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Author :ThetaCreed
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5 Wife

November 8, 20xx

Thursday, 7:45 pm

Pan International Hotel

Hong Kong

Zhou Yicheng looked at her, watching her expression but she never said anything.

After a while, she said, "But—this marriage has no benefit for me."

The lawyer who was now sitting next to Zhou Yicheng took it as cue to explain things to her.

"Mr Zhou will give you money and prestige. If you sign this document, a 5 % stake in Z Empire Group will belong to you."

In his mind, 5% is an overkill. It costs billions. $500,000 yearly allowance and a villa are enough for the wife to live comfortably, but he can't comprehend why his client wants to give 5% to her.

Obviously, the lawyer's disapproval was well-written on his face.

Injin sneered inside. He is actually offering her two of the things in the world she never cared about.

To irritate the lawyer further, she spoke : "I don't need it."

The lawyer's eyes widened in disbelief. Is this woman joking? Doesn't she know how many people clamor just to have a share in the company?

"Do you know the value of these shares?" the lawyer taunt her.

Injin stared at him like he was a joke. With eyebrows raised, she dropped the following.

"I do. But we married without prenuptial agreement. It only means I am entitled to half of his assets. What is 5% to that?"

The lawyer was taken aback with her statement.

Zhou Yicheng chuckled lightly in amusement.

It is indeed true. There was no prenuptial agreement.

"Well, that's true." he confirmed.

A minute later, she stood up and said in finality, she said "However I am not really interested in any of your assets nor keeping this marriage."

She turned away but stopped in the middle of the room. Without turning her head, she said.

"You can show yourself out."

After saying it, she entered the bedroom, leaving them in the living room.

In the eyes of the lawyer, she is ridiculous.

Why is she not interested?

Doesn't she know how lucky she was for being married to him already?

Even he is very shocked that this man, one of the most eligible bachelors in the country has long been married.

There are countless women, clamoring to become the Mrs Zhou. Any sane woman would have jumped to that opportunity as the position itself brings unprecedented privileges.

Who is Zhou Yicheng? He is the owner of Z Empire Group. It is one of the largest companies in the country with many interest that includes real estate, hotel, transportation, defense and advanced technology, etc. There are more than 15 subsidiary companies under it.

The group is even competing globally in terms of technological advancement.

Recently, the US government signed cooperation for their weapon and defense technologies.

Aside from that, he is also an heir to Zhou Enterprises, another conglomerate being managed by his older brother Zhou Mo.

Hence, for him, it is simply unbelievable that someone would actually refuse him.

But in Zhou Yicheng's eyes, there was mirth as he watched her back entering the bedroom.


His wife.. really never fails to amuse him.


November 9, 20xx

Friday, 7:15 am

Hong Kong

Injin just got out of the hotel when a black Maybach halted in front of her.

The man guarding the door yesterday opened the car signaling her to enter.

"Get in. We're on our way to the airport."

Feeling not surprised that he knows she is going to the airport, she sat down without complaining. If the man had her investigated, her financial would reflect her ticket purchase back to the capital. With his money and resources, he might even have the hotel under surveillance. But she's too tad lazy to care for that now.

There's free ride, why refuse it?

It saves the taxi cost.

Yicheng never heard any complaint from her. He wanted to say something but stopped when she brushed him off. The minute she took the seat, she leaned and closed her eyes.

Disappointed, he concentrated on the tablet he was holding.

It's occasional beep was the only thing heard on their way to the airport.

But instead of going to the departure area, the car traveled straight to the hangar.

With the sound of planes nearby, she opened her eyes.

"Oh" she muttered.

In front of them, a majestic BOEING 747-8 VIP stood.

It's big and bold.

The combination of dark blue accentuated with gold line screams luxury. On it's tail, there's the Z Empire Group logo.

"Like it?" a man's low voice sounded.

"It's sexy." she replied without taking her eyes off. There was that itchy feeling inside her. Her flying license does not limit her to flying one like this.

"Oh." he said smilingly.

He gestured for her to take the steps first and she didn't hesitate. There was excitement in her to find out if the interior is comparable to the exterior.

There were three steps left to the top when she felt her back empty so she turned.

He was standing a few steps down from her and was quietly observing her back.

"What?" she asked.

"Sexy." He returned in a magnetic voice.

She smirked and continued.

There were three uniformed women standing by the door plus two men in white pilot's uniform.

"Welcome Master. Welcome Ms Yu."

At the moment, they were hiding the curiosity within their hearts as to who is the person who made their boss call them back and fly to Hong Kong. They were told is Priority One. They thought it is one of his close friends but it turned out to be a woman.

The woman in question barely glanced at them and continued forward.

She heard the captain reported the current weather condition and spoke a few sentences to Zhou Yicheng as they move to the cabin.

As expected, the interior is magnificent. The sofa and seats were draped with the combination of black and white cloth that matched with the soft gray tone of the walls. The orange, gold and red from the throw pillows add colors to the interiors making it vibrant and attractive.

"Want a tour?" he asked.

"No need." She simply refused and sat on the sofa while the other took time in taking off his suit jacket, slowly like he was doing it deliberately.

Her eyes were on his hands as he unbuttoned the first three on his white shirt.

Seeing those familiar hands, she remembered how those hands touched her body in the past.

But before she can dwell on it, she castigated herself.

'Stop Injin. What are you doing?'

Noticing her looking at him mesmerized, he planned to continue teasing.

But to his dismay, she removed her shoes and lain down.

Zhou Yicheng gave out a low laugh.

In his memories, she used to watch him undress slowly and giggled like a child.

'Using this tactic will never work.' One part of his brain dictated.

There was a woman's voice that caught his attention.

"Master, what would you like?"

Before answering the woman, he asked Injin first,

"Wife, want anything?"


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