1 Prologue
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Author :ThetaCreed
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1 Prologue

A sudden ringing phone broke the silence of the night. The woman on the bed groaned and looked at the side. The digital clock on the bedside table says it's 2 am in the morning.

It means she only dozed off for an hour before getting awaken.

She grabbed device and answered. She spoke in her usual cold voice.

"What is it?"

The man on the other line was panting and his urgent voice echoed to her ears.

"Captain, we have a problem."


Xiu Min entered the dimly lit study room. The man inside was on his laptop, processing documents that piled up on his desk. He just returned from overseas an hour ago but he immediately buried himself into working.

Xiu Min knew this is his way to deal with his feelings. Until this time, he still hasn't given up searching for her.

The information on his hand might change this hence he entered in haste, even forgetting to knock.

Without lifting his head, he asked, "What's the matter?"

With this man's hurried footsteps, he ascertained there was something urgent.

Xiu Min cleared his throat, and reported, "Young Master, Miss Yu's passport was used in Hong Kong two days ago. Xiu Yong already found her hotel and had been following her."

The man stopped and eyed him sharply.

"Why are you telling me just now?!"

The reason why Xiu Min didn't tell him right away was he had to make sure it was really Miss Yu who was in Hong Kong. Many times, reported sightings of her turned empty. If it wasn't her, it's her look alike. His master had been searching for her over the last 4 years.

And every time they failed, there was this disappointment that he tried his best to mask.

Xui Min wanted to explain and said, "You were busy with the matters in the US. The deal is-----"

He was cut before he can continue, his cold voice echoed inside the room.

"I told you many times. Anything related to my wife is important."

Xiu Min put his head down.

"Call back the captain. We are leaving in two hours." he said seconds later.

"Okay Young Master." Xiu Min said and turned to the door.

Xiu Min groaned inwardly. The captain, who was sent for a-2 week holiday for the first time in 4 years, will probably give him a handful. He has to convince him to turn the plane around and prepare for another take off since 30 minutes ago, he was already on air, flying to Mauritius.

Then, he heard his name being called.

He turned around hoping the man changed his mind and will opt for commercial flight, but he heard a different thing.

"It's not Miss Yu. It's Mrs Zhou. Remember that."

"Yes Young Master."

Xiu Min has forgotten. He married Miss Yu in France more than four years ago.

When Xiu Min left, Zhou Yicheng was left in daze. He can feel happiness emanating from inside him. But a part of him is in fear. It's the same fear that had been eating him the last four years.

Has she forgiven him?

This is the question popping out from his brain at this moment.

But regardless of what, he will make her forgive him.

He wants her to return to him.

His reverie had been disturb with a child's voice from the door.

When he turned, a- 4 year old girl was already waking towards him and she was pouting.

"Why don't I have a mom? Everyone at school has mom." she complained.

As she did, she was stomping one short leg.

When her father did not answer, she continued asking, "When can I meet my mom? She hates me, doesn't she?"

Zhou Yicheng was helpless with his daughter's questions. At 4, Zhou Meilin is more advanced than her peers. She speaks well.

He bent to be on the same level as her, "Go and stay at grandma's place. Dad has to work on bringing mom home."

She eyed him suspiciously and asked "Really?"

The butler, who followed Zhou Meilin inside understood the young child's skepticism. As soon as she started going to school and learned that a family should have a mother, a father and a child, she never stopped asking about her mother.

The butler and few household staff who had known their master's marriage a few years ago, kept quiet. They can't really explain the situation to her without confusing the child.

Then, Zhou Yicheng told Meilin, her mother is busy working overseas.

From them on, every time she asked, she was given the same answer.

But Meilin is very intuitive. She felt something was wrong.

'Young Master, you have to work harder in finding your wife.'

But at the same time, the butler asked.

'But will Miss Yu accept Meilin?'

The two have no idea what's on the butler's head this moment.

"Yes. I promise." Yicheng promised.

The almond eyes rounded in happiness and asked "Really?"

He nodded with an assuring smile.

A small hand was extended to him and she said "Let's make pinky swear."

Zhou Yicheng took her little finger and hooked it with his. She then pressed her thumb to seal it.

After that, darted out of the room and without turning, she yelled "goodbye!" at the same time.

Zhou Yicheng watched his daughter ran out of the room as the 55 year old butler chased after her.

There was helplessness in his eyes.


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