3 Suspicion
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Author :ThetaCreed
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3 Suspicion

November 8, 20xx

Thursday, 6:30 AM

Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

The sun barely rose from the sky and the world is still in slumber as Injin, who was sitting on one of the benches, watched a few people pass along Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade. On her hand is an empty cup.

What's usually packed with shutterbugs and tourists — to gaze at the sky for firework displays on several occasions including Christmas and Chinese New Year —gave the impression of being deserted at the moment.

A gush of late autumn air brushed her face and messed up her shoulder length bob. Using her fingers, she tried to comb it. This is for the nth time she did that.

Somehow, she regretted meeting up Louis Chow here. Her black jacket seemed not enough to keep her warm. Today, she opted to wear fleece lined leggings, sweatshirt and pair of shoes.

She thought, she should have worn hooded windbreaker.

What seemed to be eternity, a well-built man appeared her eyes. He was wearing a pair of tracksuit and she found the color too irritating to her eyes.


She used to like it. Not until…

There was sudden tightness in her heart.

'Don't think about.' she told herself inwardly.

Sometimes, the best way to deal with pain is to forget it.

She survived the last 4 years by not thinking about it.

As the man with colorful ensemble crossed the distance between them, she noticed he was holding a take away box with two disposable coffee cups in it, and a leash with a chow chow in front of him. The black dog which is about 30 kg looked humongous and frightening for kids to pet.

'Even his choice of animal, there is peculiarity.'

Injin watched as the dog suddenly darted forward, towards her. And when it was about to pounce on her, she eyed the dog and commanded it, "sit."

The dog uttered soft wail before it sat on the ground.

Louis Chow laughed at the dog's reaction as he walked to their direction and held the leash. He secured his dog on the railings and took the empty spot next to her.

Noticing she has an empty cup, he took one cup from the container and handed it to her while he got one for himself.

"Hmmm. This is good."

Injin winced after taking a sip.

"Bitter" she commented.

"You are just not a coffee drinker." he said.

That is not true. Once upon a time, she can never resist strong, black coffee.

Nowadays, she puts cream on it. Or she'd rather drink tea.

The truth is, there was too much in her that changed because of him.

Louis Chow noticed the woman's quietness. That is her usual self but today, it felt she is different. His captain looks absent-minded.

He cleared his throat to get her attention and called her out. "Boss"

She turned to him like nothing happened and asked, "What have you found out?"

He opened his mouth and passed a folded envelope to her. But instead of opening them, she said, "Tell me about it."

He cleared his throat and spoke, "When your twin sister got into coma 4 1/2 years ago, she was pregnant."

He said the next sentence as soon as he saw that guilt on her eyes.

"Do not blame yourself for it. Both of us knew why you sent her there."

The words he said were lost as the woman was already in deep thought.

Her mind went back to the past.

When they were 6, their father David Lacroix brought them to the amusement center. Becasue they were divorced, each of them took a child. The mother took Injin and Jingfei went to the father.

Because there was an emergency at the hospital, the frantic doctor asked the driver to send them home.

The next thing Injin knew, the car flipped over, the driver was bleeding, Jingfei was crying and someone was pulling her away.

She faintly heard them saying "Take the girl with red skirt."

At her young age, she understood those words' implication. Their target was her. But they took the wrong child because of swapping clothes. She traded her red skirt with Jingfei's black jeans. She actually hated wearing them but their mother insisted on it that morning.

The poor girl was barely conscious when she saw them load her twin in the trunk of the car and sped away.

With the help of good Samaritan, she was saved but the driver died on the spot.

At the hospital, the policemen came and reported they have found Jingfei's body. The policeman gave not much explanation except "There was an accident and she was left burning in the car. Her face can't be identified but the clothes and birthmark matches her."

When the policeman asked if the parents want to do DNA analysis, she vaguely remember her mother saying in her coldest voice, "There's no need. When can we take the body?"

Even then, she wondered how her mother can remain composed as if nothing happened. Even if Jingfei is in her ex-husband's custody, she is also her daughter.

The 6 year old girl was certain the policeman was taken aback by the mother's statement.

As opposed to her mother's reaction, her father broke down and sobbed for a long time.

When she was 22, she finally found her long lost twin. However, Jingfei was in difficult situation. The man she was married to was in the military's watch list. Even her superiors suspect the wife is a part of her husband's network.

After convincing her superiors, Injin did what she had to do. She sent her sister away before the mission to capture Tang Ming Yu started. Her intention was to save her but that trip actually ended her life when she fell from the cliff and went to coma.

Indirectly, she is at fault. She could have put her in a safe house instead of sending her to the ski resort.

She gave out a low sigh.

Louis Chow's sad voice echoed to her ears. "6 months later, Jingfei gave birth to a child prematurely. She died right away after giving birth."

The information of her death no longer surprised her.

In her heart, she always felt alone. That her twin sister was no longer on the same space as hers.

As twins, they share the same DNA, albeit different fingerprints. Most twins claimed to have strong connection with each other. Theirs? The connection was too strong. They share each others' pain. Something which Science can't even explain.

It started when they were 3, Jingfei slipped and injured her leg, making her unable to walk for weeks.

Injin, who was in her mother's house felt pain in her legs and complained.

Later, she was brought to the hospital. But with the absence of injury, she was sent home. Yet, the pain on her leg continued for weeks as her twin sister did.

The second time, Injin lost her footing and fell from her bike, scraping her knee.

At the same time, 3000 miles apart, Jingfei suddenly stumbled down.

Weeks later, a scar appeared on Jingfei's knee for no reason which was too similar to her Injin's.

There were other instances hence, while growing up she always had felt she was alive and living somewhere. There were inexplicable pains and injuries she suffered over the years and it kept her hopes that her twin sister is alive.

A minute later, she asked. "Where is the baby now?"

Louis Chow shook his head with solemn expression.

"Inside the envelope, you will see two death certificates."

Two birth certificates meant both mother and child died.

The woman studied the death certificates not bothering herself with the medical report summary.

Nothing seemed amiss on the two but as she was about to put it away, something caught her eyes, arousing suspicion.


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