi's face.

"It's a fucking zombie!!!" Takashi thunders out as goes to look for any nearby weapon. He then finds a pair of scissors and stabs the crazy zombie girl in the eyes.

"Graaaaaaagggggh!" Screeches the zombie girl with a bloodcurdling scream as she grips the scissor handle in pain. "Oh my god! What the hell is going on!" Cries out Rei with horror in her ruby eyes. Her orange flutters all over her face.

"Everyone we gotta get the fuck out of here!" Takashi commands as he runs out the classroom door, but he was quickly stopped by 10 more zombies students. The whole high school had been infected with some kind of virus!

'Oh fuck.' Takashi's eyes widen. Today would be a day he would never forget.


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