4 No Divorce
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Author :ThetaCreed
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4 No Divorce

Thursday, 7:45 pm

Pan International Hotel

Hong Kong

When Injin returned to the hotel after running her errands, she noticed something was not right. Out of habit, she inserts a very small paper at the door hinge every time she leaves. Opening the door, the paper was not there. It should have fallen when she opened the door.

But the oddity was answered the moment, she entered the foyer of the room.

There was one man sitting crossed legs on the armchair and two were standing by his side. The other two big men, obviously his guards, swiftly moved and guarded the door as if telling her she can't escape.

She smirked.

'As if it could stop me' she thought.

She knew who the man was and he was the last person she'd wanted to see at the moment. The others were all new to her eyes except Xiu Min, the leader of his guards.

Instead of bolting out that Zhou Yicheng supposed early on, he saw her sashayed forward, shed her jacket down and occupied the sit opposite him, crossing her legs in the process.

He swore to God, just looking her cross those slender legs, an idea came to mind.

To cross the distance between them and kiss her senseless.

It is undeniable that he missed her. But he felt certain, the next moment, she will be gone.

Injin is expert in hiding away from him and over the last 4 years, she did it with perfection.

So, he wants to take it slowly. To convince the woman he hurt that his feelings are true.

He studied her, trying to remember her face. The last time he'd seen her beautiful face was during his friend's wedding four years ago.

Now, she is in front of him.

Her long black tresses that he really liked is different now. A stylish, shoulder length bob frames her face this time. But what really makes her face striking were her eyes and pointy chin. The chin was a natural V, not cosmetically enhanced. And her seemingly brown eyes become 10 shades lighter when lights hit them, making them appear gray or sometimes green. Those eyes were now staring at him with coldness.

He felt tightness in his heart.

He was the one who made it that way.

Injin is aware of the man's eyes on her yet her cold expression never wavered. She also eyed him with no embarrassment at all.

In her eyes, he looked as handsome as he was the first time she met him. She is lamenting how the handsome face stayed the same over the years. Not that boyish appearance that seemed to be donned on by most man now, but maturely handsome look, albeit the long lashes. His well-chiseled face highlights his dark brows, thin lips and especially his mesmerizing eyes, like they want to swallow you as a whole.

Which he did. He swallowed her. Until she couldn't get away from it.

Appearing infront of her, she is reminded of the pain that is still lingering in her heart till this moment.

At the back of her mind, she's wondering why he is suddenly here.

What is his purpose?

For the last four years, she stayed out of his radar. Made sure she'd never be found.

A part of her screams, he won't bother.

After all, everything was a lie in the beginning. His purpose was to make sure she'll fall in love and hurt her.

Imagine how she felt the moment she learned the truth.

She felt so used. At that moment, she understood that super cliched expression 'The truth hurts.'

She finally and truly felt what it's like when your heart gets broken by the person you loved the most.

It felt like thousand knife plunging into her heart, shredding it into pieces. The pain was too unbearable.

As if the Gods played on her. One moment, she was happy and the next, she felt dying.

Though she wanted to deny how she felt, she can't.

Till this moment, the loved she felt for this man never faded.

But she kept her expression cold and never showed any sign on it.


In front of this man, she must never show her weakness.

Her weakness, her fragile heart, can be shattered any moment.

The room was very quiet. Xiu Min and the lawyer felt agitated. The two people just stared at each other.

Injin wanted to keep quiet to bid time. Yet, a part of her is itching for the man to leave.

Knowing he wont break into her hotel room for no reason, she asked him "What do you want?"

To Zhou Yicheng, the coldness of her voice sent a sting to his heart.

"Have you been well?" he asked, instead of answering her question.

"If you honestly want me to believe that you broke into my hotel room just to ask how I am feeling, you are underestimating your opponent Yicheng."

The chill in her voice was very evident.

Xiu Min handed the folder he had when his Master extended his hand.

Seeing the folder placed on the rectangular table in front of her, she took it and studied it contents.

It was their marriage certificate.

How can she forget this document? She has a copy of it herself stored at the bottom drawer of her desk in her study. Additionally, there were photos with it. But she'd never touched that bottom drawer ever since she closed it.

Why is he showing it to her?

She looked at him with that expression, 'what's this?'

He said, "It's simple. We are married. I am here to take you home."

A sneer appeared on her lips.

"Why?" she blurted out with brows raised.

He wanted to tell her, because he misses her.

He cares for her.

Most of all, he loves her.

But he cant use that word carelessly now.

He reminded himself, take it slowly.

So instead, he said, "We are married. That is the reason. Does a husband need a reason to take his wife home? What's more, our marriage has been sanctified by Vatican. There is no such thing as divorce."

His words came to her as arrogant and she wanted to say something to refute him. But she closed her mouth and kept silent.

That is true. It turns out, Vatican City and the Philippines are the only two countries in the world where there is no divorce procedure.

If it was her, she would have filed the divorce papers immediately.

But they were married in France, not in Vatican City. Over the years, she wondered how did it happen?

Zhou Yicheng looked at her, watching her expression but she never said anything.

After a while, she spoke, "But---this marriage has no benefit for me."


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